My Top 3 2016 Beauty Favourites

Happy New Year you guys! Another year has flown by, meaning that there were so many beauty favourites I discovered last year and it was really hard for me to pick just three. One thing for sure, 2016 was the year where I had been paying more attention to skincare rather than makeup.

For your reference, my skin used to be super duper oily until I discovered Argan Oil two years ago. And after a year of using it, my skin has changed to oily-combo but then dry at the same time if that makes sense. From there, my skincare routine is tailored to be gentle and in hopes of providing enough hydration, moisturising and also anti-aging effect. Without further ado, here are my Top 3 Beauty Favourites of 2016. It's a shame that I do not feature any makeup products. 😅

A trip to Seoul last year has brought me into liking Missha products as my skincare. Here I have the Missha Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence in Intensive and also *deep breath* Missha Time Revolution Night Repair Science Activator Borabit Ampoule (I KNOW, what a mouthful). The former is a dupe for SKII Facial Treatment Essence (which I also have and will compare in another post) and people have been comparing the latter as a dupe for Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair. I stopped using Argan Oil and introduced these two items into my skincare routine since February 2016. For your information, both of this contained fermented yeast and also some functional ingredients that help in firming the skin, rejuvenates, providing moisture, glowing complexion and also helping in wrinkle repairing. 

I'm pleasantly surprised that they have both worked amazingly on my skin. I used to have a stubborn frown line from making unnecessary facial expression over and over again and by now, the line is looking smooth and almost gone. O___O They seemed to work out over time!!

I also like Missha First Treatment Essence for extra hydration. I use it either before or after toner, both depending on my skincare routine. For the ampoule, it's before moisturiser. I use about 3 drops and spread it evenly over my face.

Another beauty favourite from 2016 is the COSRX One Step Pimple Clear Pad. If you're looking for a way to exfoliate gently by removing dead skin and dirt accumulates on top of your face, then you must try this. Hermo makes it available for RM89.00 per tube but you can also get it from selected Watsons stores at cheaper price. The thing I love the most about this pre-soaked pad is that it never fails to exfoliate- never I end up with a clean pad even though I'm not wearing any makeup or skincare on that day. Lol kotornya udara persekitaran aku *coughs*. I also like to use it alternately with a toner from SKII to reduce the appearance of whiteheads when my skin is having major breakouts. This pimple pad is also designed to give skin feeling moisturised, (hence the dual textures of the pad), so you won't feel dry after using.

That's everything! my top 3 beauty favourites of 2016 and I hope you guys enjoyed this post. As much as I want to be truly honest about it, like "OMG You need to try this and that!!!" I know everyone's skin is very different, thus what works for me may not be your ultimate skincare products. Still, they are pretty much my life-changing beauty products I discovered last year and I'm thankful for that. 

So now tell me, if you had to pick yours, what would they be? *doesn't matter if they are skincare or makeup items* Let me know in the comment section below. :D

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jessegsherlock said...

thanks for sharing such a beautiful information. with best photography. .i think you should read reviews of products before buying it.can you please share more natural products for skincare? i have find few skincare products review hope you would like to read. check it out here

ciknurulpinky said...

cosrx dan missha set tu memang best sgt2...kali ni pergi korea memang aim nak beli benda tu... kalau awak ada nak kirim roger kita ok..