Product Empties | #8 (2015)

Alright you beautiful people, product empties #8! 
(October, November & December 2015)
Gotta empty out all the things so I can buy more things.

1) Shokubutsu Orange Peel Sensation Shower Foam
First thing first, I'm always interested in orange scented body wash because I like the citrusy smell of it that makes me feel totally refreshing. However, this body wash freaks me a lot. I don't know which of its ingredients make my grey bathroom tiles stain to white colour, like very corrosive or something D: Definitely not going to repurchase.

2) Good Virtues Co. Radiant & Renewing Shower Cream
Next is this economical shower cream that you can get at Tesco, Watsons and online from the official website. It's from a new local brand that I've been eyeing lately (I mean just look at its packaging! cantik kan?!). The shower cream is just....ok, but it do take me a while for it to finish because I get bored easily with the scent. May or may not repurchase in the future. (RM8.10/

3) Watsons Exfoliating Body Wash with Kiwi Extract
I have no complaints on this body wash. Out of those pharmacies in house brands out there, this line has to be one of my favourite. Love it! It smells like what it said on the packaging and I definitely looking forward to try their ginger body wash! *wishlist* (RM15.90/Watsons)

4) Botaneco Garden Organic Argan & Virgin Olive Oil Hair Conditioner
Guardian pharmacy came out with this line a while ago and I bought it cheap as the hair conditioner was on its introductory price. The texture is very mousse like and it's kinda hard to pump out the conditioner when it reaches the bottom. Performance-wise, very satisfying! I'm using something else right now but will consider buying this again if I'm not too busy experimenting with other products. (RM22.30/Guardian).

5) VS Sassoon Intensive Hair Mask Treatment
Best kot? I've been using it since September though at some point I stopped and started using another product. Hair mask is meant to be used after shampoo and conditioner but I tend to skip the conditioner sebab aku rasa membazir je nak pakai 2 benda. I would probably repurchase if it is on sale at Tesco (RM18.90).

6) Lady Speed Stick Invisible Deodorant/Antiperspirant in Powder Fresh
I've already repurchase this several times. However, I try my best not to use it because of the ingredient concern (better safe than sorry). When I read the label at of the product, it says 'Ask a doctor before use it if you have kidney disease' and this has to do with aluminium-based compound found in deodorant. I'm not sure if you know this already but those with kidney problem couldn't remove aluminum fast enough and that could lead to brain condition called dementia. (RM9.45/Tesco).

7) Total Image Smelly-No-More Natural Crystal Roll On Deodorant
And because I was searching for the deodorant alternative, I started to use this natural mineral salt stick. It surprisingly work at preventing odours but not sweating. I'm still in my love-hate relationship with the crystal deodorant but as long as it doesn't irritate my skin, I will continue to repurchase. Might do a full review on it later. (RM17.90/Watsons).

8) Montagne Jeunesse Creamy Coconut Face Mask
Find it soothing and refreshing on the skin but after a while it gives me headache and I think it's because of the strong artificial coconut scent. I only use it halfway, and I can't stand it anymore. Dislike. Tak habis pakai pun mask ni, membazir (RM6.90/Watsons).

9) The Body Shop Sweet Lemon Hand Lotion
This lasted forever because I rarely used it. Smells divine but I'm not a huge fan of the texture. The lotion stays greasy for too long making me feel uncomfortable. Time to toss into the bin since it's beyond the expiration date. 

10) Revlon ColorStay Pressed Powder
I feel like Revlon Colorstay Pressed Powder is one of the best compact powders we have here in our local pharmacy. The one I have here is in the shade Light Medium. Pakai memang kulit terus jadi licin doe. It comes with a small mirror and sponge, absolutely convenient for travelling. I really like the formulation as the powder is very fine and it's hard for me to get cakey whenever I use this product to set my foundation. Repurchase? Yes, but it's expensive (RM48.65/Watsons).

11) Benefit They're Real! Mini Mascara
Throwing this out because it has been months, lol and I still have like 3 unopened Benefit They're Real! mascara. I like the shape of the brush, as it is easy to coat my short lashes #asianproblems, but it's extremely hard to remove asdfasdfg. Full review coming soon! (RM49.00/Sephora).

12) IN2IT Lipgloss
Two words to describe - sticky and shiny. I'm not really into the formulation but I kinda like this one. Obviously this is something you would need to reapply after eating or drinking. Repurchase? Nah, but I also think that this lipgloss is a discontinued product by IN2IT. 

13) Dettol Instant Hand Sanitizer in Original
The liquid gets really slimy after a while even tho it's not even near the expiration date. I dislike the formula and the scent. If you want a basic sanitizer, nothing fancy, then I guess this will do but I'm not going to repurchase it. The active ingredient this hand sanitizer is alcohol up to 60%. (RM6.75/Tesco).

14) Body Luxuries PocketBac Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel in Mango Mandarin
The whole packaging reminds me of the hand sanitizer from Bath & Body works but it's really not. Nice formulation and the scent is great too! The active ingredient in it is Triclosan 0.3%. (RM4.90/SASA).

I hope you had fun reading this entry as much as I had fun writing it. Jap, sape je seronok baca empties, lol. Until my next post. Happy New Year 2016 everybody! Toodles!

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Amy said...

That Revlon powder sounds wonderful! Thank you for sharing your thoughts on these products ♥
Amy xx

Little Moon Dragon

Resh said...

Really enjoyed this post! Some the Things I really want to try out is the Revlon colorstay pressed powder and Benefit They're Real mascara.

tori chu said...

waa so many product empties ^^ , anw Happy new year dear ^^

ieyra h. said...

It is! I really like Revlon (and also Bourjois Pressed Powder). Both are definitely worth looking into! Happy New Year Amy! ᵔᴥᵔ

ieyra h. said...

I'm glad you enjoyed this post, Resh! I'm so fortunate to get all my Benefit They're Real mascaras for free, haha. I never actually buy high end mascara because there are so many good drugstore options!

ieyra h. said...

I know right?! Hehe 새해복 많이 받으세요~!♡♡♡

Nicole said...

So many empties! I feel a little bad since I hardly ever hit empty without already purchasing something else. Also, Happy New Year!

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Harivaindaran K. Veeriah said...

Oooo, I'm going to get the Revlon powder. Like you already know, only drugstore brand with shades dark enough for deeper skin tones...

Chaste and Beautiful said...

I'm pretty surprised to hear that Body Luxuries is also available in your country. You should try their body lotions and body mists, they are wonderful dupes of Bath & Body Works plus the names and scents are almost the same. Also, you remind me of one of my friends because she used to buy loads of body washes and other body products like you. lol. Great post and try Essence Face Powder which comes in a white color, you will love it. :)