Review | Stila Blooming Bright Convertible Color Trio

Here's a good way to sample Stila Convertible Colour without having to purchase the full sizes. 

As some of you might have noticed, Stila released 2 sets of Convertible Color Trio for their 2015 Spring Collection. While I already reviewed this multi-purpose product just recently, I thought of giving you my opinions and swatches for this set. 

Blooming Bright Collection consists of Lillium (nude pink), Petunia (coral peach cream) and Hibiscus (coral-red). I'm not sure whether Hibiscus is a limited edition colour, but it isn't available as a full sized product on Stila website. The other set, Beauty In Bloom Collection has more safe shades namely Camelia (peachy brown), Peony (brownish rose) and Tulip (deep berry). I opted for Blooming Bright because I've already have Peony with me. 

For these deluxe size products, you'll be only getting 2 grams of product versus the original 4.25 grams, however, considering a full size of it will costs you RM96 /$25, I'd say this is definitely a bargain. For a makeup hoarder like me (tak malu, self proclaimed, lol), it's so hard to hit pan on a product when you have lots of other blushers in your collection. I don't often hit the pan on my makeup and I'm someone who really like to try something new, so I'd say purchasing this set is a win situation in term of variety!  

You can read my in previous review for 'Peony' at [here], I much prefer the packaging of the original Stila Convertible Color rather than these trio as they are not as good quality as the full sized. Although the plastic packaging is lightweight and feel sturdy, Stila made the hinge feeling so fragile that I could possibly tear each of those blushers into two compartments with some forces! :/ Guess I'd need to be careful. Apart from that, I'm actually quite surprised to see a little internal mirror attached to the opener. 

The shade selection in this set is really great and matches the name. All the colours are lean toward bright side.

Lillium (Nude Pink)
This shade is a like a lighter version of Peony. To be honest, shade like this would only look flattering on fair skin. It barely showed up on my NC25 skin unless I use it heavily. On a light application, I'd say it's nice colour to wear for days where I want my makeup to look natural and minimal. On lips, the colour reminds me of Anatasia Liquid Lipstick in Milkshake, and if it's against my skin tone, I don't think it would look good too unless I use it with something else.

Petunia (coral peach cream)
It may look coral in the pan, but when swatches it comes out more like a fuchsia colour. I'm pleasantly surprised at how nice it looked on my skin. It brightens up my whole complexion and leave such a pretty dewy flush. When applying as a blusher, I need to be extra careful because a little dab with one finger is enough for both cheeks. The staying power for this particular shade is holy-crap, amazing. It is that amazing to the point where I need some olive oil to remove the stain. I don't see the shade is anything special for lips, to me it's just another decent berry coloured lipstick. Again, no! it doesn't appear as coral peach cream or so.

Hibiscus (coral red)
Hibiscus is definitely not the normal sort of colour I'd wear as a blusher, however, for a lip stain, it's such a pretty shade! This shade could change my entire review on Stila Convertible Color where I mentioned that it's not the best to apply on the lips. Unlike the other colours I own, this apply smoothly, pigmented and doesn't emphasise my fine linesI believe you can only get Hibiscus from the new palette released by Stila, the Field of Florals Convertible Color Dual Lips

My overall opinion of the Stila Convertible Color doesn't change - I really like it and would also recommend. If you like bright shades, definitely pick up the set that I just reviewed. You can get any of the trio set in-store at Sephora (RM70) or online, at Stila's official website ($20).  Hurry and get this before it's gone forever! And if you missed out on my recent Peony review, check it out [here]! 

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Amy said...

These all sound lovely! Everything about them looks so perfect for spring ♥
Amy xx

Little Moon Dragon

Linda Libra Loca said...

You are absolutely right about the sample sizes: I rarely hit pan on something, so these smaller pots are the perfect way of trying more different things.

Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

jadiee bevan said...

What a great post !!! thanks for sharing :)

I love your blog <3

I have shared :D

would mean the world to me if you was to check out my first ever lookbook

have a nice day !!


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Cate xx said...

These look absolutely amazing! I've really wanted a lip colour for a while now, and these look amazing! So expensive though, would you say it'd be worth it? And you're really loving Stila at the moment, haha!
Cate xx

Cate xx said...

Just wanted to say a big thank you for the comments on my blog, it made my day! I love your reviews and I feel as if I can trust them, unlike many others!
Cate xx

Shad said...

ada mirror attach on that lil packaging? surprising.. tapi ok jugak dia buat saiz sample kecik kan, boleh try and try.. :D

perlasancheza said...

This trio is so beautiful! I love the colors! Great post! :D

Redha CS said...

oh my god they are so cuteeee. hibiscus is so prettyy~! ><

Shireen said...

I have Petunia and it's my HG cream blusher, it's also the only one that I hit pan on. I do like the shade Lillium and am planning to pick that up next!

Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

Amoi Farah said...

Cantiknya color

ieyra h said...

Kan? Eventhough favourite shade is Peony, tak sangka pulak Petunia sesuai jadi blusher untuk skintone kita hehe

ieyra h said...

I really like Petunia!! It's very bright and girly! Haha. I have Peony in full sized and idk when can I get rid of it lol, it seems to take forever to finish eventho I use it religiously. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

ieyra h said...

Agree! Lovely colour but I wonder if I'm brave enough to wear it on my cheeks haha

ieyra h said...

The colours so pretty and springy aren't they? :D thank you for reading my blog and leave a comment. :)

ieyra h said...

i'm all about sample sizes because i really like to try things. Reality nya kita tinggal dekat Malaysia which unfortunately makeups are very expensive! Haha.
Glad to see your comment on Disqus bar. Usually comment awak tak keluar tak tahu kenapa ;---;

ieyra h said...

It's pricey but i'll be getting 3 colours! Haha, and to be very honest, I hardly ever hit pan on something, so I don't mind having some deluxe sample sizes. Also, well.. I never thought I would buy another Stila Product after my last Peony review ;P ;P

ieyra h said...

I'll definitely check out your youtube channel! :D thanks for the link darl!