Acne Spot Treatment | A Review of Nixoderm Ointment

Hi guys, I'm back again with a skincare review. I first became interested in this locally made acne cream from the brand Nixoderm after Not A Haul mentioned about it on one of her Instagram posts. Acne and pimple aren't really my skin major concern and I've only ever used two spot treatments prior to this- Nuteen Acne Away Gel and Tea Tree Oil from The Bodyshop. I wouldn't say I have much expertise in treating this kind of skin problem, but I will review the Nixoderm Ointment to the best of my abilities. 

I believe this product is marketed as a medicated cream, not a skincare. Hence you would be able to find it on the shelf near to the pharmacist counter at Guardian (I'm not sure about other pharmacists). Unlike some acne spot treatments like Dalacin T and T3 Mycin, this does not need a pharmacist prescription for you to be able to buy it. 

The ointment comes in two sizes;
-Nixoderm Ointment 5.34g (RM6.15)
-Nixoderm Ointment 17.7g (RM10.70)

I decided to get the smallest, in case this product wouldn't work for me. It is indeed a small tin, just like the size of our 50 sen coin. Manufactured by the Scanlab Sdn. Bhd., Nixoderm Ointment comes with an information paper written in English, Malay and Mandarin. Although it's made locally, I believe Nixoderm is an American based company, since it's written here Nixoderm Enterprises LLC-USA.

What it is?
The cream mainly focusing on treating external skin problems like;
-ringworm on skin and scalp

Here is what it says on the paper;
"Nixoderm is a firm ointment that adheres to the skin. Thus it is formulated to keep active ingredients in contact with the skin for the maximum amount of time. This gives better results than liquids or thin, greasy applications that quickly run off"

There are only 3 ingredients needed to make this ointment. 
-Benzoic Acid 6%
-Salicylic Acid 2.5%
-Precipitated Sulphur 4.6%

Just like the controversial parabens, benzoic acid is a common preservative used in pharmaceutical and cosmetic products to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi. Apart from being a preservative, it is said to be effecting in treating skin inflammation and irritation. Now, I'm not a chemistry expert, also I don't know how much is the safest concentration of benzoic acid that KKM (Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia) permitted it to be in a product, but 6% is considered high according to CIR experts [source: here]. Both CIR and also from my understanding when learning clinical pharmacology during university, 5% is considered safe to skin and is absorbed in an 8 hour period. 

Nixoderm suggested applying this ointment twice daily- morning and evening. I'll get back to instruction later. Now I'd like to address, avoid applying Nixoderm to your skin if you're using ascorbic acid/vitamin c based skincare products, example; serum. Some studies (although there are not related to skincare) have found that benzoic acid + vitamin c = benzene, and benzene is a chemical linked to cancer. [source: here]
so... you know, just to be safe!

Salicylic acid possesses antibacterial, keratolytic (keratin-dissolving at 3%-6% concentration) and has anti-inflammatory benefits. Derived from the bark of a Willow tree, it's indeed a popular ingredient together with benzoyl peroxide in treating acnes and zits. Side note; benzoic acid + oxygen = benzoyl peroxide. I don't have a lot to say about salicylic acid, though. Common sangat dah ingredient ni. If any of you allergic to aspirin, then avoid using this since salicylic acid belongs to the same class of drugs as aspirin. 

Last but not least, precipitated sulphur. It's able to treat acne because of the keratolytic and antiseptic properties its exhibit. Sulphur is actually pretty common in skincare products! I remember Mario Badescu's Healing Mask and lotion are both formulated with sulphur. Same goes to Peter Thomas Roth Acne Treatment Mask. The amount of precipitated sulphur in Nixoderm is 4.6%, that's enough to give the product sulphur-ish scent.

Based on the ingredients, I believe that Nixoderm Ointment works to cleanse pores, remove dead skin cell (since all the ingredients induce exfoliation) and stimulate new skin cell growth. 

Reaction to skin differs according to an individual, but it's good to know that all these three ingredients can be drying to skin and able to create sensations. My advice- always do a patch test!

Instruction (Important!)
For eczema, pimples and rash- Use twice daily. The treatment should be followed for 7 days then discontinued for 3 days and resumed for a further 7 days. Nixoderm said to continue treatment until the skin condition has cleared up. 

Distinctive, unpleasant sulphur scent. Yes, I've smelled the pure sulphur powder before. The scent is quite strong, but I don't really mind since I always go to bed after putting it anyway. The sulphur content is the same reason why the cream is a bit yellowish. 

Below 30 Celsius and out of direct sunlight. Believe it or not, Malaysia right now is more than 30C due to El Nino T____T

Thick, cream-like paste. It doesn't have any viscosity agent, hence the dry texture. It's not oily either, but feels kinda bit waxy and has some gritty to it. Nixoderm will leave a white cast on your face since it does not absorb well into skin, so it's definitely not something you could wear under makeup. Senang cerita, macam bedak sejuk pun ada
Here's a swatch. You can see the white part is noticeable even after I blended it out. 

Trial Period
I don't always suffer from acne breakouts that regularly, so I rarely use this. But for the past two months, this is the only acne spot treatment that I've used over my hormonal breakouts. I wear makeup on daily basis, so I only have the chance to put it on during night time. 

Personal Take
Upon seeing it at the Guardian, I was drawn to all the claims it stated. Ingredients are simple and have already well-known to combat acnes. I've actually never thought of this kind of ointment exists locally. It's cheap too! Less than 10 bucks. A little disclaimer here- I solely use Nixoderm as a pimple treatment, so I have no idea how it would work over blackheads. 

As for the packaging, I'm not really a fan of it due to the hygienic purpose. I always scrape out the product using q-tip just like the picture below

Does it work?
YES- my pimples will shrink after 3 days at most, the smaller ones have gone after 2 times of applications. However, this is for sure an uncomfortable product to use as it stings and burns horribly. PEDIH GILA NAMATEY. But, I've already expected after seeing what it contains. The burning sensation goes away after 3 minutes. Nixoderm provides a tip for sensitive skin- apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly (I can only think of Vaseline) before the application of the ointment. 

Product Info;

Name : Nixoderm Ointment
Brand : Nixoderm
Country of Origin : Made in Malaysia
Content : 5.34 gram / 17.7 gram
Limited Edition : No 
Price :
-Nixoderm Ointment 5.34g (RM6.15)
-Nixoderm Ointment 17.7g (RM10.70) 

Availability (Malaysia) : 
In Store: Guardian
Online : Guardian Online [link]
Link :

Overall, this is a great product with a rating of 9/10. I'm satisfied and will recommend it to you guys. Nixoderm Ointment indeed has a lot of positive reviews on online acne sites!

Anyway, I'm not sure if you're able to get this product easily overseas, but Ebay and Amazon have it. Note that the Nixoderm Ointment in Amazon has different ingredients than the one I'm currently using since it comes from a different country manufacturer. (Example; Nigeria- Benzoic Acid 6%, Titanium Dioxide 10%, Salicylic Acid 2.5%, Menthol 1.1%, Precipitated Sulphur 4.6%).

Hope this review helps! While I know salicylic acid acne based treatment is popular, have you ever tried sulphur based treatment? Also, what is your favourite spot treatment? Comment below so my other lovely readers and I can check it out. 

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Amirah Z said...

wow must try this ASAP! thank you for the heads up dear! x

Amy said...

This sounds really nice, thank you for sharing! I've had some really bad breakouts lately, it's a shame that it would be hard to find this where I live ♥
Amy xx

Little Moon Dragon

bearyblossom said...

This is my first time hear about this acne cream.

ieyra h. said...

I was like that too when I first saw it on Instagram. Nixoderm ni too small & hard to notice dekat Guardian, gotta ask the SA. Hehe.

ieyra h. said...

if you wouldn't mind paying the international shipping, both Ebay & Amazon have it for less than $10! :D

Lola said...

great review :)

please follow my blog : YOUNG BLOG

crafty-zone said...

Wow, you did great review, dear, honestly, it's the first time I've heard about this product and I'd love to try this out too :) I have to check how costs shipping to my country, because I've just seen that you mentioned that it's available on Ebay, good to know that ;)

Yehyee said...

Didnt know that this cream can be used for acne! But the content is quite scary LOL I'm using products which are full organic without paraben now. hehehe

ieyra h. said...

Both salicylic acid and sulphur are extremely common as acne spot treatments. Companies prefer to use benzoyl peroxide (with low %), but when the thing is put on our face, it breaks down to benzoic acid + oxygen. Sama je... Hehe. Gotta admit Nixoderm uses high % of ingredients though, hence fast result? lolol

ieyra h. said...

Yay, Ebay definitely has it, but ingredients might differ depending on the origin manufacture countries. Thanks Ivonne for reading and commenting. I love your blog! :D

Siti Nurzafirah said...

Just bought one after it went well with my sis..*she's having skin problem like rashes* Having an eczema is why I bought this.. But.. sadly said that after applying it on the eczema, looks like it getting worse.. T_T

So, stop using it for the eczema.. sobsobsob

ieyra h. said...

I'm not an expert but I personally think the benzoic acid content from this stuff is high even for normal skin, eczema apetah lagi. T.T mesti pedihkan...

Anonymous said...

Awesome post.

Enkhdulguun Dulguun said...

Hello where can i find this near Bukit Indah Johor bahru.

ieyra h. said...

Hi there! I'm not familiar with the place, but check out Guardian Pharmacy because that was where I bought mine. :D

Enkhdulguun Dulguun said...

Wow, Thank you so much.

hammad butt said...

I am really impressed by this blog! Very clear explanation of issues is given and it is open to everyone. thanks for posting this work of yours.
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yaya said...

hye, just asking, im using local skincare. night cream n vitc serum. so i cant use this for the acne spot on my face? pls explain thanks

ieyra h. said...

Hi Yaya. I don't think that should be a problem. Just put the Nixoderm at problematic area and go on with your prefered vitamin c serum and night cream. If you find this routine is too much for your skin (eg dry patches), skip the serum and just put on the night cream. :)

nona said...

Hi, idk if youre still active or not, but i came across this blog post because someone suggested using nixoderm to treat skin tags. You seem to know well about the ingredients so do u recommend using it for skin tags removal?

Natural Herbs Clinic said...

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Chuks said...

I have been looking for this plz how can I get it here in the Philippines. I need like 10 pieces .

dila said...

Hi there. May I know the step on applying this cream? Is it after moisturizer or before?

DrHealthClinic said...

your tips are very useful. thanks for posting.
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ganesh kumar said...

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Rahul said...

Does this ointment expire?

MarieLee said...

Great thorough review. I'm gonna try it.

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Myra Rana Ridu said...

may I know what is the generic name for nixoderm

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