Review | Innisfree Creammellow Lipstick

A lipstick that feels like a balm and I got to try its most popular shade,
#10 Latte Brown.

Hello guys! I feel like a decade late about writing this review since the Innisfree Creammellow Lipstick happened to be popular when it first came out and now the hype is literally gone. It took me such a long time to review it mainly because I generally don't use lipstick on daily basis.

My aim at that time was to get any kind of Korean lip products either from Etude House or Innisfree because those brands appealed to me more than others. However, it came to my mind that I could just get whatever I want from Etude House since it was already available here in Malaysia unlike Innisfree. I ended up making a quick search online, chose the most popular colour of this Innisfree lipstick and I just had to include it into my very first haul from

They have 10 shades in total. I got mine in the last shade, Latte Brown because I wanted something natural and close to my actual lip colour. It is apparently the most popular colour for this line. 

Onto the review,

The box. 
At one side it says that the lipstick has a smooth coating, pure glossy colour, great fitting and formulated with camellia oil.

The word "Creammellow Lipstick, a rich essential lipstick with camellia oil and fitting formula" is engraved on the bronze lipstick applicator.

The bottom portion of the lipstick has the same colour as the actual shade.
I honestly couldn't find any decent list even on the official Korean website. They provided the list up to lipstick no #7 and missed out #8, #9 and #10. Different lipstick has a different formulation and that makes sense because of the colours. No information on the Malaysia's official website and I don't think the ingredient list can be found on its packaging. 
Tell me if I'm seeing it wrong. There's no #10
I know someone uploaded a list with the information taken from, but again if you see it on the official website, Innisfree lipstick doesn't even have ingredients like squalane and paraffin, to begin with. To my surprise, - the site where I bought this lipstick from, provided a list for each of the lipsticks and it stays closed to the original ingredient. Hopefully, this is the real ones, so here's the #10, and CosDNA link I've added.

Ingredients Analysis
In a basic lipstick formulation, there are 3 important ingredients include oil (emollients), waxes and pigments.

-Diisostearyl Malate and polybutene are two main ingredients of the lipstick. Both of these are high-viscosity agents, mainly act as emollients. So thanks to these 2, they are what make the Creammellow lipstick smoothly applied onto your lips. They are also the ingredients responsible for giving the shine and glossy properties. In addition to that, Polybutene gives out the "tacky feeling" to the lipstick.

-Polyisobutene Dihydro Jeneyi Lactide is a polymer formulation patterned by a Korean cosmetic company. I doubt it specifically belongs to Innisfree or AmorePacific because through my literature reading, companies such as Holika-Holika and Shara-Shara also have this specific polymer inside their cosmetics. Polymer is added to increase the viscosity, thicken the lipstick formulation or to gel them. I believe this stuff is what giving the Creammellow Lipstick the "gel-like" appearance.

-Another patterned formulation that can be found in the lipstick is Beuyipi/Hex To Senko Polymer. I do not know what kind of polymer this is, but the main function is just the same as other cosmetic polymers- viscosity agent/thickening agent/giving the shape and rigidity to the lipstick. Senang cerita kalau takde polymers, lipstick senang lah nak patah.

-Aside from polymers, wax is introduced to solidified the lipstick. However, instead of the typical plant waxes such as Carnauba wax and Candelilla wax, Innisfree used Microcrystalline Wax, preferably because it is softer. Some people may not like it since the wax is derived from petrochemical sources.

-Both Hydroxyapatite and Titanium Dioxide acts as fillers and enhancing the lipstick formulation. Read more about it in this published paper [link].

-The rest of the ingredients are mainly emollients, emulsifiers (help the oils & waxy ingredients to blend well) and iron oxide pigments. Camellia Oil is present towards the end although it is being highlighted by Innisfree.

Bottomline- I can say that the Innisfree Creammellow lipstick has a lower wax, higher oil formulation which resulted in balmy application and glossy appearance. This is totally opposite to a matte lipstick formulation. 

Gel-like coating appearance
The lipstick is fragranced with sweet, fruity scent and it reminds me of melon and some kind of Vitagen drinks.

How to Use
Put a small amount on your lips lightly and spread it gently. The product has a glossy texture that melts easily on your lips. Do not apply more than 3mm per coat.

How I Use
I'd usually dab it over instead of swiping motion. I think I prefer to do the "korean gradient lips" with the lipstick. Not a big fan of full lip technique because of its glossy finish.

You see... I've already used it for quite a lot. 
Product Overview 
from the official website along with my takes, a.k.a reviews. Well, it's just a rare occasion where I discussed the ingredient part first then its description & claims. By now you'd probably have an idea already how the lipstick would look and feel like.

1. A silky, gel-base coating on your lips
- Highly shiny and glossy gel base adds volume and lustre to lips.

Agree, the lipstick has a shiny, glossy and balmy look. It reminds me a lot of a tinted lip balm. The texture is creamy and it seems a bit tacky, so it's not that light. I know it might sound weird, but it does look like a gel lipstick although it's not as jello looking as the trending Kailijumei lipstick. Kinda expecting that after seeing the ingredient list. 
2. Clean and bright colour formation
- Clean and transparent colour, like glass beads, gives a natural and healthy lip look as if bright light emanates from the lips.
- Even deep colour is beautifully expressed with rich moisture

Puitis gila description Innisfree itew. Well, this is where I think I should include the swatches part of the review. This line of lipstick has 10 colours in total;

Depending on the colour you have, it is almost sheer in one coat and this might be a con to some. However, I like the fact that it is buildable. If you prefer bolder appearance, 3 coats of this lipstick would give a good colour pay off. 

Innisfree is now available locally in Malaysia so I've swatched some other colours and personally in term of the "natural looking", I still think #10 latte brown would fit the best in the category. Against my NC25 skin though, it doesn't look anything near brown, as opposed to its name. It's more like a pink with orange hue. So... swatch them in store in you can. 

3. A moisture shield to protect your lips
- Prevents your lips from getting dry and reduces the dead skin on your lips.

Yes, the lipstick is moisturising and nourishing but sometimes I do feel like there are uneven splotches that appear especially when my lips are extremely dry. It conceals but at the same time be careful as it may creates darker patches. 
Easy application. While it applied smoothly without tugging, I still think the best application is to dab the product on the lips and then press your lips together to blend instead of swiping the lipstick like you normally would. This technique is to minimize the excess lipstick so the colour won't bleed to the edge of your lips.

Lasting Power
Since the Innisfree Creammellow lipstick is glossy, once should concern about the lasting power. From my personal experience, this would slide around and doesn't stay in place. Fades quickly.

I'm pretty pleased with my first ever k-beauty lipstick. It does stay true to what it claims. The ingredients and lasting power are not really outstanding in my opinion but texture, application wise and how it appears- I'm all okay with it. My only concern is how the lipstick melts easily. So if you're living in hot, sunny country like Malaysia, don't put this in your car's dashboard or handbag for a very long time or else it will melt like butter. :D

Compared to the previous lipsticks I've reviewed, the Creammellow Lipstick by Innisfree is something I'd gladly to repurchase or get it in different shades, however, shade #1 till #9 are simply not appealing looking to me and I'm not sure if I would wear them. They are far from the brown shade I like. Even #10 latte brown is still too bright for my liking.

Personal rating: 6/10

Product Info;

Name : Creammellow Lipstick
Shade : #10 Latte Brown 
Brand : Innisfree
Type : Lipstick
Made In : South Korea
Content : 3.5 g
Shelf Life : 18 months after opening
Limited Edition : No. However Innisfree often released limited edition lipstick in seasonal shades like this one [link]

Price : 12,000 won / RM49. I bought this from and it was RM34
Availability (Malaysia) : 
In store : Innisfree Malaysia outlets; currently available at
-Sunway Pyramid
-Paradigm Mall
-Pavilion KL
-Suria KLCC

Online :, use my referral link [here] and get RM35 off for the first purchase.

Link : 
Official Website (Korea):
Official Website (Malaysia):
Official Instagram (Malaysia):
Official Facebook (Malaysia):

Thank you so much for reading!

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nadiah izzaty said...

Cantiknya latte brown and color #1 =D

ieyra h. said...

Hehe, latte brown best, tapi bila pakai still nampak orange2 lg.. Nak innisfree keluar kan shades yang lagi brown :D

Redha CS said...

oooh, the color is so pretty, it looks sheer but very moisturizing. Juicy lips. :D

ieyra h. said...

You're right Redha! Let me know if you give it a go!~ This is my first ever lipstick from kbeauty brand, and I'm excited to try more. :D

Sakuranko said...

The color is super cute! I really love it how detailed is your review
Beautiful pics. Now I added this product to my wishlist~

Amy said...

This looks really nice! I like the shades that you chose ♥
Amy xx

Little Moon Dragon

Emilia said...

Great product, I love innisfree I always check their ingredients with hwahae app, they have one of the best formulas if it comes to k-beauty brands.

ieyra h. said...

Thank you so much Amy! Recently I've been trying a lot of korean cosmetics especially from Innisfree and they are quickly becoming one of my favourite brands! ~ヾ(^∇^)

ieyra h. said...

Hwanhae is literally the korean equivalent to CosDNA! hehe I've downloaded it onto my phone before but seemed like everything is in Hangul (and thats something I'm not good to begin with) 〔´∇`〕

Emilia said...

I always have problems with CosDNA that's why I prefer hwahae but you're right it's full in Hangul, my knowledge of korean language is pretty basic but I have found tutorials on how to use this app and now I use it almost every day even if I want to check ingredients of european products :)

vanilla berrys said...

Wow, the color looks so natural and pretty! x

ieyra h. said...

it does! thank you for having a read x)