Selamat Hari Raya everyone! Happy Eid! It's been a really long time since I write anything related to beauty hauls because of these days, I prefer to share and upload them on Instagram and keeping my blog as "review" only. So without further ado, let's check out the items that actually made it into my hands as well as a free gift given by Althea for its Raya Giveaway Festival.

1) INNISFREE No Sebum Mineral Pact | RM33.00
I have zero pressed powder on my current vanity table because the last time I owned it was like 4 years ago. Since then, I have always used loose powder to set my foundation. Pressed Powder can looks cakey sometimes on my face, but I thought I want to get one since it's more travel-friendly. Opted for Innisfree because it's popular and affordable.

2) HOPE GIRL Nude Concealer Base in 23 Natural Beige | RM59.50
If you have been following (any) Malaysian Makeup Artist, you'd probably have known already about this famous concealer. It wasn't my first choice tho as I really wanted to pick up the CLIO Kill Cover Concealer. Unfortunately, it was out of stock by the time I wanted to check out. Last month, when I attended a bridal makeup class, I had the opportunity to swatch the Hope Girl Concealer on hand and I was impressed with the pigmentation, so there you go! I got one for myself. There are only 2 shades available and I hope I won't regret choosing the darker one because my original intention was to buy the lighter shade for highlighting purpose.

3) ARITAUM Tea tree Solution CicaFocus Cream | RM31.00
I really don't own anything else from Aritaum until this and I'm so excited! I got this cream merely because of the "cica" trend happening right now in K-Beauty. Cica (Pegaga), or Centella asiatica is a traditional herb used medicinally to help in wound healing and treatment for various skin conditions. Even in our Malay culture, Cica is one of the most common herbs eaten as "ulam" (salad). Since I have no insight into this product at all (I just skimmed through the word "cica" on Althea, LOL...), I didn't realise until today that the CicaFocus Cream is meant to be a moisturiser, I thought it's a spot treatment!

4) LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask | RM77.00
Who doesn't know this stuff? It's so popular that it has been reviewed by a lot of beauty bloggers. If you remember previously I did a "K-Beauty Wishlist" and this sleeping mask from Laneige was one of the items I wanted to get in 2017. Initially, I wasn't going to buy this because I thought it contained "hydrolyzed collagen" until I double checked the ingredient list on Laneige's Official Website. Can't wait to try this, so keep your eyes peeled for a review coming soon!

5) SKINFOOD Rice Mask Wash Off | RM18.00
This is actually a repurchase item and I wanted to get this because of Joan Kim on Youtube. She swore by the rice scrub as one of the products that successfully helped her in getting rid of sun tan. I have uneven skin tone so I hope this stuff can do some brightening job. 

6) the SAEM White Tea Cleansing Water | RM21.00
A full review is about to follow but let me tell you that it's a repurchase! a.k.a I truly loooove this stuff. It works really well in removing full-face makeup, doesn't sting my eyes, cooling and most importantly, affordable! Why can't they open one store in Penisular Malaysia?

7) Sheet Masks | RM4-RM5
Got the Cellmazing Mask Pack because my AB friends were raving about it, both Pure Nature Mask Sweet Honey and Dear Mask Bamboo were for my friend. Sheet masks are my least favourite skincare item but the next time I'm hauling from Althea, I will get more to try out. Do you guys have any recommendations?

8) Nature Republic Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel | RM13.00
RM13 is so cheap! it's cheaper than the one I originally bought from South Korea during my trip last year. This one is also for my friend since I've already owned one myself. Let me know if you want me to make a review on this.

9) Milky Dress The White Platinum Edition | RM31.00
Last but not least, a free gift from Althea because I hauled this during their Raya Festive Giveaway period. This is my first tone up cream and just like the Skinfood Rice Scrub, I hope it can provide the brightening effect. Having an uneven skin tone makes me feel a bit difficult in choosing my foundation shade.

All of the items come in a limited edition Ramadhan box that is also comes along with a voucher code! Thank you so much for the free gift, Althea! I can't wait to test them out and hopefully, a review or two will come shortly after this. 

Official Website/Shop | my.althea.kr/

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