China Glaze Haul

woohoo, second packaged arrived,

1034 - Sunshine Pop (yellow)
1020 - Poinsettia (red)
Also, I bought these from Watson, seems like they have a new brand range? Elite.

Elite Paris Illumination Foundation (Natural) - This is my first item that I bought from Elite collection, so far so good, I don't think this it has finish coverage effect tho, (or not?) lol, Idk, not as smelly as Revlon's foundation. Colour matches my skin the best, I've tried Revlon & Rimmel, but can't get the exact colour for my skin,  I don't want to buy 2 colours and mix them. And, you definitely can't drop the bottle since it's fragile. 
Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil in Hazel - Well, I don't like it lol, idk colour doesn't suits me well, but it was pigmented. :)

I guess I will stop spending my money on makeup, wait, no, not until I have my sleek palette and few brushes that I want so bad. I always want a Naked palette, but whenever I wanted to buy it, my inner thought gonna be like 'gawd, y u spend all ur money on makeup, wasted..' , so, sleek palette is more than enough. 


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