Recipe | Strawberry Cream Cheese French Toast Roll Ups

It's been waaaaaay too long since I've posted a recipe on this blog. Ah... I feel like my laziness is overcoming my will power to blog and also to try making more recipes I've pinned onto my Pinterest. ;P

Anyway, just recently I made this French Toast Roll Ups with cream cheese and strawberry filling upon finding a video of it on Twitter. I thought, WHY NOT? I love french toasts for breakfast and evening snack. It tastes good, ingredients are easy to find, and it's also very simple to make. There are various version of french toasts though! This strawberry and cream cheese combination is one of the option if you enjoy sweet thing. I remember eating a lot french toasts (or roti telur as what the locals called) with sardine or sausage filling when I was still in primary school. Well, we just like everything savoury here for breakfast. Lepas tu gaduh dengan Shikin sebab dia kata nak buat roti telur kena letak susu and I was like "mana ada mak aku buat tak letak pun, guna margarine je". Power tak aku throwback 16 tahun lepas tetiba?

I used our local Gardenia sandwich white bread without the crust removed because I didn't want it to be wasted. The cream cheese was originally to be made into a cake, but I gotten lazy lol. Strawberries were from Tesco, RM6+ for a box. This recipe (as far as two egg mixture goes) is about enough for six slices of bread. Multiply as needed for larger batches. 

- 6 slices of bread
- cream cheese (room temperature)
- strawberries (diced)
- 2 eggs (beaten)
- butter
- cinnamon and sugar for topping

1. Take each piece of bread and roll flat with a rolling pin.
2. Spread some cream cheese over it and add diced strawberries to one side of the bread.
3. Roll the bread up tightly.
4. That is how it should looked like. 
5. Repeat process with the remaining pieces of bread.
6. In a bowl, whisk 2 eggs and dip each bread roll into it until well coated. 
7. Eh... number 7 should go before number 6 but whatever. You got it. Heat a pan over medium-heat, and melt a tablespoon of butter.
8. Lightly fry until golden-brown all over.

Not everyone loves cinnamon so this part is optional, remove the bread from the pan and place it in a cinnamon+sugar mixture. Roll it until completely covered. Best serve immediately. 

Bon appetit!

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Redha CS said...

woah, this is like all my favorite thing get along together!. I'll try this soon. It looks so delicious. :D

ieyra h. said...

It's an easy recipe to customize too! I've tried one with nutella. Hehe.. Hope you'll give this recipe a try. ^_^

Amy said...

This sounds amazing! It looks delicious, thank you for sharing ♥
Amy xx

Little Moon Dragon

ieyra h. said...

You are welcome Amy! Hope you like it (/^▽^)/

Daria said...

oh dear this looks so delicious!! xx

Jolie L. said...

Why am I reading this with an empty stomach? hahaha
I'm absolutely not blessed with cooking skills but this seems to be easy enough for me :D Thanks for the recipe. So yummmm


Sakuranko said...

Oh wow this recipe loos super easy and delicious
The watrawberries are my favorites

Emmi said...

Wow this looks amazing!!! Im so going to try this and is a easy recipe that i already have in my fridge. Great blog! New Follower on GFC! Let's keep in touch!!

Emmi -

ieyra h. said...

Thank you Daria!

Karlina said...

I need this delicious food right now, please send to me :D Looks yummy!

shasha m said...

hi ieyra! i rarely leave a comment to any blog before but i found that yours is sooo interesting! and informative too!
bet you've been spending too much time for each posts but hey its worth it!
reading yours had remind me of sabrina tajudin's blog!
keep blogging girl! :D xx

ieyra h. said...

whoa been comparing with a well known beauty blogger really means alot to me! thank you so much! terharunya! ;___;