20s vs 30s - How My Makeup Has Changed Over The Years

There comes a time, as I'm nearing to my 30s, I realise some things in my makeup regime has changed while others do stay the same. I have been ditching a few products along the way, some unbelievable make a comeback and there are a lot more to discover in the future. 
I'm not going to lie here but recently, I'm starting to feel a true shift with my skin, my complexion isn't getting any brighter, heavier dark circles under the eyes than I used to have, rougher skin, deepening of smile lines, and visible hyperpigmentation spots are showing through. While I'm trying my best to combat these with the right usage of skincare, makeup does help in minimising the imperfection skin I have while boosting out my confidence at the same time.

The Older I Get, The Less Makeup I Need.
Because let's get real, while makeup is one of the great pleasure I'm having in life, there are few things that do not work as they used to and this includes the usage of primer. I used to buy mattifying makeup primers from Sephora just because my skin was oily before. However, around two years ago, I feel like my overall look is better without them since they tend to slide off and making the finishing look feels crackier. So these days, I prefer to prep my skin using physical sunscreen that is usually a bit tacky and proceeds to wear concealer or foundation.

No more heavy foundation, less prefer the mattifying ones and that's the main reason why I still love Nars Sheer Glow Foundation. I have repurchased it many, many times. As I crave for a lighter and more natural look, my current wishlist includes trying out the Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation and Diorskin Forever Skin Glow Foundation.

Remember all these natural palettes by beauty brands that I used to find them boring and uninspired? Well, I'm all for it now, for example, this old version of Too Faced Natural Eyeshadow Palette, my current go-to Urban Decay Naked 1 Palette and Kat Von D Light & Shade Eye Contour Palette. I realise I've been using natural, earth-toned colours a lot and no longer finding warm eye-look flattering on myself, tho I won't deny I put on it once in a while!

God knows when was the last time I put on highlighter on the cheekbones of my face. Part of this is because of my pores are becoming more visible due to ageing since the collagens inside are decreasing. Secondly, I still haven't find the perfect highlighter for my current skin condition. When it used to be smooth, I like swiping up Marie Lou Manizer from The Balm to give me the daily glow and I even proclaimed myself a huge fan of the strobing technique that I'm no longer able to do. These days, I'm still searching for a highlighter that is ever-so-subtle and won't be exaggerating the pores. Please drop in your recommendations!

Combating The Problematic Areas
Dark Circle.
Lately, the under-eye darkness I have around my eyes are bothering me and they are always there regardless of the long-hours sleep I have gotten. It could be due to age factor or any other factors that lie beyond than just getting enough sleep at night. While I'm planning for another dermatologist session soon, (I had one due to skin issue), the best I could do to minimise the appearance of the dark circle is by using an orange corrector when I do my makeup.
Surprisingly, I didn't need this 2 years ago. I remember putting the tiniest amount of orange corrector under the eyes and I ended up looking like oompa loompa, so that time I figured a salmon-coloured concealer would work in lightening the dark circle. I wish I could do the same right now, but the problematic area would only turn into grey-ish tone.

Enlarging Pores.
I know the best makeup trick that one could use to combat enlarged pores is to opt for a primer that will help in minimizing them, this is why I feel like the Benefit Porefressional would need to make a comeback into my makeup routine. It used to be my favourite when I was extremely oily during my early 20s, I didn't need it when I was in the middle 20s, right now, I'm seriously considering it back though I do not like using primer on my face.

Fine Lines.
Makeup can really accentuate fine lines around the eyes, forehead and mouth area, so one of the best advice I learnt from Sephora Global Makeup Artist and also the Director, David, is to use less amount of makeup. My main concern is under eye fine lines and for this, Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer is great since it's creamy yet doesn't really settle into the lines. Unpopular opinion, but no more excessive baking under the eyes because it would still crack and settle into the fine lines no matter what! Instead, just dust in the powder using a small fluffy brush to set the concealer. 

These days, I'm cooperating Vitamin A (Retinoids) into my skincare routine and it does make a huge difference but I will save that for another story. What about you? Do you have any do's and don't to your makeup routine as you get older? Let me know in the comment section below.
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Maria said...

I completely agree. I'm using Rosehip oil right now. I'm far more invested in skincare now, and not so much on makeup. Very well written post, lovely :)


Roza said...

Just an awesome post. Thanks a lot for sharing this article with us.

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Maria Vizuete said...

Very interesting and well composed. I enjoyed reading every bit. It's amazing how our body and skin changes as we age.

xo, Maria

Jessica said...

I couldn't agree more dear. Yes, it's absolutely better to invest in quality skincare products than have a bunch of things you don't always use. Thanks dear!

Jessica | notjessfashion.com

nfmbf said...

Yeap. Mine changed too. More subtle. My current principle; Whatever faster, doesnt ruin my skin, and i dont look like a zombie. Ahahah.

Braddie Granes said...

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Sarah said...

So agree with you: re eyeshadow palettes. I am living for the neutral ones, I think I own all the Urban Decay Naked Basics palettes now.

xo Sarah | Oomph London

Stanley Lim said...

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