Review | ColourPop Lippie Stix (Kathleen Lights - Lumiere)

I have been wanting to try ColourPop's Lippie Stix for so long! Colourpop is a cruelty free California based brand with all their products are made in USA. On their website, they offer various colour of lipsticks, lip liners and eye shadows for a price of $5 each.

When my favourite online reseller opened a spree for ColourPop, I knew I had to pick up this particular lipstick in the shade 'Lumiere' because the creator of this colour is non other than Kathleenlights from YouTube. I haven't been excited to purchase a lippie product in such a long time okay.. To be honest, I bought this lipstick because of her, not because of the shade. It's like - me, buying INFINITE CDs because they are INFINITE, regardless whether I'm going to like their songs or nahh. Get it, get it? (irrelevant comparison lol)


So time for the ran down, shall we?

Lippie Stix comes in a simple white with holographic print on it's packaging. The lipstick itself is like a jumbo lip crayon, but in a slim tube. You need to twist it out in order to get the product. For a comparison, Lippie Stix is slightly shorter than a NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil. I'm not a fan of it's packaging since it gets messy easily all over the cap if I don't twisted it down properly. 

For matte lippie stix,

Vanilla. It is a yummy scent I promise you.

I would suggest you to use this with a lip liner, it does not give a precise application because of it's round edge. Colourpop offers a matching lip liner with this lumiere lipstick. In term of application, this product glides smoothly and doesn't cling to my dry patches that bad. 

Lumiere has a matte formula. Just like what Kathleen said in her video, it's not a kind of matte lipstick that would dry on your lips. I wouldn't say this dries down to a true matte because at some angle it has a hint of sheen.
This lipstick has a creamy texture, I feel like it almost moisturises the lips.

On ColourPop website, Lumiere is described as a dusty mauve pinkIt appear a bit lighter and less warm on me since my lips are naturally less pigmented. To my surprise, this colour is a perfect go to shade against my skin tone and natural lip colour.

This shade is completely opaque upon first swipe, which is amazing. You can use this with heavy hand to get more vibrant colour with light hand for lip stain effect.

I'm not blown away with it's staying power as I do apply it several times throughout the day. However, it stays on my lips for 4 hours upon application if I haven't been drinking or eating.

(L-R) Heavy handed - Light handed, without flash and on a normal natural light.

bare lips, ceyh ceyh.

Ah. This kind of lipstick sinks into my fine lines, but can you see how true the colour stayed from the lipstick to my lips? :)

Product Info;

Name : Lippie Stix (Lumiere)
Brand : ColourPop
Capacity/Weight : 1 g

Ingredients: Refers to the picture above

What else do you need to know: 
- Lumiere is a dupe for NARS Audacious Lipstick (Anna)
- Product's info as described by Kathleen Lights;
"I wanted a color that both bold and shy people could wear. It's not a would look great on EVERYONE!" (source)
- Kathleen Lights is ah-may-zing. kthxbai.

Price : $5 / RM 25-35
Availability (Malaysia) : Online resellers. I bought mine from on Instagram.

While lipstick is very personal - shades appear differently depending on skin tone and natural lip colour, I can imagine Lumiere is suitable and a safe colour for almost all skin tones. It can go with any eye look and any blush. I really like this shade but not for everyday use, just when I want some hint of colour as some of you may know, I'm not a lipstick person. It's affordable - $5, but then again you'll be only getting 1g of product.

Personally, I think ColourPop is a great indie makeup brand. They own a lovely website (seriously, read their FAQ page!), affordable products, gluten free, against animal testing and they even personally customized a hand-written card when you order their products. I posted a picture of my haul on Twitter and they favourited it. Hee. I do think it's a great way of marketing from their team by collaborating with Youtubers that we like to watch. 

The only downside of this brand is they do not offer a wide range of international shipping. 
Some of the questions on their FAQ page.
??! punny. hahahaha

Alright, I'm done. Now I am waiting for another ColourPop x Kathleen Lights collaboration for their Foursome eyeshadow ;P

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Amy said...

This looks lovely, I really like the colour ♥
Amy xx

Perfect Imperfections

Melissa Ortiz said...

This is a beautiful color! I've never heard of this brand before, but I'd definitely want to try it out :) Btw, I love your blog! It's lovely :)

jadiee bevan said...

Great post !!!

I love your blog

would love to know your thoughts on my new post Jadiee'sLittleBlog



I have also shared your blog with my friends :)

Have a nice day



Yehyee said...

Unnie! OMG hahaha make up guru already now. Which brand of lipstick should I try? First time feel like wanna buy

putri said...

What a lovely color :D

ieyra h said...

hahahahahahah omg Yehyeee, rindu lah! ;P haha where got makeup guru, I'm still trying here and there. :)
Try semi-matte lipstick from Wet n Wild! They have it at DP's SASA. I love the formula >>>>> than a MAC lippie. :D

Lipgloss and Paperbacks said...

Such a pretty lippie!! <3

ieyra h said...

I always love finding out about a good indie brand of makeup but not everything is shipped to here or shipping is extremely expensive. Haha. Colourpop is a brand that worth checking it out. :D

ieyra h said...

I like it too! ლ(❤◕㉨◕❤ლ it's almost my 'MLBB' lippie colour.

ieyra h said...

I'll definitely be buying some more cosmetics from this line! ❤

ieyra h said...

ditto! I just recently discovered this brand through Youtube and Instagram, I am sooooo glad I did! Thanks for commenting Putri, what an awesome blog you have over there. :D

ieyra h said...

Aww, thanks Jade! ミ◕ฺv◕ฺ彡Yep! definitely will be checking your blog as soon as possible. ;)

Mariam said...

Love the color and I love watching her videos too
I've wanted to try it since the day she talked about it :D
looks beautiful on you <3

ieyra h said...

Kathleen Lights is pretty funny and cute. Ever since I discovered her through Amelia Liana, I'm obsessed!. Glad that I picked this up, though I thought it'd have come out as dark as it is on Kathleen, but I still like it. ;D

kei said...

beautiful colour.
I think I could made a lipstick with this kind of colour as a daily lippie :).

theano said...

Hi sweetie!!! I really love this color on lipsticks!! great review! your blog is so fresh and beautiful!! I'm now following you on GFC and Bloglovin!! I would be very glad if you could visit mine and follow me as well! kisses!

dannifred said...

i really want to try their stuff as well! looks like you got some lovely shades :)

xx danielle //

theano said...

Hi again ieyra h! Could you please follow me back on gfc too? I'm already following you! Thanks! :)

ieyra h said...

Do get it Kei! <3 It's an awesome colour. I would like to try more shades from this range!

ieyra h said...

Now with their new blushes coming out this February, I do hope they will offer worldwide shipping anytime sooner! :D

Jolien Nathalie said...

I have never heard about this brand, nice review! I love the pictures, you have great swatches! :D

ieyra h said...

Thank You Jolien! I think its fun playing around with Colourpop makeup because they offer A LOT of colours to choose from and some are dupes for high end, :D Like 'Lumiere' is similar to NARS Audacious Lipstick in Anna, 'LBB' is a dupe for Melt Co. 'Dark Room, 'Grind' from Colourpop is almost the same as Mac Heroin Lipstick.. and so on! :D

Jolien Nathalie said...

Amazing! I had no idea! :D

Redha CS said...

i was searching about lumiere review. and find your blog. you're Inspirit right? nice to meet you. hahaha. i'm also inspirit and i'm also kathleen fans. i was really wanting to but lumiere and searching the review. the color is really nice. i love how it turn out. nice review. and nice to meet you. i followed you. it would be nice if you follow me back. :)


ieyra h said...

INFINITE + KATHLEEN LIGHTS' FANGIRL. HOW RARE IS THAT?! Haha. Thanks for letting me know Redha, We can spazz on infinite members now whilst talking about makeup. ;P I've already followed your blog, love to hear from you soon! ^__^

Redha CS said...

thank you so much. You're very kind :D i know right, when first i saw your post you said you're Inspirit and Kathleen fans i was like, oh my god. i found a friend. :D

jaekseun said...

Hi Ieyra, may I know the website of this cosmetics reseller? Colourpop doesn't ship to Malaysia, and I've been meaning to try out so many of their products! Thanks :)

ieyra h. said...

@jaekseun Hi there, your comment didn't appear on disqus so I couldn't replied to youvdirectly ;( but I've already send an email <3 Hope it helps. ^^

syafiqah ruhiyah. said...

Hi ieyra! I would reaaally appreciate it if you willing to share the details eg name/email/phone number (or even instagram id) of the reseller pleasee! Been looking for a good one like everywhere! Thanks darling (:

ieyra h. said...

@syafiqahruhiyah Hi Syafiqah, thank you for visiting my blog, I believe there's something wrong going on w/ disqus setting as your comment didn't appear. :( In case you're reading this, I did put the instagram ID at the yellow box above, it's, but I don't think she's taking any Colourpop order as for now. However, there are differently a lot of online ressellers; maybe you can try @aliceandcloud, @DSAHANARA, @makeupniche, @glamvalera, or simply searching through the #colourpopmalaysia hashtag. Hope this helps. :)

syafiqah ruhiyah. said...

It's a pleasure to spend some time reading your blog! Im a fan! Hehe and thanks for the reseller suggestions yeah ;)

Chaste and Beautiful said...

I totally trust Essie's and Kathleenlights recommendations plus love watching their videos. I haven't yet jumped on the Colorpop bandwagon but this color attracts me much.

Hafizah Rosni said...

such a lovely color!