Review | theBalm Frat Boy Blush

Finally I got thebalm frat boy blush in my hand! I have been waiting for so long to try this and it was in my July wishlist. Last month, SASA had their 20% discount on selected items, and this was the item that I bought. This blush has many good reviews and highly recommended by beauty gurus, I thought I should give this shade a try!

Woot, who else can make such a cute packaging like theBALM. I really fell in love with their retro women mascots on most of their products. So cute and unique at the same time. Mirror comes in handy but no brush. I don't really care lol because anyhow I always use my real technique brush to apply blushes on my cheeks. 

Weight - 8.5grams, definitely can use this for years.

Ingredient -
Free from talc and paraben. From what I read talc can actually makes our skin becomes sensitive and itchy while paraben, well it's bad although I don't really mind about it. 

Kinda peachy, warm coral undertone on my skin. So I think it is perfect for everyday look. This is the most natural shade out of thebalm blushes. It's a matte blush! (horray) thus perfect for oily/combination skin type or for those who doesn't like shimmer or glitter products. Idk if is this just me but I do find that this blush has a tiny bit of satin finish.

Pigmentation - highly pigmented, as expected from thebalm's products. Might want to apply this with a light hand or you could ended up looking like a clown.

swatches without flash from camera. 
I touched the pan very lightly and look how pigmented the colour is.

with flash

What I like the most - smooth, not powdery, super pigmented but super bendable. It really glides on your skin effortlessly. Staying power is amazing too. Like if you apply this before going to work, you will still have this on cheeks by the noon. 
Thebalm claims that this product can be use as eyeshadow, (versatile sungguh blush ni) but I find that it doesn't looks good on my eyelids. idk, too dark maybe? 

I can see why this shade has so much hype. You can get this product in SASA with a retail price of RM65. Definitely recommend to you this shade if you are a fan of thebalm products or want to find a blush shade that will look natural on your skin. 

Score: 9/10. Almost perfect. Buy it and thank me later. 

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