Haul | The Body Shop Sale 2014

The Body Shop had a massive good deal in store as well as on their website which up to 70% on selected items. As you may have noticed, this is one of my favourite brands when it comes to skincare and body products. 
Couldn't miss the opportunity to stock up some delicious smelling goodies, I went ahead and did some shopping. 

There were more or less the same sale products offered in these 2 stores - KLCC and Mesra Mall. However, some of the items, like Tea Tree scrub, Aloe Lip Balm and Apple scented body lotion weren't in KLCC store. I think they might have finished before I got my hand on, lol. 
Since I went to KLCC on their first day of sale, the store was really packed with people; I was in the line for almost 20 minutes before I got to pay. On the other hand, I shopped with ease in Mesra Mall, hehe, literally nobody was there. Ah, but majority of things I would have bought during my first visit were already sold out.  

Anyway, these were the product that I picked up, together with their original prices and discounts offered. You do the math because I'm lazy ;P

-LIP TREATMENT ALOE 15ml (RM39.90 |30%OFF)
It's a moisturising and non-greasy lip balm for regular use. This product is formulate for sensitive skin.

I'm a huge fan of Tea tree oil line from The Body Shop. Everything I use from this line suit my skin the best and do work out. I'm excited to try this, it's one of their new product in store!

Mango is my current fruit scent obsession. Super sweet and fresh, very summery. It is one of The Body Shop best-seller product in their online store. Well, who doesn't like mango anyway?  

Choose this for my mum and she instantly loved it. White musk blend with Turkish delight notes. 

It does the job and worth for a repurchase. Very gently and most importantly, it didn't sting my eyes. hashtag #sensitiveskin.

-EYE CREAM VITAMIN E 15ml (RM59.90 |30%OFF)
Still in search for a good eye cream. I'm really looking forward to see how my skin reacts with this.

This foot scrub Instantly went into the basket. I think you can see why it was hard not too. 

-BLUE CORN 3-IN-1 DEEP CLEANSING MASK 100ml (RM59.00 |30%)
Top rated product on The Body Shop online. Heard that it can removes blackhead and minimize pores size. 

-HAND CREAM ROSE 30ml (RM19.90 |50%)
I have been wanting this for a while and they were literally RM10.00 after discounted. So, YASS.

I tried Apple Blossom shower gel before. It was lovely. I might like this one since it has the same light green apple scent. 

-LIFE IS... SHOWER GEL 200ml (RM45.00 |70%)

A limited edition shower gel with 70% discount, why would I not buy? 

So yeah, these were everything!  
All in all, a lovely set of purchases. The Body Shop had such a good sales and it was hard not to bargain!

If you missed the sale, head over to their beauty online store, at http://www.thebodyshop.com.my/ (discount on selected items; click on sale).

The Body Shop online offers you free delivery with purchases of RM130 (West Malaysia) or RM180 (East Malaysia).

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