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*This post has been delayed for about a week. thank you very much. 

I love frozen yogurt, so I stepped in Tutti Frutti last week and tried out their soy froyo, surprisingly they tasted good! :) but of course, tart is my all time favourite hihih.

Anyway, went to Watson and picked up some goodies. Another cosmetic /haul/ y'all. This time I decided to try on Essence, a German cosmetic brand. Ok, hands down, Essence is amazing for the price, I  think it is the cheapest drugstore products available at local pharmacy (?), not for all their products, but definitely offers you some crazy low prices. 

One of my biggest crush on this brand is their nail polishes. All the matte colours are lovely and tempting, but I didn't get my hands on those since I was no longer having obsession towards nail polishes. Also, I refuse as I need to save penny to buy more *high quality* nail polishes like  OPI and China Glaze.

this is the best.
quality of this product is excellent for it's price. I think i bought it for less than RM10? It doesn't come w/ the angle brush, so I  got it separately for RM7+ . I already tested the eyeliner and was so amazed at how creamy and pigmented this product is. Glide smoothly and easily blended. Why do I feel that I need to include some random alphabet spazzing in here. I like gel eyeliner, but finding it slightly difficult to apply as I'm a left-handed, the brush, GET IT. I live in an unfair world lol jk. 

Next is

Idk if me or do koreans like shimmer on their faces lol. I tried to find a matte finished bronzer on korean cosmetic but it wasn't available at any brands. In fact, I find it hard to get matte bronzer even in drugstore labels. So, this is good.
neh, haven't tried it because I don't usually do bronzing. 

here is what it says on the back. 

and it was the only available shade at the store. ;/

 One of my favourite yt makeup guru did a review on this. I decided to try. :) I hope it doesn't give me skin problems.

dude, this thing is tak sampai MYR5. And the colour is intense! It's worth a try!

Another great Essence product which I did not buy is from lip gloss. I've seen a lot of good reviews on their 'Stay with Me' lip gloss series, esp in Milkshake. I will buy it! I will! \O/

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