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Well, this is awkward. I feel like it's been forever since the last time I write something that is not related to beauty. These days, I don't feel the need of writing personal thoughts or any blog post related to my daily life. Dah tua katanya... My mundane life isn't fantastically amazing to begin with and you know, interesting things don't just happen every day. 

Last month was different though as I visited Langkawi for a family trip (rare occasion!). I intended to blog about it as early as the second week of November and now we're nearing to the end of 2016~ talking about procrastination... 😋. Our short, 2 days vacation to the island was not planned at all and it was indeed a quite spontaneous last minute reaction to "alang-alang dah kat Perlis" for my brother's graduation.

Now let me tell you the last time I was in Langkawi, shopping for chocolates and kicking the white sand of Pantai Cenang, etc
....................... 13 years ago? 
more or less, I cannot remember but it was really that long! It took us 9 hours by car from Malacca to reach Kuala Perlis Ferry Terminal and from the terminal, our ferry ride took about an hour and half to reach Kuah Jetty, Pulau Langkawi. *Pulau = Island, in case any of my international friends are reading this*

Spotted this golden view. I love the sunset in this picture. It's minimalist and the brightness is not too striking. Sampai jetty pun bila dah masuk Maghrib. Honestly I took a lot of pictures (because I know I'd be blogging so I need materials) but most of them got corrupted on my phone. -_-

We rented a Honda City but I couldn't remember how much it was per day. Our resort, deBaron Resort located just 5 minutes away by car from the jetty. We could have stayed at Pantai Cenang like last time but decided not to since the beach is quite far from the jetty and we needed to catch up our ferry ride on early Sunday morning.

deBaron Resort
Our deluxe twin room had a huge window and we could see Kuah Bay through it. I marveled at how calming and relaxing the view was. Very beautiful.

Here's a picture of Choonee Sheet Masks that I bought from Guardian because I needed extra hydration.

Anyway, for the first night at Langkawi, we gave priority to shopping. And by shopping I mean, CHOCOLATE SHOPPING! I remember how rushed we were because it was almost 10pm nearer to the closing time of the mall. Langkawi Island is a duty free destination, so most of the things here you can get them in cheap price. After a fast-paced chocolate shopping at Haji Ismail Group Kompleks, we had our dinner at this one Malay hawker stall nearby hotel and the food was delicious. Sedap gila. I forgot to take pictures.

The next following day, on Saturday, we grabbed a quick breakfast at the resort before heading to Dataran Lang (Eagle Square). Took few pictures, enjoyed the ocean views, and then I off to play Pokemon Go. LOL. Umobile is kinda sucks in Langkawi!!! I had problem using mobile data for most of the time.

By noon, we decided to go to Pantai Cenang. Although we didn't get thrilled by the beach since we do live near a beach in Melaka, we still had to take a look at Pantai Cenang. Too bad it was a cloudy day and almost raining. Therefore, the beach didn't look inviting and also my scenery pictures were all looking gloomy. T_T

We spent part of the noon by exploring Pulau Langkawi and visited place like Makam Mahsuri. Also, we did more shopping. And by shopping, once again I'm referring to chocolate shopping.....and kain batik, and mum's Corelle Dinnerware Sets. Haha.

Saw BeanBoozled Jelly Beans at Langkawi Fair Mall, and just had to buy one. Also 3 packets of Matcha Green Tea KitKat imported from Japan. Trust me, they don't have the similar taste like the one made in Malaysia. Japanese is less sweeter but more creamier. Love!!!


Sunday, 10AM ferry ride. Regardless our short trip was like... nothing except for shopping, I had fun. Banyak benda tak sempat buat because we were there for less than 2 days, but Pulau Langkawi was nicer than I thought it would be. Will come back!

macam kenal je? ehehehe

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