DIY | How I decorate empty jars using silicon caulk

Remember when I bought the wrong medium for whip clay during my trip to ikea? It supposed to be silicone caulking in a tube, but I picked up acrylic sealant by mistake.
I don't want to waste it, so I decided to try it out as a whip cream. 

Unlike the silicone sealant, which has a rubbery touch, acrylic sealant dries hard and it has a matte finish instead of glossy. I find it easy to work with this base since it is soft and manageable. But it still feels less soft if to compare to silicone caulk. I just used it straight from the tube and took a toothpick & pointed cotton buds to create the whipped cream look-alike. 

Jars - Don't throw away your spaghetti sauce jars. Clean it and remove the label from the bottle.

Deco - Charms & sticker beads. It is difficult to find online sites that are selling cabochon charms in Malaysia. -_- I only know 1 site, . Or if you prefer to buy from a store, I bought mine in Daiso where you can get a set of 5 charms with RM5.

It was my first attempt working with this base and idk how not to make it crack. The whipped cream looked okay soon after I whipped it but then it cracked after I left for overnight. Acrylic base tends to break out easily when it dries, so I decided to seal my whipped cream base with mod podge glue that I bought from the same craft store.

I still think that they turned out quite good and I want to make more soon. I would want to try painting my base with some arcylic paints in my next deco-den project. \o/

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