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My very first order from MUA, during their 35% discount. Makeup Academy, or MUA is a £1 drugstore cosmetic brand available in the UK. The brand hasn't yet entered Malaysian market, but do offer shipping worldwide via online.

I first picked up MUA Undressed palette which I've been eyeing for a v e r y long time. Beauty gurus said this is an amazing / exact dupe for Urban Decay Naked Palette, oh yes the famous palette that have been making waves for past couple of years since its released. I do not own the naked palette, so I can't compared them unfortunately. But lots of beauty bloggers talk about the dupe topics so you can just google them. 

p/s - undressed.... coughs. naked. coughs. nude... (lol at those palette names)

First Impression - I like all the shimmers in the palette, works well on  the lid, but I somewhat find the matte colours are a bir powdery, and they didn't have much colour payoff compared to the shimmers. I am a h u g e sucker for a neutral look, so I thought this palette would be perfect for travelling as you can do neutral and smokey eyes makeup look. 

2 Pearl eyeshadow and a single matte! Since it's about 1 pound,  you can hardly get anything better than these eyeshadow. Shimmers are amazing buttery and easy to blend! I instantly felt in love!
- MUA Shade 12 pearl, is a brown with a turquoise/green shimmer on it. This has being compared to MAC 'Club' eyeshadow.  What a dupe!
- MUA Shade 19 is in the matte range. Suitable for crease work.
- MUA Shade 4 pearl comes with a light, glittery rose pink.

Here are the swatches outdoors, see how amazingly pigmented they are on a daylight. I personally think MUA is the best for their single eyeshadows!

Also, I bought their lipgloss and Cream blush.  I would rank their eyeshadows 5 out of 5, but not to the other face products. 
Intense Glosses Shimmer Kissed Sealed With A Kiss. Phew, the name. I personally don't like the texture and the smell. It give a pleasant smell but at the same time, somewhat smell like there are a lot of chemical in it. (lol, does that make sense? >.<) Totally creamy for the texture, highly pigmented but I somewhat very scared to apply loool. I choose a Nude colour to my save since I don't fancy lips product.

Cream blush. Well, heavenly pigmented, and a bit oily. I scared I would get any breakout if I'm using this on my daily bases.  I made a mistake this time. Don't get me wrong, just that I should have gone for their powder blushes, no with a creamy texture. 

Price; with 35% discount. Crazy deal, tbh.

12 Shade Undressed Palette : RM16
Pearl Eyeshadow Shade 4 : RM5
Pearl Eyeshadow Shade 12 : RM5
Matte Eyeshadow Shade 19 : RM5
Cream Blusher Blossom : RM9
Intense Glosses Shimmer Kisses Sealed With A Kiss : RM9
Total : RM49

and for more info; http://www.muastore.co.uk/

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Puteri Hanis said...

Hi Ieyra. I just want to ask few things before purchasing from this MUA website. First, I totally adore your blog and indeed this is the first time I know about this product (thanks to you). MUA make up is something what I find very affordable just like essence cosmetics. I'm a lippie junkie so I might want to purchase few things from the website. So my question is:

1. What shipping method are you using to get the goods safely arrived in your hands? Is it Worldwide Guaranteed Delivery which cost £30.00? or is it Worldwide Standard for £8.50?

2. So if you use the method of Worldwide Standard for £8.50, for how long did the goods arrived?

What a wonderful blog you have here! Can't wait for another write up from you ;)

ieyra h said...

Hi Puteri Hanis, thank you for reading my blog ^_^. Unfortunately I bought all my MUA cosmetics from a Facebook reseller but from what I know, worldwide standard shipping from UK usually arrived within 1-2 months. I once had my item after 2 months, so I think it's depends on the company too. The other special delivery could reach you in a week, but phew, £30.00...das expensive! Hehe.

Just wondering, do you have 'Carousell' app on your phone? Because I saw a lot of individual and shops selling and taking preorder for MUA cosmetics. :D Hope this helps! and sorry I can't help you much in answering the questions. :(

p/s; I heard a lot of raves on the 'MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer' :D :D

ieyra h said...

Also I almost forgot, http://www.mesmerizeonline.com/ is selling MUA items too, and they're currently having 10% off :)