Wishlist #2 | 2014 Drugstore Wishlist

I'm back for another Wishlist Post. My first wishlist was posted over almost a year ago! although my wishlist was actually endless and I could write about so many products I'd love to try. Recently I've been eyeing for quite some products from drugstore/high-street/pharmacy stores. Having a list like this helps in preventing me not to buy or overspend money on things that I don't really need. 

I picked out 8 items that I wish to purchase in the near future. They are...
1. Real Techniques Blush Brush | RM78.00
I'm in love with RT brushes after buying the RT Core Collection more than a year ago. They are so (so) good and make a huge difference when applying foundation if to compare applying it with hands. Now I really want the blush brush. Right now I'm using RT contour brush for powdered blush. Sometimes, things got a little messier when picking up the right amount of blush (easily overdo), so I thought this brush would do a great job since it's specificaly designed for applying blushes. It is currently available at all shin outlets.

2. Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer | RM19.90
Previously known as Collection 2000 Concealer. It is a product greatly hyped by MANY beauty bloggers and YouTube beauty gurus. It is already a norm about this conclealer being featured in monthly favourite's videos. If you haven't already heard, Collection Cosmetic is now finally available in Malaysia at selected Watsons (mostly in KL). I've been wanting this for so long because I'm in the middle of searching the right concealer that gives amazing coverage with no creases under the eyes. This might be the one! I heard shade 03 (medium) sold out in almost everywhere :o

3. Sleek Blush in Flushed | RM35.00
From reviews I've read, this would probably the colour that suits yellow undertone skin the most. Sleek Blush is a best-seller product in general. They offered great pigmentations and good amount of product with an awesome price deal. Currently the only way to get hands on this blush is through online shopping. I know Luxora and Colour Cosmetics is carrying Sleek Make Up. Let me know if there is other online beauty shop that offers Sleek cosmetic.

4. Maybelline Color Tatto in Pomegranate Punk| RM19.90
Everyone knows Color Tatoo offered extremely well pigmented cream eye shadows and they are easily to blend and have long lasting power. They are cheaper alternative for MAC Paint Pot. Pomegranate Punk is a frosted cranberry colour. It look super cute in the pot and I bet it does look cute too when applied it on eyelids. This can be used as a stand-alone eye shadow or as bases where you can layer any similar powdered eye shadows on top. Unfortunately Pomegranate Punk isn't available in Malaysia. The closes shade you can find here is might be the brighter, metalic and shimmery colour of it, 'Inked in Pink'. 

5. NYX Cosmetics Matte Finish Make Up Setting Spray | RM39.00 (60 ml)
Forever out of stock in Sephora. (Insert a sad face meme here). NYX created their setiing sprays in two finished - Matte & Dewy. Obviously the one that would be best suited for my oily skin is Matte Finish Setting Spray. 

6. Bourjois Little Round Pot Blush in shade 74 | RM39.90
Loved the packaging and cuteness of it. It would be good to have it, firstly because it's from Bourjois (lol), next - this blush is actually a cream formula so it could have much longer lasting power compared to powdered blush. Also, it's a matte! I though shade 74 is a very nice, dark rosy pink - a shade that would work on various skin tones. I have been looking for dark blusher since they suit my skin tone the best. The good new is Bourjois is finally available in Malaysia market. They have a store in Sunway Pyramid, I wished they could open one near my place

7. Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder | RM33.90 
I decided to include this product because so many YouTube Beauty Gurus are always raving about it constantly. I would want it in shade 'Translucent'. I don't know if I can still get Rimmel in Malaysia. It's somewhat discontinued in Watsons & AEONs. =/

8. Avene Thermal Spring Water Spray | RM55.00 (300 ml)
I believed this is the most popular product from Avene. It claimed to assist in cleansing, smoothing and calming mild to highly sensitive skin. Also it could be used as a makeup setting spray. I consider it to be expensive, so the price always steps me off from buying. Maybe I'd buy a mini version of Avene water spray to test whether it would be suitable for my skin because even though the ingredient is basically only Thermal Spring water, I used another brand before and it completely made my skin to have red patched. =/ 

That's it! Any drugstore product recommendations? or had a bad experience with something on my wishlist? let me know! :)

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sab_ri_na said...

I have the Avene, buttt rarely used it. Beli dah lama, I thought maybe dah expired. Seems like there is no expiry date on the bottle, so still can use lah kan? lol

babysoulz said...

Avene mahal! Sobs.... Kalau takde expiry date try tengok manufacture date dia..Agak2 tak lama tu..pakai je! haha XD

Antonella_7694 said...

Nice post,dear!Really like it:)

Keep in touch xx


sab_ri_na said...

Seems like cannot find the mfg date. At the bottom ada batch number je. So i guess mmg takkan expired kot? Hmm yep mahal.hari tu beli sama2 dgn paper mask.mampu yg 50ml je.orz

babysoulz said...

Thank you! Love your blog too! Would love to do the summer tag :D

babysoulz said...

Hi Antonella! Thanks for the visit & compliment! hehe

babysoulz said...

i think if you still yakin the thing wont cause probs to your skin, then use only lah! hehehehe. sebab dah beli kan. tak pakai sayang ;o

sab_ri_na said...

Ok dah observe kat watson. Ada mfg and expiry date tp sticker kat plastik.so mmg dah buanglah. beli 2012 kot so I assume 2015 expired.heheh..

Hallie Whiting said...

The Stay Matte powder is AMAZING. I've been using it for a few years now and I don't know if I'll ever stray from it.

babysoulz said...

Rimmel is not well stocked locally so I'm pretty sure they discontinuing it.. D;/sad lyfe
But I will definitely be looking into getting it! :D ❤

Anne said...

Really like your picks.
I would love to get my hands on the collection lasting perfection concealer.
Too bad it's not sold where I live... *cries a little*
Xx Anne