DIY | Decoden Jar Lids

A DIY experiment using different type of acrylic sealant. So I figured out diff brands will give diff finish. The recent one that I bought from Mr DIY doesn't crack after 2 days of drying period and it has silicon-looked alike.

I like this one. I think it's suitable for whipped cream base on phone case. One thing I do not like about this acrylic sealant is the packaging. It won't come out easily from the tube - it's suggested though to use this with a caulk gun which uh-ho I don't have!

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Hamimi said...

yang ada benang coklat lilit2 tu!!! bapak cool!! nak satuuu. nak letak kat bilik matrik. plzzzzzzz haha

ieyra h. said...

cool right? and it's easy too. *buat sendiri* wakakakaka