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This toner was pretty much of an impulse purchase I made earlier of the year simply because I was swayed by its packaging. It is from the brand Good Virtues Co., a halal certified brand owned by a local company called Satin Straits Snd. Bhd. They centred "Habbatus Sauda Oil" (Black Seed Oil) as their key ingredient. All of their products are claimed to be halal, vegetarian, cruelty-free, and free from alarming ingredients such as SLES, ALES, mineral oil, parabens as well as synthetic colourants.

The toner I have here is said to be a "Brightening Facial Toner". I don't think I've ever bought any brightening skincare before, so this is indeed my first experience with brightening product. So.... What it is? How it is marketed? Below is a graphic information taken from their official website. 

Review, starting off with the packaging;

16 cm is a good size, it's not that long, and it fits perfectly inside my small drawer. The spray bottle is made up of plastic. It's squeezable. I don't like it to be squeezable, mana tahu tetiba terhempap dengan buku tebal anatomy. Mesti penyek. Design- full mark. 100% WHY SO PRETTY. In fact, this Good Virtues Co. toner is probably the prettiest toner bottle from the drugstore I've ever seen. Just look at other products from the company...

Eye catching kan? doesn't you feel intrigued to buy them? at least that was what Good Virtues Co. made me into. I bought their toner, and also the shampoo and body wash. Here's the price list at Watsons;

1) Brightening Facial Cleanser (RM12.25)
2) Brightening Facial Scrub (RM12.25)
3) Brightening Facial Toner (RM12.25)
4) Brightening Day Cream SPF30 (RM21.50)
5) Brightening Night Cream (RM21.50)
6) Brightening CC Cream SPF30 (RM21.50)
7) Purifying Makeup Remover (RM14.30)

Now back to the toner. Ingredients are as below; 

I'm a bit particular with what are inside my skincare. I don't really mind about makeup, but for skincare, ingredients say a lot. I noticed the ingredients written on the official website is slightly differs from the one printed on its packaging. They seem to left out few ingredients and one of it is the Hydroxyisohexyl 3-cyclohexene Carboxaldehyde or also known as Lyral. Do take note that Lyral is one of the popular allergens to skin along with Benzyl Salicylate and Butylphenyl Methylpropional (which also included in the toner). All these are all fragrances or perfumes. 

It surprised me how the toner has at least 7 different types of fragrances, according to cosDNA, a site that I used a lot to check on ingredients. That's a lot??! And because of the same reason, I was like "Oh no wonder the toner smells so heavily fragranced". I'd describe the scent as herbally. I don't know, maybe because of the Black Seed Oil. It's rather an odd scent which makes me believe a lot of people won't be keen to it. Weirdly enough, I do find the scent soothing. I kinda love it!

So let's get down to my verdict. First thing first, I want to say that the toner burns me a lot. Like, A LOT (with uppercase lol). My face, especially cheeks feel irritated as soon as I sprayed the toner. The sensation goes away after few minutes but you know, I need to experience the uncomfortable pain. Dah guna banyak kali pun still burn jugak. Sometimes I just sat in front of a fan until I felt better before proceed with my moisturiser. At this point, I can't even tell if the toner does any job in brightening my whole complexion. I THINK... I mean based on my personal observation, I seem to have an allergic reaction whenever I use a product containing mushroom extraction, so if you're like me, I'd not recommend you using this toner. 

I also certainly not a fan of the nozzle spray that comes along with the bottle. The spritz comes out directly like jet toner or something and it makes me feel like I've just washed my face over again. Just look at the picture below, I'm sure you can tell by it.

The toner is slightly greasy but not sticky. Butylene Glycol is one of the moisturising components and a humectant in this toner and it's high up in the ingredient list. So, I wouldn't be surprised the toner has a moisturising effect. It's colourless as Good Virtues Co. claimed it to be free from any synthetic colourants. The direction is to use after facial cleansing and spritz it over your face and neck area, avoid contact with eyes.

Since this toner is not working as a skincare on me, what would I do?
Well, I'm planning to spritz it after I'm done with makeup. You know... kinda like setting spray although this toner isn't a setting spray, lol. Ye lah dah beli takkan nak membazir pulak ;___;

Product Info;

Name : Glowing & Goodness Brightening Facial Toner
Brand : Good Virtues Co.
Country of Origin : Malaysia
Content : 100ml / 3.4 fl oz
Limited Edition : No 
Price : RM12.25

Availability (Malaysia) : 
In Store: Watsons pharmacist, Tesco & Giant
Online : Good Virtues Online Store [link], Watsons Online [link], Zalora [link], FashionValet [link]
Link :

Well.... as you can tell, I'm disappointed with the toner (especially with the ingredients :/ ), hence I will rate it low. 1.5/5? One point for the packaging and I'll just be going to give another half point for the price. It is affordable. This is the only product I've tried from Good Virtues Co. skincare line, not sure if I'd want to try the rest. On the other hand, their Hair & Body Care products are amazing!! 

p/s please keep in mind what doesn't work for me may do the total opposite for you. Hope this review helps! and also, you might want to read my other toner reviews;
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Chaste and Beautiful said...

Oh! too bad about that stinging feeling. I for sure wouldn't use anything that puts my skin into pain or some sort of trouble. Very nice review. :)

Chaste &

Marsya Jauzi said...

Oh but the packagings are very cute but maybe we can't judge a book by its cover. Well, I still would buy cute things :D

tori chu said...

love the packaging the most. but I dont like the spray part XD

ariisa992 said...

actually d packing so cute and look like face mist.. very difft than other toner actually..

Daria said...

wow looks good! loving the visual of this brand. too bad it's that irritating for you, wonder why, maybe you're allergic to some ingredients?? :(

Amy said...

It's too bad about this product! I do like the packaging, though ♥
Amy xx

Little Moon Dragon

ieyra h. said...

Hi Ayesha! Ah...yes, It kind of bummed me out as so many locals actually hyped about it. Sad it didn't work for me.

ieyra h. said...

Not sure about other Watsons, but I wished they provided testers for Good Virtues skincare products. Kalau tahu burning, memang tak beli. Hahah.

ieyra h. said...

Actually me too as I prefer the one with exfoliating function. Usually spray toners are usually astringent or for brightening purpose. But that also means I'm going to need extra more cotton pads! ;P

ieyra h. said...

Couldn't agree more! Hahahah. I thought it was a face mist when I first saw this toner at Watsons. Do you guys have Watsons Pharmacy over there? :D

ieyra h. said...

My skin was freaking out too much, lol so I stopped having this in my skincare routine. I actually always get burns from toner no matter how mild they are, but the sensation usually will stop after several uses as my skin get used to it. This just doesn't! I think one of the fragrances could be the culprit.

ieyra h. said...

Yup, my skin begins to tingle instantly each time I use the toner, which is never a good sign :( Oh well, things like this is the reason why I've never really been a big toner person. What's your favourite toner?
Thanks for stopping by Amy! :D

YatieOwner said...

the botol sweet ;)

jemput join :)

Rafydahouse said...

Omg! Wait for my next post. Dis is my toner babe. And my current favs.hahah. tp sometimes rasa mcm pakai mist pula.Sbb mcm mist kalau spray kat muka..ngeee

Anonymous said...

I just bought this toner and yes I felt the burning and I'm a little concerned because it might be linked to the peeling method for skin brightening. That would really ruin my skin and I realised that my skin has brighten really fast, it's crazy!

Sydney said...

so cool they dont test on animals!! :D

Me said...

Its good though...just spray on your face then dab it by our fingers...absorb to our skin very fast. we dont have to waste cotton face too. The smell are good and really inspiring plus the superb benefit of habatussaudah towards our skin...i like it.

ieyra h. said...

hello there, glad that you like it!^_^ wish i can feel the same but it really puts my face on fiyeh lol

ieyra h. said...

Yep! :D

Charlene meng said...

Thank you for such a detailed review, thank you so much sweetie, keep it up.

ieyra h. said...

you're welcome! thank you so much for reading! :D

Fatimah Samihah said...

I think I remember their motto no paraben, alcohol or animal derivatives (i agree with this). then they put something more irritant than paraben and alcohol. I never use but looking at the ingredients wise this skincare brand totally failed for me. i don't remember if anyone has this product as a holygrail

Siti Nurzafirah said...

Tot of having this also.. but.. naaaa ~~ end for now

jooniemo said...

i've bought the same toner too & sadly the result are the same like you said only it didnt burns but my skin feel irritated and uncomfortable so it would make me scratch my face and ofc that results more acne :( any other than that, do you know other toner that i can use after cleansing my face so it cleans thoroughly and not expensive?

ieyra h. said...

If your Watsons have testers, give it a try first. :D

ieyra h. said...

It's actually depends on which kind of toner you're looking for. Hydrating? Astringent? Exfoliation? :D
I'd suggest something that have AHAs, tea tree oil or salicylic acid in it though, since you said in another comment that your skin is oily. Why not try Cosrx AHA/BHA Clarifying toner or Etude House A.C Clean Up Toner.
If you want inexpensive hydrating toner, I think Simple has one! ^_^

zee said...

Is it okay when you spray it after makeup ? Any bad effect tak ?

ieyra h. said...

Hello Zee, sorry for the late reply. I won't certainly suggest for it to be a makeup fixer or setting spray, hehe, sebab effect macam takde dekat makeup (since it's a toner). Nevertheless, now that I'm exposed to a lot of skincares, I figure that I can't really use mushroom extraction as they have it in this Good Virtues toner, so tu sebab muka burning kot. ;A;

Siti Nurkhairun Nisaa said...

So far i never try the toner... but i love the shampoo!! My head felt not itchy at all n the day cream was superb . But not really recommend their shower bath bcoz it less bubble

ieyra h. said...

I'd like to try the day cream! and I mostly satisfied with the shampoo and shower bath. Not bad lah for me... hehe. thank you for your suggestion babe!