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Hello again everyone! 
Sorry if splitting up this haul from the previous one is a little weird. I would just put all of them together but I don't want my post to be long. So, right after Watsons Pharmacy, I went to Daiso with my sole mission was to find the "Puff and Sponge Detergent". I didn't get to see it anywhere, but sure I came out from Daiso with few other things since I figured that I still need my RM5.30 shopping therapy

1) Silicone Moisturizing Mask For Sheet Masks
This one isn't new, but a repurchase for me and whoever came out with the idea of it, is simply a genius! I use mine whenever I do #facemasking to prevent the essence from dripping and evaporating at the same time. 
Silicone Moisturising Mask
2) Wedge Makeup Sponge
I thought this would be a good deal since there's 13 sponges inside the packet. If you're someone who's fussy about dipping puff into cushion foundation, get these sponges and cut each of them into half for 26 smaller sized sponges- just like one of the makeup hack Joankeem recommended. I also figured that wedge shaped sponge would be good for "baking" concealer underneath the eyes. 
Makeup Sponge
3) Foaming Net for Face Washing
I've heard about foaming net but never have given it a thought before, but now since I have the SENKA Perfect Whip Face Cleanser, why not right? It would make the cleanser to lather quickly. The pack here has two foaming nets - a small travel size pink one and a big foaming net in white.
Foaming Net
4) 100% Natural Cotton Puff
For many years I'm a loyal user of cotton puff from Premier. It's my most favourite since I find it significantly softer in texture but I thought of trying the one from Daiso. Just like the brush cleanser, Daiso cotton puff is well raved among AB (Asian Beauty) community. It's quite low in stock at the store I visited, so I'm guessing it's also one of their best sellers? 
Cotton Puff
Can't wait to try all of these. Reviews will be coming soon!

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Sakuranko said...

Hi Dear, Great haul I love it the makeup sponges


Redha CS said...

OMG, those silicone mask is super popular. I wish Daiso Indonesia have more products to sell. :(

Karlina said...

The Wedge Makeup Sponge is really a good deal ^^ www.misskarlina.com