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You know the newly opened Genting Premium Outlet? I went there to find some sheet masks and few other beauty stuff.

Hey everyone. I've been diligent about buying stuff lately and that is why you always see haul posts keep appearing on this blog. As for last weekend, I went to the Genting Premium Outlet (GPO) and there was a SASA store located on the top level of GPO. As expected, I spent most of my time there instead of other shops, haha. I managed to control myself and walked out with a minimum haul as I was not likely to spend a lot of money at once or else I'd have this huge pang of guilt afterwards. There's another beauty shop, The Cosmetics Company Store where they sell brands like MAC, Bobbi Brown and Clinique, but it's not open yet. Parking rate was RM5 per entry.

Anyhow, you guys know right sheet masks have always been on the cheaper side in SASA Premium Outlets? that is why I almost never buy them from the normal store. Like this "Hambang" essence masks from SNP, I got them at RM19.90 for 10 pieces, which is relatively inexpensive. There were only 3 types of SNP essence masks and I bought them all.

SNP Sheet Masks
Wild Ginseng Essence Mask is meant for dry and dull skin people because it helps in firming and smoothing the skin. Ginseng Essence Mask, on the other hand, is marketed as a brightening sheet mask while the Red Ginseng Essence Mask offers hydrating purpose and strengthening the skin barrier. All of these contain 2,000 ppm of ginseng extract per sheet. I feel like SNP makes a pretty solid, affordable products, and they are one of the most popular K-Beauty brands when it comes to sheet mask. FYI, the original price of each of this is RM6.90.

Another SNP sheet mask that I purchased is from the Gentle Girl MaskPack line. I always see this at SASA but hesitant to try because to me, it's expensive. RM19.90 for a single sheet mask? Phew, tak sampai tahap lagi nak belanja sebegitu rupa but at SASA Genting Premium Outlet, I managed to get it as a "buy 1 free 1". I got the one in NO 01 Macho Boy and 03 Bad Boy. I think number 04 has collagen in it, and I'd like to avoid that. 02 was not available at the store. Honestly, aside from these masks are probably pre-soaked in luxurious-feeling serums, I'm actually not sure what kind of skin types and problems that they are targeting for because all of the wordings on the packaging are written in Hangul, except for direction and ingredients.

Juicy Mask Sheet from Baviphat
Baviphat is another brand that is good in impulse sheet mask buys if you go to Genting Premium Outlet. These Juicy Mask Sheet was selling at RM10 for 5 pieces instead of their original price, RM8.90 each. MURAHKAN?! I got the one in Pomegranate (antioxidant and brightening), Tomato (purifying and brightening), Peach (smoothing, firming and revitalizing), Green Tea (soothing and comforting dull skin), and Grape (rejuvenating and brightening). I love the packaging already! Can't wait to try all of these.

Along with all these masks, I also got myself a Dry Spongie Cleaner from Cyber Colors for RM23 instead of RM30+. If you heard of "Vera Moda Color Switch" before, then this is a dupe. This tool is basically a rounded sponge in a tin whereby you swirl your makeup brushes and the sponge helps in cleaning them on the spot. I simply bought this because I was so lazy for DIY it. Even if I do one in the future, I'd like to see how they perform and compare.

That is all from SASA Genting Premium Outlet, guys! but this post is not end yet. Alang-alang tu, I'd like to share with you guys my small haul from Mitsui Premium Outlet that I also recently went. Mitsui is definitely nearer to my place, but I feel like Genting SASA offered greater discounts and more variety of makeup. 

The first item that I got was the most popular eyebrow pen among Malaysian makeup artists. It's the Auto Eyebrow Pencil from Cyber Colour and I was able to buy these before SASA suddenly marked up the price. It's now RM29.90 for the retail price instead of RM23, however, if you buy it from SASA Premium Outlet, you're able to get it for half price.

Cyber ColoursAuto Eyebrow Pen
Next, I have a Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Shiny Jewel Eyeliner in 03 Shiny Pink White and it's basically a glitter eyeliner for tear bags 'aegyo-sal' . I got this because I feel like my undereye areas are getting extra sensitive with eyeshadow powders and bristles coming from makeup brushes. At least this particular liner is 'wet' and I have more control of the wand. Retailed for RM51.90, I managed to get this around RM20+ and I'm really happy for the bucks that I have saved. 

Chosungah 22 Real Cheek Smoother was on sale for 75% off and it was kind of hard for me to pass up a good deal, right? I picked up the colour Lilac Drop because I really wanted to try a purple toned cream blusher. Heard it's good to brighten up dull complexion.

Chosungah 22 Real Cheek Smoother in Lilac Drop
Now, it wouldn't be a real SASA Haul without any Wet n Wild products. I love this brand for its affordable offering. Recently they had 50% off on everything since they wanted to bring in the new packaging and it became another good deal that was hard to resist. From this brand, I got two things! The Coloricon SPF15 Bronzer that I've been wanting to try and also 2 of the Glitter Single in the shade Groupie and Binge/Exces. 

So yeah, looks like I'm going to have some fun with makeup this month, with all the new things that I recently bought. I probably should start again with the Phase II of my 'no-buy makeup challenge' but I feel like I wanting to be spendy in Sephora to maintain my black card membership status. We'll see! As for now, I hope you find this haul useful and if you want a more detailed post on any of the products mentioned, just let me know! Happy Monday everyone, jangan lemau-lemau! An upcoming special post explaining why I've gotten busy lately will be up somewhere this week or the following. 😆


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