Sephora Limited Edition Lip Pouch

If you love lippie, this is definitely one not to be missed. 

I spotted this Limited Edition Lip Pouch from Sephora KLCC last weekend, and despite not being a fan of lip products I just had to give in and buy it because the offer was so good that I couldn't stop myself. Sephora Malaysia is now selling this lip pouch at RM69.00 which contains three full sized lip products and one in mini sized from the brand Tarte, NYX and Sephora. 
These are what you'll be getting;
(1) NYX Lip Butter Lipstick (Fizzies) - Rose Pink
(2) NYX Lip Butter Lipstick (Hot Tamale) - Orange
(3) Sephora Lip Stain (Rouge Infusion) - Deep Red
(4) Tarte LipSurgance  Lip Gloss (Blissful) - Peach

Overall, you have shades in variety of finishes and textures. Although it comes with only four products, all of them are wearable and I still think you can try out and experimenting with different shades - from light coral / peachy colour to dark red. Price wise, is a spot on. Tarte LipSurgance alone retails at RM80 (?), so it definitely makes the pouch worthwhile. What a win situation! Should you like reusing things (like me, lol), you will find that the pouch is totally reusable, big enough to store some essential makeup or become a travelling pouch.
This pouch I believe is comparable to Sephora Puckerlicious Lip Set by Sephora Singapore. As much as I love the Malaysian's one, I still think Puckerlicious is much more worthy and satisfying! They have a mini size of Too Faced's Melted!

Anyway, I really glad that I bought this set. I love this concept and I only wished there was more mixed-branding sets like this available in Sephora. On a side note, I might be doing in-depth review about all these lip products in separated blog post. So what do you think of this? Again, this is available for only RM69 at Sephora Malaysia and it's a limited edition, so hurry up while stock last! :)

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Amy said...

This looks really nice! :D

MakeupForLunch said...

OMG I love all those colors *___* thanks for sharing

Khairunnisa Syahirah said...

RM69 for 4 lip products? really? wow what a good bargain. :D

Amy said...

By the way, I nominated you for the Liebster award. You can find the post here :) -->

paytonjade said...

I absolutely adore lip products~
Those butter lipsticks look so cute! I need to try those out~

xoxo Payton of K-Party With Payton

babysoulz said...

Yay! Thanks for the award! <3

babysoulz said...

I'm not brave enough to wear dark lip colour tho!! ;O I don't think it suits my skin tone lol idk SOBS.

babysoulz said...

yeah! this pouch was one heck of a steal i got from sephora! hehe ;P

babysoulz said...

Really? for some reasons lip products are my least fav, LOL ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
But I need to start checking out NYX lipsticks, they are adorable! <3

Christine said...

HOW CUTE! You know, sometimes the packaging is way better than the actual product, wouldn't you agree? haha. Thanks for sharing. I hope you can visit my blog now too. If you want to follow, let me know where you do and I will follow you back!

Also- I have a GIVEAWAY on my blog this week! Be sure to enter it. I look forward to your visit!



mardiah said...

i kinda lost this bag already..