I went to the long awaited KL International Hijab Fair on last Sunday. It was such a huge, massive fest, with more than 250 vendors and exhibitors. The entrance ticket was RM1.00, which I was actually quite surprise they did charge us upon registration and entrance, I mean event like this is usually free at anywhere else. ;P I literally went around the entire Dewan Tun Razak 3, PWTC and did a little bit shopping here and there. 

Too bad, most of the vendors didn't offer credit/debit card payment because personally I still think the prices offered weren't that cheap. (dah discount pun mahal jugak..and I'm not one of those people who bring a lot of cash when I go out)

Anyway, there were booths from famous local-brand such as Pearl Haya, Farah Iskandar Apparel, Madeena, JelitaSara, etc. International branding were from Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Japan and Australia. I quite like most of the dresses from Indonesia retailers. Comel weh. As much as it was so exciting to see many selection of ventors, I couldn't really shop with ease, and I bet a lot of visitors felt the same. Very occupied hall, small walking area with a huge crowd in it. Maybe in the future, the organizer needs to get a new venue with bigger space area.

Honestly, I didn't take a lot of pictures merely because I was so excited and eager to check out one booth to another and I tak /hijabsters/ pun nak posing sini sana ececeyh, *nanges. In front of the exhibition hall, nearby the entrance, there was a photobooth section with an instagram prop whereby you could take pictures as many as you want, but guess who didn't? *bam, me (of course)*

My small haul from KLIHF. Butterfly veil for RM49.90 and colourful inners! RM5.00 each with buy 4 get 1 free. 

I bought a dusty orange chiffon skirt for RM35.00 from THEOWNFAI, - such a gorgeous, gorgeous skirt. It matches well with my Mango's jacket and I'm looking forward to try more of them, yay!. Also, I picked up a beauty item (secret) which I will do a review soon. =)

Till then. 

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