25 Random Facts About Me

1. I'm a left handed in almost everything but right footed in sport. Although it's hurt and my arm easily gets tired, I still use mouse with my right hand.

2. My dream job is to be an architect or designer, although I know this will never happen. 

3. Pepperoni is hands down my favourite pizza topping, EVER. #yolomeal

4. I have fear to balloons but still under control - they give me freaking chills and I'm afraid. Globophobia, eh? Saya hanya berani pegang bila balloon is almost out of air. 

5. I won't eat egg yolk;

6. and sushi.

7. When I was in high school, I used to spend hours writing stories. I wrote 4-5 separate short stories but I was too shy to share them to people. However, for a record, I entered a writing competition under Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia and was chosen among the Top 100 nationwide.  

8. Chris Daughtry is hands down my favourite American singer. It's hard not to like his songs. I mean, you give me anything from him, I'd instantly fall in love.

9. I don't like wearing glasses. Even so, I'm not comfortable wearing lenses, *idk how to wear them either. (Just go and get lasik lol)

10. Veronica Roth is by far my favourite book author. Divergent! You guys know this!

11. Peanut butter won over Nutella.

12. Counter Strike, Warcraft, Pokemon, GTA ............. oh, pretty boyish eh last time. ;P lol I grew up playing all these game because I have like 2 brothers below me. What they played, I play oso..

13. Anime I like the most - Cardcaptain Sakura!

14. I once had a bike accident during Eid that almost broke my toes. I was admitted to hospital and couldn't walk for weeks. 

15. The first time I ever finished a bowl of Maggi (instant noodle) when I was 18! YES SERIOUSLY. I didn't like to eat instant noodle to begin with. I got dizzy easily. 

16. Pretty much a get-jealous-easily type of person. ;P ;P

17. Numbers are my nemesis, words are my friends.

18. I LOVE accents, I don't have any..well if you consider Manglish is an accent than I do have one, lol. My most favourite accent is not British, it's Scottish! 

19. I'm still reciting Al - Mathurat with the 'nada' that I picked up when I studied in Sharodz. I can never forget, and still love that! 

20. Tea over Coffee - favourite tea; Earl Grey.

21. My favourite numbers are 3, and 9! Don't ask, I don't know why, too!

22. I like guys with half closed eyes. Like when you wake from sleep - that kind of eyes. Mata kuyu! mata cikgu naruto yang sapa ntah nama dia tu. I find it sexy!

23. If I could decorate my entire future house in mints and pinks, I would! though I like it better in all-white! 

24. Does any of you guys know the familiar smell / scent in clinic, hospital & pharmacy? I guess it's from medicine? or sanitizer? Guess what, I'm a fan! LOL.

25. Favourite sport to watch during Olympic or any international games - diving! the art of diving is just......beautiful!! 

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