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Soap & Glory have a lot of body scrubs and all of them smell so good and the packaging are cute! I have made no secret of my love for this brand especially products fragranced with Mist You Madley's. I'm in the middle of using the shower gel, love it!, hence it comes with no surprise I absolutely adore this body scrub as well.

Product Description ;

Name : SCRUB 'EM AND LEAVE 'EM body buff
Net Weight : 300 ml 
Price : RM39.00*
Main Ingredient : Babassu, jojoba and mandarin oils, and sea salt
Availability : All Sephora outlets in Malaysia
What else do you need to know : 
- Formulated without parabens
- Scented with Mist You Madly's which are combination notes of bergamot, black currant, magnolia, freesia, vanilla and musk.
More Info : Website

In general, this body buff is in a gorgeous pale pink colour with darker pink buffing beads. Pink beads are slightly bigger in size. They  are coarsely and grainy in texture, which I find it perfect for removing dead skin off with a little effort. 

I wouldn't recommend scooping out a handful of it to apply. Like I said, since it contains large grains, most probably they will fall off when you apply them to your damp skin. Other than that, I find this body buff is very moisturising and it leaves my skin soft and supple even before applying moisturizer. I believe the oils in it does the job! \o/ 

Smell wise - Adore! By far my most favourite scent when it comes to scrub from Soap & Glory. Not to mention it lasts literally for the whole day, woohoo! During my recent visit to Sephora, I almost gotten my hand on their Sugar Scrush Body Scrub but I decided not too because the smell is too strong and sweet to my liking. 
P/S : I think this is most probably why you see me writing positive reviews for most of the product I use because I only buy it if I like it. Lol!

This body buff is a bit on the pricey side, so I don't use this on daily bases. I believe RM39.00 is a promotion's price? I couldn't confirm with you the exact price since I lost the resit. It is in different price though during my last visit to Sephora. Anyway, I would definitely repurchase. Let me know if you try this before and what do you think of it. 

On a side note, I already reviewed the body wash from the same fragrance line, 
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Thanks for reading this entry! 
To my Muslim mates, Selamat Berpuasa! 

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Aisha said...

I love S&G and i need to try out this body scrub asap!