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You know the feeling when you see something and right away you know need to have it? I always feel like that when it comes to makeup, especially for eyeshadows. It's simply because they are my obsession though I can be very picky in choosing them. Today I'll be reviewing a palette from Too Faced called the Chocolate Bar Palette that I bought for over a year now. 

But first thing first, YASSS *Jaclyn Hill's voice* to myself because this long-awaited review has finally become a reality! lol. It's has been sitting in my draft since the beginning of this year as I just couldn't find the time to finish writing it!! Without further ado, let's take a closer look at my finding. 

I have the redesigned version of Chocolate Bar palette meaning I do have the sleek and slim magnetised tin case but unfortunately, mine is still the one with a major flaw - the labelling. Though the packaging mimicking a real chocolate bar and that is beautiful, it bothers me a lot when Too Faced didn't engrave the names of the shadows in the actual palette but only printed them on a clear removable plastic sheet which alahai... tiup angin pun boleh terbang, lepas tu hilang. I'm soooo going to lose this insert anytime soon. Another thing that turns me down is the magnetic lid. It's a tad weak and I find it disturbing. 

There is How-To Glamour Guide Book given by Too Faced that consists of three different looks. The palette has a big mirror attached to it but there isn't any applicator brush

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Pergh lama gila iols tak tulis ayat poyo cenggini.

Chocolate. These shadows smell sweet and strong just like cocoa powder / dark chocolate (make sense since they are formulated with pure, antioxidant-rich cocoa powder). It could be bothersome to someone who doesn't like the chocolate scent but I'm okay with that though I do find Bourjois' Chocolate Bronzer smells more delicious than this!

Colour, Swatch & Application
Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette basically has a good mix of neutral browns and it also includes some pop of colours like pink, purple and plum. 

You'll be getting 14 shades that are 0.95 g in weight with another two larger highlighting shade that is 2.8 g. That's really a lot of eyeshadows! Shade include;
1) Gilded Ganache
Olive with dark brown undertone and golden flecks. Jarang guna.
2) White Chocolate
Matte beige shadow that doesn't show anything on my lid. I use this colour to set my concealer or eye primer. 
3) Milk Chocolate
Soft matte brown with warm undertone. Very convenient for crease area and contour colour.
4) Black Forest Truffle
Shimmery burgundy with glitters. Almost leans toward dark brown.
5) Triple Fudge
Darkest matte chocolate though I find the pigments are very hard to pick up. Still liking it to darken my brow tail. 
6) Salted Caramel
Orange-ish brown matte that has very warm undertones. This particular colour is really a bae to my crease area. I'd really like to buy a single makeupgeek eyeshadow that has similar shade to this. Does anyone know?
7) Marzipan
FAVOURITE SHADOW FROM THE PALETTE. Rose Gold sheen. The pigmentation and creaminess remind me of Stilla Kitten, however, Marzipan has a peachy undertone. The shadow itself is hella buttery and pigmented.
8) Semi-Sweet
Matte mid-tone brown with a warm reddish undertone. My favourite shade for filling my brown.  
9) Strawberry Bon Bon
Matte milky pink. Shadow yang tak pernah aku guna. I see no point of having it in this palette. 
10) Candied Violet
Blue-ish purple with pink flecks. Very holographic. I'm still figuring out how to make use of this shade. 
11) Amaretto
Sheen. I'm seeing this as dual colours. It can look burgundy at one point, but most of the time it may look like a mid-tone chocolate. I like using this and mix with Cherry Cordial to darken my outer crease. 
12) Hazelnut
Golden bronze sheen. Works for crease job.
13) Creme Brulee
Warm golden sheen. Very yellow-ish brown. A lot of people like this colour but I don't since golden doesn't suit my eyes the best. 
14) Haute Chocolate
Cool mid-tone chocolate sheen with a gold undertone. Use this to darken the outer crease area. 
15) Cherry Cordial
Dark, reddish burgundy matte shade with purple glitters. Not really pigmented and the brush doesn't seem to pick up the colour easily.
16) Champagne Truffle
Metallic white with a subtle pink undertone. Barely touch, but it's a good colour for inner corner highlight and for cheekbones. 

So there you are. 6 mattes and the rest are either sheens or with glitters. I like the sheen shadows the most. They are extremely buttery and soft when touch. But overall, all the shadows from this Chocolate Bar Palette are like those, too. They are easy to work with and very easy to blend.

All the shadows are swatched once without primer, in natural light and taken with and without flash so you're able to see the shades clearly. 
(1) First row of Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette

(2) Second Row of Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette

(3) Third Row of Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette

If there's one word to describe this palette, then it's very VERSATILE. That makes it a travel-friendly product which I do agree since I can left behind my brow palette, contour and highlighter. It really has all you need in one palette. I'm a warm-neutral palette kind of girl so I really love the colour selections. If I were to choose my top 3 favourites than they would be 'Salted Caramel', 'Marzipan' and 'Milk Chocolate'. Although I find it weird for a shade like 'Strawberry Bun Bun' and 'Candied Violet' hanging around other chocolate-ish colours, I think it's still fine and would love to give these two colours a chance to be on my eyelids. 

The quality of Chocolate Bar Palette eyeshadows is amazing. The are easy to work with and they do have good staying power but not for all the shades, though. Marzipan (I know because I use it a lot, lol) does fade faster than other shades. I'd suggest tapping your brushes before working in with your shadows to prevent fall out. 

Product Info;

Name : Chocolate Bar EyeShadow Collection Palette
Brand : Too Faced
Made In : USA
Content : 14 x (0.95 g/0.03 Oz) and 2 x (2.8 g/0.10 Oz) eye shadows
Limited Edition : No

What it says :
The Chocolate Bar experience begins as soon as you open the palette and the smell of  sweet chocolate envelops you. The eye shadows are pigmented with pure, antioxidant-rich cocoa powder and includes 16 matte and shimmer shades of natural browns, delicate pinks and luscious plums. Includes our singature how-to Glamour Guide with three looks to get you started. 

Price : RM 172 / $ 49

Availability (Malaysia) : Sephora Outlets.
Links : Too Faced, Sephora SEA

Overall, I'm loving Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette. Holy Grail status? Check. Repurchase? Check, but I doubt I would. Haha. Recommend? Yes definitely! Now I really want the Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar! I hope you find this helpful and thanks for reading! :D

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MITCH said...

I love this palette and it smells so heavenly good!


Oh Dear Bumblebees

Amy said...

Oh, this palette looks amazing! All of the colours are so pretty ♥
Amy xx

Little Moon Dragon

tori chu said...

hope Im good at applying eye make up >3< so I can buy bunch of eyeshadow T.T this palette is so amazing I want it but maybe I wont use it haha, such a waste.
anyway followed you, mind to follow back? lets keep in touch ^^

Michèle said...

this palette looks so pretty. not only the packaging is super cute but also the colors very beautiful

Martina Caruso said...

great color !!!

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I aspect, a kiss: - *

Melissa Ortiz said...

Gorgeous! I like that you described it as versatile because that's what I always look for when buying eyeshadow palettes. <3 :) I'd love to see a review of the Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar if you ever pick it up!

Made in Mauve said...

Looks like a lovely palette

Made in MauveBloglovin

ieyra h. said...

It is! definitely worth looking into! :) Thanks for reading!

ieyra h. said...

Hai Melissa! How are you? :) I'd really love to buy the Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar ASAP but the current price is definitely a lot to digest ;P Hopefully I'm able to grab one myself during the upcoming Sephora VIB sale. :D

Carmen Varner said...

I have definitely read my fair share of reviews for this but still have not jumped on the bandwagon. I must say that the colors are absolutely marvelous. :]

// ▲ ▲

perlasancheza said...

Great in depth review! I really want to try this palette, it looks and smells delicious!

Gabrielle RoseBonniee said...

Lovely photos ♥

Have a nice Sunday ^^~

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Belén Muñoz said...

Omg I need a palette like this! I love all the colours, the palette is so cute!!

ieyra h. said...

sure! Thanks for reading. :)

ieyra h. said...

Eye makeup is my favourite out of all! Hehe.. I've already followed you! :D Love you blog since it's Kawaii and I can learn more about K-beauty! xD

ieyra h. said...

It is, right? Too Faced is such a great brand for eyeshadows imho! I'm loving their Chocolate Bar and the Boudoir Eyes Palette :D

ieyra h. said...

Some shades I never use at all but the rest are amazing~~~ ♥.♥ Thanks for reading Amy!

ieyra h. said...

Hi Perla! Thank you for reading! Definitely let me know if you pick this up! ♥♥♥

ieyra h. said...

I have this love-hate relationship towards the scent, but I simply can't get enough of the colours!!

ieyra h. said...

Heey Belen! I agree, love all the colours although there are shades I'm still figuring out how to use them especially Strawberry Bon Bon!! ;P Thank you so much for reading!

theano said...

wowow!!! That's really amazing! Great shades!

Sakuranko said...

Some colors are really cute sweetie
Thanks for share

Valencia said...

Pretty colors! Agree with you, they look so very versatile

Shop @vanitygoods

Inggani Masitha said...

This palette looks beautiful and so eye catching! This is on my wishlist along with Lorac Pro Palette (can't decide which one to get). Is the MUG crease shade you're talking about is peach smoothie? or creme brulee? I'd love to try Make Up Geek's eyeshadows too!

Sitha |

momo nana said...

I personally would love to see swatches and comparisons of all 3 because I feel based on these pics that Champagne Truffle and Satin Sheets look some what familiar, but I'm not entirely sure because of I don't own this palette just the original. العاب فلاش برق