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'Skip the line and get the VIP treatment! This selection of 8 coordinated eyeshadows comes in a trendy, limited edition case that fits in any purse of glamour on the go.' 

While browsing the holiday gift aisles of Sephora last month, I came across this tiny little palette and decided to have some swatches. The price caught my eyes right away, it was so hard not to do a purchase. It's the 'VIP Pass' Palette from Sephora's own brand for their 2014 Holiday Collection

This limited edition palette consists of 8 eyeshadows which the colours selection are ideal for taking the looks for day and night makeup. The size of this palette is almost similar to an IPhone 5. These shadows are housed in a cardboard with envelope/purse/clutch look-alike packaging and I'm very surprised at how lightweight and sturdy it is, which makes great for travelling.

On the bottom part of the palette, there are some pictures and tips on how to create a party look. It unfortunately do not have a mirror and brush/sponge applicator. 

Top Row (L - R)

Bottom Row (L - R)
All swatches dry, without primer

Cray-cray pigmentations on hand. And just like that I got blown away. I swatched all the eyeshadows in store and I was like "Wow, these are extremely pigmented", and I thought for the price, why not?

Shades :
1- Beige (satin)
2- Champagne (shimmer)
3- Coppery Brown (satin)
4- Dark Brown (matte)
5- White (metalic)
6- Blue-grey (shimmer)
7- Dark Blue (shimmer)
8- Gold (shimmer)
  • Number (4) is the most buttery while (8) is extremely stiff on pan. This makes me happy because a matte colour don't usually show up easily when swatches. 
  • (3) and (5) are creamy and crazily pigmented while shade (6), very difficult to swatch. 
  • (1) and (2) can be use as a highlighter and to brighten up the inner tear duct area. 
  • (3) and (4) are perfect blending shades for crease area. 
  • I particularly like (2) and (3) the most. While that, I've always have problem picking up pigments from shade (2) and the colour just don't translate well on lid. 

To me, this palette has a nice, wonderful selection of shades and most of them are pigmented when swatches on hand. However, the quality of the shadows are a bit hit and miss. Shimmery shades feel a bit too dry and stiff to my liking. I find it hard for my brush to pick up some colours. On the other hand, brownish tones work beautifully on the lids. I'd recommend you to use this with a primer underneath. I have no problem with glitter fallouts and creasing. 

Product Info;

Manufacture : Sephora
Made in : China
Capacity/Weight : 8 x 0.7 g

Ingredients: Refers to the picture above

What else do you need to know:
- No Carmine as colour additive, parabens free.
- For some reasons I do not know, the selection of colours of the VIP PASS palette selling in some Western countries are different than in Malaysia - specifically for shade 6, 7 and 8. See here for reference which I've noticed that their palette is somewhat similar to 2013's Event Entry Palette. 

Price : RM 42.00 | $12
Availability (Malaysia) : Sephora (,
*One of my friend bought it from Zalora, but I couldn't find the specific link to it (

I've not tried these shadows wet, but I think they blend nicely and produce more intense pigmentation, aren't most eyeshadows like that? ;D. Anyway, for paying less than 50 bucks, you can't go wrong with this palette. I even bought it at a much lower price because of the Sephora Card discount. Limited edition palette, I might add. So snag this before it's sold out! 

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Amy said...

$12? Wow! This looks amazing for the price, the pigmentation is gorgeous. :)
Amy xx

Perfect Imperfections

Khairunnisa Syahirah said...

The pigmentation is WOW just wow. and it's only 42 ringgit with a very cool-looking pallete omg

Najlaa 'aqilah said...

that gorgeous packagingggg!! T_T sometimes ada applicator dalam palette pun leceh jugak. baik pakai brush sendiri huhu

ieyra h said...

I just checked the price again on Sephora website, it's $10! ;O *jaw drops* SO AFFORDABLE!

ieyra h said...

Agree! some colours just wow-ed! me when I swatched them in store! It's a great basic palette kan?! :D

ieyra h said...

betul! kadang2 angkat je palette, applicator tu terjatuh lah etc2. Sometimes, I really like to use sponge applicator though for inner tear duct highlight, *dasar pemalas bawak brush bila travel* ;P

Kyle Concio said...

Fancy! I really like the packaging. (= x


ieyra h said...

Me too! attractive and very travel-friendly!

MakeupForLunch said...

This is sooo pretty, never heard of it though ..

rafydah said...

the color is so pretty!! i want it so badly *cry cry

ieyra h said...

The colour choices all feel pretty neutral and wearable! *Although I tak confidence enough to wear those shades in the second row. ;P

Love your blog, Rafydah!! TQ for commenting!

ieyra h said...

the palette is from this year's Sephora Holiday Collection. if you can't get your hand on this, try search for Sephora's Event Entry palette. They are almost identical. :)