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This post is the part one of my collaboration with Rafydah. She's a fellow Malaysian beauty blogger who blog over Rafydahouse, so make sure you are checking out her page as well because her blog is full with super good makeup tutorials going on! After months of emailing and messaging each others, we finally came to a decision to review products from Makeup Revolution

Makeup Revolution is already popular among the beauty communities for having some clearly dupes for high end brands like Urban Decay, Tarte and Too Faced. Rafydah suggested that we both took on Day to Night Palette and I thought it'd be a perfect ones to branch out from my comfort zone. I'm a warm/neutral eye shadow kind of girl, but ya know, I need some pops out of colours too!

Without further ado, here are my thoughts on 
Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette Essential Day To Night 

When I opened the package, I was actually surprised at how big the palette is! I thought it's going to be a small ones, but this is 16cm long! Pembaris yang mahraen pun kalah

The blackplastic packaging for Makeup Revolution palette is very straight forward, kind of reminds me of MUA eyeshadow palettes. I like how the lid closes nicely and satisfying, it is well made and I don't need to worry of it being accidentally open in my makeup bag. There is no mirror attached to the lid, making the palette becomes less practical. A double ended sponge applicator is provided and this time around I decided to keep it although I know this tool will be very much neglected by myself.

Makeup Revolution vs MUA.

At RM32, it is hardly breaks the bank. You'll be getting 12 eyeshadow pans which to me is definitely such a bargain. I feel that it's hard to find drugstore palettes with a good selection of colours in Malaysia. Brands like Maybelline, Essence, IN2IT, ZA, etc.. only offer 3-6 shades in their palette at a price almost similar to this palette. 

Now, onto the colours. To be honest, I think the palette is a bit difficult to use by it's own simply because there's no true matte colours. Mattes are essential for crease area (at least to me). All of the shadows are either sheen, pearly, glittery or matte with glitters finishing. However, I'm not saying that i can't be done at all! You could transform your day/wearable makeup look into dark smokey eyes with just this one single palette! - hence, the name of the palette!  


I'm extremely bad at describing colours, but here are what they looked like according to my eyes, lol.

1) White [glitter]
2) Cream [sheen]
3) Light Brown [sheen, it looked almost matte in the palette]
4) Rose Gold [pearl] *my favourite! 
5) Gold [glitter]
6) Grey-ish Purple [glitter]

7) Grey-ish Blue [pearl]
8) Lilac [sheen]
9) Black [matte with glitters thrown in, lol] idk 
10) Grey [glitter]
11) Navy Blue [matte with glitters]
12) Turquoise [sheen]

Night shadows are really pretty! like sdfghasdfghsdff pretty! All of the shadows are nicely pigmented (except for shade 3), but beware they tend to have fall out. It's best to use your fingers for better pigmentation. I used my Holika Holika Eyeshadow Brush several times but it didn't seem to pick up some 'day' shadows very well. Maybe it's just my brush! 

The texture of these shadows are less buttery and slightly on the drying side, just like Sleek and MUA palettes. I seems not to have any problem with blending them out, but I wouldn't say it's easy to blend either. On it's staying power, you don't need to worry about it as long as you have primer underneath... Mine is still okay after 6-7 hours! 

Product Info;

Name : Redemption Palette Essential Day To Night
Brand : Makeup Revolution London 
Made In : Designed and Developed in London, UK, Manufactured in PCR
Content : 12 eye shadows, 14g
Limited Edition : No

On the Website: 
The ultimate palettes with ultra high payoff. A perfect mix of pearl, shimmer and matte shades. Totally collectable and a pure sell out [source]

Price : RM 32

All in all, Makeup Revolution palette is a steal for RM32 and they offer quite a number of palettes in their range, and what I'm impressed the most is pigmentationDepending at what you're looking for in buying a palette, this Essential Day to Night Palette can be a good addition if you want some pops of colours, but if you're a newbie and deciding to buy just a palette, I'd recommend to get more wear-able shades like their Iconic Palettes.  

To those of you who aren't aware, Makeup Revolution is a new cosmetic range originated from UK and has been launched since March 2014. I'm so glad we are able to get our hands on their products over here in less than a year. With that being said, I'm really looking forward to trying other makeup items from this brand such as their makeup setting spray and blushers ;D

I will have another review for you guys in the upcoming post - it's my part II of my collaboration with sis yang comel, Rafydah! :D In the mean time, check out her blog over [here] to see a tutorial using JUST Essential Day to Night Palette. Power tak power? Hehe

Have you tried anything from this brand before?
Talk soon! 

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Nati said...

Love these soft colors for day! I'm all about natural eye makeup! (:
Nati xx

ieyra h said...

Glad you like it, Nati! Thanks for taking your time reading my review :D

Amy said...

This sounds really nice! I love all of the colours ♥
Amy xx

Little Moon Dragon

Kiyomi Hayano said...

I love the colors of this palette! *u* Great review and great post~ this looks like a lovely product<3
~Kiyomi <3

ieyra h said...

Me too! The turquoise shade is gorgeous! <3

Melissa Ortiz said...

Beautiful colors! The night shades are especially gorgeous and so pigminted :) I have never tried or heard of the brand before, so thank you for the review!

Reshah said...

Thats such a pretty palette haven't tried that, great post!!

ieyra h said...

I remember reading few UK based beauty blogs and they were raving about Makeup Revolution, like how most of the palettes are deemed to be good dupes (check out their chocolate bar and Iconic palettes. As for someone living on the other side of the world lol, we are often the last one to get the latest product launches in the market, so I'm extremely surprised at how Makeup Revolution made it available in my country for less than a year! ;o

ieyra h said...

Ha, me too! Although they aren't really my cup of tea. (I really need to step out from my comfort zone of wearing neutral shadows all the time, lol) :D. Thank you for commenting, Kiyomi! \(^▽^@)ノ

ieyra h said...

Hi Reshah!~ Yes, it's pretty but not so wearable. ;D But considering makeup revolution is such an amazing budget brand, I'd really love to try some other things from them including their iconic palettes. I think their eyeshadows are pretty impressive! I've never thought they could be that pigmented!

Shad said...

night shades dia awesome.. beautiful colors.. I've naked 2, the shade is slightly more to browny-black.. urban gitu.. btw, nice review, love to be here and reading them.. hehe.. :D