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It's the youtuber tag! Hehe. YouTube is a website that I use everyday. Wayyyy more than Facebook. I seriously get sucked into YouTube. Starting from some random beauty channels to some famous youtubers, DIYs, talkshows, cooking and these days, I even have a list of my favourite science channels. \O/. YouTube is..... addicting. It has been one of the reason I'm ditching most of kpop. Also, watching YouTube is a fantastic way to procrastinate y a y. ;P

So hereby I'm doing the youtuber tag. This tag is based on one that I found on Tumblr.

1) Favourite Boy Youtuber?

I love tons of male youtubers that I obsessed with, especially with British Youtubers, but hands down my unlimited all time favourite has to be Caspar Lee. Tolong tengok please., go and check him out! Everyone knows Caspar, and if you don't then you have seriously been missing out. He is the sexiest South African slut to ever exist on Youtube. Lol. 

2) Favourite Girl Youtuber?
Zoella! Zoe is a London based Fashion Blogger. Tak banyak makeup tutorial and such since she's more on haul / style video. She has an accent (obviously) and I love accent. Fun fact, Zoe and I are same age chingu (lol) which I think it's hard to find someone that share the same age with me vlogging. Almost all youtubers are older or dongsaeng to me :/
I like reading her blog too! http://www.zoella.co.uk/

3) Favourite Video?
I like Caspar the most, but everything from Jacksgap is my favourite. E v e r y t h i n g.  
or wait, maybe this; 


If this isn't a youtuber tag, my favourite video/channel has to be ASAPscience! 

4) Couple you ship?
Alfie Deyes and Zoe Sugg. Alfie is just lovely and look at his little face-awww. ;-;  And yes, recently, it was revealed on Zoe's blog that they are dating. #teamzalfie

5) Youtuber that always makes you laugh?
I like Anna Akana. Good quality videos, with humours and messages. ∠(* ̄  ̄)

6) Favourite Bromance?
Alfie and Marcus Butler. #malfie :)

7) The first youtuber you ever watched?
I started this whole youtube obsession with beauty gurus channel, so klairedelysart

8) Favourite Collaboration?
Jack and Finn Harris made a lot of collab video more than the number of video that they posted on their channel, I think.
and my favourite is the one with Caspar Lee, obviously. Hah. gila bias ;P

9) Pair I wish could collaborate?
Caspar Lee and Jc Caylen. 
I'd want them to collab (so badly). 

10) Youtuber you've met (if any) ?
I live in Narnia, so no. Sadly none.

11) #1 youtuber you want to meet?
Zoella! She's everyone favourite.

12) Biggest directioner youtuber? 
This can only be one person; 

13) Youtuber you'd swap bodies with? 
Amanda Steele from makeupbymandy. She's so freaking pretty, and I'd kill myself to get her look and body.

14) Youtuber you best relate to?
Out of all youtubers, I'd probably say that I can most relate to Ingrid Nilsen from missglamorazzi
She's a style haul and beauty vlogger, sometime throws in random lovely DIY projects, half asian, 
and I think she has almost the same skin tone with mine. lol... 
Also, talk about her cat; NUGGET! 

15) Favourite picture of youtubers together?

Zoe Sugg,  Tanya Bur , Jim Chapman , Caspar Lee , Marcus Butler, Jack and Finn Harris, and Alfie Deyes

16) Best in fashion
The Korean born American style guru; Im Jenn from clothesencounters!
She's just omg.... I love every single outfit that she wore. 

17) Best in makeup
Who do I think is best in makeup? I think Tanya Burr has an advantage with makeup since she works as makeup artist. I like Emma Pickles too! Thumbs up if you think she looks like Katy Perry! 

18) Youtuber that inspires you the most?
CASSIE HO from blogilates; y'all.

19) Youtuber Crush?
How is it possible to pick one? I'll pick 3, or should I say 4? Argh, susah. 
- Caspar Lee
- Jc Caylen
- Jack & Finn Harris; though I do have to say "Finn, Finn is the better twin" ;P

20) Youtuber with the best personality?
Jim. Jim Chapman. He is a great person, kind and adorable. English gentleman lah katakan. Hehe. Tanya Burr is so lucky to have him as fiance! 

and yayy I'm done!

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