Product Empties | #1 (2014)

Before I decided to make a post on this, I have no idea how many beauty products I went through - until I started to collect them. I thought now would be a good time to put up my first product empties post. I will be sharing my quick thoughts and reviews on products I have completely used up. I don't know about you, but I like reading empties posts on other beauty blogs and watching them on youtube because I find them very informative. 

Product Empties | #1

Elite Paris Illuminating Foundation
I picked up this as an alternative to my regular Revlon 24-H Colorstay foundation. It does not have paraben in it, as well as fragrance, so I thought I would give it a try. Unfortunately it does not work well on me so I won't be repurchasing. Very light coverage in my opinion, almost felt like none. Also, I had problem blending out this foundation to give me flawless and smoothing coverage as too much of it  gave me a cakey look. 

The Body Shop Passion Fruit Facial Cleansing Gel
One of my favourite cleanser of all time. I went through 4-5 bottles of this. Very gently to skin yet effective, my skin felt toned and refreshed. When it comes to face wash, I tend to buy a product which has light scent to avoid me sneezing easily (lol). As much as I like this one, it has been discontinued so I no longer able to purchase this anymore.......sad. 

I didn't like this at first. It stung my face so bad whenever I used it - tea tree oil based, you could have guess. So, instead of using it on my regular bases, I simply put this facial wash into my travel bag or sometimes, to work. However, when I finally decided to use this daily, I noticed that it does the job so well which I'm quite surprised. This is actually one of reason why I love the Tea Tree line from The Body Shop and excited to explore more. Would definitely recommend this to people who has oily or acne-prone skin type. The price was a steal since I bought this when The Body Shop had a really good sale, otherwise, I still think it would be an expensive product for a daily facial wash.   

This was a sample size of product but I adored it. In fact, I already have it in a full size bottle (10ml). I think this is one of the product which can help healing pimples and acne instantly - my mum noticed a different and asked me which product I'd use xD. I apply a small amount of it directly on to my affected area using my fingertip.  One thing I do not like about this tea tree oil is the packaging. Trust me, I spend a  lot of time trying to open the bottle cap, not to mention I dislike the nozzle - uh, since you can't squeeze the bottle, some inertia work needs to be done before the oil comes out. (lol suddenly throw in physic term)

Did I like it? Yes, I believe. I went through 3 bottle of this since my first purchased back in 2010, so you can say it's literally my significance scent. Very light, sensual and summery rose type of  scent - my favourite go-to-go perfume. It last on me for about 5-6 hours. I like Moroccan Rose enough to keep it, however, it's a pity that this gorgeous scent has been discontinued. 

It worked as a toner. I put a bit onto a cotton pad, and wiped it all over my face. The salegirl from Etude House MP gave me a lot of sample to try out. My final verdict? Yes, it does take out left over residue from make up and leaves my skin smooth as it claimed. Out of the mal:gem series from Etude House, I really like this toner the best. Anyhow, I wouldn't be repurchase it at the moment since I still have a size-travel bottle of it in hand and I would like to try other toner available in the market. 

Who doesn't know or like Clean & Clear blotting paper in general? IT'S THE BEST THING EVARR EXISTED. I came across this limited edition pink grapefruit oil control film in Watson and I had to buy it ;P. As soon as I opened the pack, I smelled the pink grapefruit scent, so strong! Which later I regretted buying it. My nose said, no! Later can sneeze~ lol. Hashtag #sensitivenose. One thing for sure, I didn't like this as much as the original blue oil blotting paper.

Are you a fan of any of the products I mentioned?
What are the products you consistently repurchase?

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