5 Things I Want From Sephora 2019 Beauty Pass Sale vs 5 Things I Actually Bought

more like, 5 things I don't need?

Once in the blue moon (usually in May and October), Sephora Malaysia would run a sale on beauty products that almost never get marked down on a daily basis, and we (yes, you and I) only have one job prior to the sale which is to prepare our wallets ready. The sale isn't something that comes by often and although 20% seems little, it's still a great opportunity to stock up on products that we usually use or been wanting to get since forever.

As usual, Gold members (shoppers who spend RM4500 each year) get first access to the private sale while Black members usually start a day after. If you're not a member, you can sign up on their official website and the process is completely free. 

Before moving into the haul, I'd like to share with you guys the actual wishlist that apparently looked nothing like what I got from Sephora lately and just so you know, this blog post was meant to be posted before the sale not after 😂.

The set consists of Mario Badescu's best-selling dry lotion and facial spray. I thought it'd be a good price since the acne lotion itself would cost RM91 for 29 ml. I recently have a bunch of acne spots on my cheeks and I believe it's due to extreme humid weather condition and since acne isn't a problem I always have, I was left with no spot treatment in hand. Meanwhile, the Rose Water facial spray would be a repurchase.

I have had this in my wishlist after I saw Jenn Im's Go To Bed With Me nighttime skincare routine on Harper's BAZAAR channel. In the video, she was using Bliss Jelly Glow Ball Cleanser that isn't available in Malaysia and alternatively, Boscia has 2 different kinds of Jelly ball cleansers available for purchase. This form of cleanser is unlike anything I've encountered before! I thought it would be fun and interesting to use it as a part of my cleansing routine. However, the one that was available in Sephora IOI was very near to its expiring date.

Who doesn't know NARS Orgasm as the shade has become an iconic, strong household name to the brand itself?. The liquid blush version is a part of their a new makeup collection for Orgasm's 20th Anniversary. I own the powder version and it's definitely one of my favourite blush shade, ever. The pinkish shade with a subtle amount of glitters would be great if you have fair to medium skin tone. Unfortunately, it went out of stock during the sale period and I didn't have the chance to swatch it. 

Phew, looking for a foundation recommendation for dry skin is hard since everyone seems to like the matte ones. We don't really have enough options too in the recent Malaysian's market but it's understandable since our climate is leaning toward the hot and humid side rather than coldly winter. I've heard many good reviews on this Lancome's foundation, however, a few days before the Sephora sale, I bought an Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation on a whim!

Right, it was sold out. Plus, I still have no idea which eyebrow brush should I go for. Any recommendation? It wouldn't be necessary from ABH itself.

Let's just say..... I have absolutely no idea why did I do the listing in the first place because boy, I ended up not following it. 

I'm a long time fan of this facial spray though I don't think it's a necessity in my current skincare routine. Ingredient-wise, there are a lot of the better ones out there, however, since the weather is blasting hot, I'm all about moisturising toner because I often stop at it without bringing my routine a little further with moisturiser. The facial spray is doing a great job in providing hydrating to the skin although it's lacking in the moisturising department. I'd frizz this after showers and whenever my skin feels dry. To my surprise, this product goes really well with my skin, the moment I stop using it (together with Cosrx AHA BHA toner), my skin has gone haywire.

It was a battle between Kate Somerville and Indie Lee and the latter won after a quick look at their expiring date. I knew a spot treatment isn't something I'm going to use often as other skincare in my routine, so I'm better off with a product that has a longer shelf-life. Surprisingly, my skin has gotten back to its normal condition after severe breakouts series in April, so I have no idea if I'm going to put this in good use since it's no longer a 'need'.

My 2019 Sephora Beauty Pass Sale wouldn't be complete with a few makeups. I picked up the latest Huda Beauty Palette because I've been lusting for it since the day they were launching in Sephora Malaysia. Reaching to my 30s, I realised I'm more gravitate towards wearing natural shades for an everyday look and no longer find the joy of putting warm-based eyeshadow colours onto my eyelids. Most shades in this recent Huda Beauty palette are up to my alley, not to mention, they are stunning. So rather than a 'need', this purchase was simply to justify the pleasure I have in buying makeup. 

For 2 grams, this is bloody expensive but good lord luxurious makeup items are the ones that are worth buying during the 20% off. This satin lipstick line from Torm Ford is creamy and highly pigmented but it also feels lightweight and comfortable on the lips due to a bunch of emollients used in the formulation such as chamomilla flower oil, murumuru butter and soja seed extract. 

Here's the thing. My birthday is in May. The Beauty Pass sale is in May. So as much as I want to redeem a free Benefit Birthday Gift Set from Sephora during the sale, I couldn't. I would need to make another trip to Sephora this weekend to see if there's anything that could catch my eyes. Perhaps, this is the change for me to look back at the wishlist and pick up an item I actually need.

Regardless, I have 2 more items from Sephora US I ordered from my sister's friend who's studying in Minnesota. I noticed their VIB sale is usually held at the same time as our Beauty Pass Sale. The newest hemp face mask from MILK was my first choice since I've been hearing a lot of raves reviews about the trendy cannabis sativa face oil. I wouldn't lie, I was feeling extremely intrigued. Another purchase is the retinol serum from the brand 'The Inkey List'. Bold of me to think they will not be available in Sephora Malaysia like The Ordinary skincare products and clearly, I was wrong since the brand is now available exclusively on their online store a couple of weeks ago.

Now, over to you! What did you pick up from the Sephora sale recently?

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Jennifer said...

I want to try Indie Lee!

Effortlessly Sophisticated

Erin Azmir said...

i love my mario badescu rosewater face mist! i sooo wanna get the other 2 though x


Tel U said...

Your Sephora VIB Haul seems to include a diverse range of beauty products. Could you share which product from your haul you're most excited to try out and why? Tel U