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I've been trying out a product called Evian Brumisateur Natural Mineral Water Facial Spray. You may recognize the brand since it is already well-known for being a bottled water company. I bought mine from Watson at a retail price of RM19.90. Sometimes you can get it during promotion at RM9.90. In my hometown, it is only available in a 50ml spray can although they have another 2 sizes of 100ml and 300ml.

Evian Facial Spray contains pure, unaltered, natural mineral water with a unique mineral balance and a pH value of 7.2. It is said to be suitable for all skin types including extremely sensitive skin. The source of water of this mist is from the French Alps, so it IS different than the regular thermal spring water that we have a lot in the market.

You will be only getting a small amount of product in this 50 ml bottle but it is very ideal for travelling. It goes convenient for onboard travelling or when you want to pack light. I have been tossing this thing in my handbag most of the time. I also bring this with me when I need to drive for a long journey.
- hydrating
- toning
- smoothing
- suitable for all skin types
On a regular use, they claimed to provide instantly refreshed skin, better hydration, skin feels softer, reduced amount of eye puffiness, and improved tone is noticeable.

How to use
Use this facial mist in the morning and night after cleansing routine. Wait for a while so that the mist is able to be absorbed through the skin. Pat the excess dry. It is also recommended to apply on moisturiser after so it can help to seal in the Evian's hydration. As a setting spray after makeup, you need to hold this can 12 inches from your face and spray for 2-3 seconds. It is said to be eliminates the sulphur and evens out complexion colour.

On Evian's official websites, they have listed a lot of suggestions on how you can use this product apart from being a facial mist, such as use it as a post cleanser after makeup removal, to dilute and blend your makeup, being a replacement for toners as well as after shaved lotions, and also help in soothing burning sensations.

My Thoughts
What did I like most about this product? The fact that it is suitable for my skin - no burning sensation, no irritation and no dryness during hydration process. I believed it's due to the fact that it is formulated without any preservatives, nasty ingredients and it is hypo-allergic

Then again, I feel like it's just some expensive water in a can. Well, technically, it IS water in a aerosol spray can since the ingredient only consisted of Aqua/Water. What's the different with putting Evian Mineral Water in a spray bottle? *insert a 'i see no difference' meme at here*. Aerosol bottle able to make the mist appeared fine on face, but trust me, the mist coming from my Clinelle Thermal Spray bottle is finer than this. Since it's still give big water droplets, it doesn't really works much as facial spray to prevent my face from looking cakey. On it's claims, some are true, some are not. I can only agree that this product gives instant refreshing and hydrating the skin. The rest.. nothing noticeable. 

Product Info;

Name : Evian Brumisateur Natural Mineral Water Facial Spray
Manufacture : Evian
Country of Origin : France
Size, Volume : 50 ml, 100 ml, 300 ml
Price : RM19.90 (50 ml), RM110 (300 ml)

Ingredients : refer to the picture above

What else do you need to know:
- This product is dermatologically tested. Recommended for all skin types including sensitive skin.
- Pressurised container. Container may explode if heated.

Availability in Malaysia: 
(Store) - Watson Pharmacy. (I'm not sure about Guardian)

For more info visit

Saya recommend this to you if awak........kaya. LOL hahahahah. Saya tak kaya and cheapskate lmao so this is going to be my first and the last bottle. ;P But seriously though, this product is least in Malaysian market. RM19.90 is the amount we have to paid for a 50ml spray mist. I would rather buy the Evian Water in a bottle, and put it into my RM2 spray bottle.

I purchased Evian Facial Spray due to the number of positive reviews online, and later thought "Why??!". Regardless, I decided to use it. I haven't found any other good uses for this yet other than gives instant refreshing or more like 'waking' myself up from sleepiness. I'm not impressed with this spray mist so I couldn't see myself repurchasing it.

Have you tried Evian Facial Spray? How familiar you are with facial spray in general? Share your thoughts by commenting below. Thank you for reading this entry and have a nice day ahead! :)

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Mariam said...

I've used a similar one from Avene it was not bad but it wasn't great either, I used the whole thing I enjoyed it but I will not buy it again, it was sooo expensive and I can always use some rosewater to refresh my face it's always in my house plus it smells good give it a go you may like it :D

ieyra h said...

Do you think Avene facial mist has the same consistency as this? I mean Evian is just like plain water..but I've also tried some facial mists where I can feel it's like locking up my makeup. Just wondering since Avene is still in my drugstore wishlist! but I have to agree with the price. Expensive! >o<.
I recently bought a bottle of rosewater, and planned to use it for my bath bomb project, haha. Now I'm so wanting to try it as face mist and face toner!

Mariam said...

Well, people have different opinions about it but for me it is just like spraying your face with plain water, it taste like water too :P . About using it with the makeup I used to spray it before putting makeup and as a final touch but I haven't noticed any difference really, some people spray the brush to make the color stronger but I haven't tried that.
And the rosewater is good put it in your fridge and spray it on your face when it's cold it is so refreshing especially in the morning it will wake you up XD

Jolien Nathalie said...

I think the spray itself is a great but the idea that it only contains water is a bit rediculous and in fact overpriced :) you're so down to earth, I love it!

Amy said...

This sounds ok, I've never used a facial spray before, so I can't really add much. Nice review, though ♥
Amy xx

Perfect Imperfections

Mira said...

my friends were raving about it first but when I actually bought this, I'm not really that impressed. sigh. going back to laneige again...
but thanks so much for your thoughts. I really just wanna know what are others are thinking about this product.
xx, Mira |

Melissa Ortiz said...

I have never heard of this spray before! I have heard of the brand, but I didn't know they made this sort of product. The whole concept sounds interesting, but you're right...I probably wouldn't repurchase if it's just overpriced water! haha. Especially if it's not really showing a difference in your skin, perhaps you should try another toner! :)

ieyra h said...

yes, nevertheless, I think it's a good product when you need something quick to rehydrate your face but this thing can be easily DIY! haha.

ieyra h said...

My face gets red and flushed easily on a hot day, I still think I will be needing facial mist to help me cool down. :D Maybe I will go for another brand or DIY it myself after this. Thank You Amy! I'm so happy that you always read my blog and commenting! <3

ieyra h said...

OHHHHHH is it the one in blue bottle?! I bought Evian when I had absolutely no need for it and just for the sake of trying. I menyesal a bit pun ada, heheh.

ieyra h said...

I know water is just that, but I actually really like the taste of Evian water! haha. If and only if the price isn't expensive. ;D Recently I've been reading a lot of beauty DIY tricks, I haven't tried any of the face mist ones but I would love too!

Unknown said...

I was introduced to this product by another blog and I was confused at first because I recognized Evian as a water company. O-O so I was surprised that they came out with a "beauty" product.

I mean, I like sprays, but I had to laugh and agree with you when you wrote it's expensive water in a can, which it essentially is.

However, if I ever see this product in Canada for cheap, I'm going to try it out. :p

xx Courtney

Aliyana Hamiezah said...

Saya pun tak tahu fungsi Evian ni..Saya baru je beli.. Saya ingat bagus..rasa dia macam air biasa je..

ieyra h. said...

kan?! Serious rasa macam membazir beli ni haha. Maybe awak boleh cuba Bioessence! Review banyak jugak yang kata face mist tu best! :D

MARIA said...

Thanks for this review!

Rose Maria said...

Water as a makeup setting spray?

mineral water spray review

ieyra h. said...

you're welcome, Maria! Thanks for visiting! <3