Wishlist | June 2013


Wednesday's wishlist eah?.


1. Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes 
It claims to be the best makeup removing wipes. No alcohol, no oil, no perfumes, no colour. I am pretty sure they have this in 2 types, which another one is for sensitive skin.  Saw this in Watson yesterday but didn't get my hand on it (what). But anyway, it is a bit pricey; RM18.00 + for 1 whole package which consists of 25 wipes, and they have offer for the second package at 50%. Not sure about the price elsewhere. Nevertheless, it's still in my June wishlist, I would want to try it soon and do a review. :)

2. Essie Mint Candy Apple 
Ahh. It's the Tiffany and Co. blueish-green colour ........... (almost). One of my favourite youtuber uploaded a picture of her using this Essie nail polish. It looked soooooo good. Oh dear, this colour tone got me in and has made me want it ever since. Oh yeah, I usually bought my nail polishes online at here

3. The Balm Frat Boy blush
I'm a huge sucker for coral blushes. It is like my most favourite colour tone for my cheeks, so this definitely needs to be in my wishlist. Anyway, saw this at SASA for RM65.00. I nearly grab this but the price step me of lol. Not now, at least for any makeup. Ha-ha.

4. Mango Touch-Chain Trimmed Ipad Case
Isn't it cute? ;A;
Price; RM69.00

5 & 6
From a book to a movie. I never hesitate spending some penny on books, ya'll.

What would you love this month? :)

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