💋 Top 5 Beauty Products of 2017

Round up of my favourite beauty products in 2017. 
Newer and old that I always come back to.
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Every year new beauty products get launched and most of them are getting better and better. Some products remain in my makeup kit and skincare routine over the past years while other change as I'm constantly finding and trying out new products. So now let me look back on what I have enjoyed throughout 2017 and just a head up, most of them are makeup related. I have a similar article posted last year and if you want, you can read it [here].

Kicking off with an old favourite and much-trusted cream blusher, the Stila Convertible Color in the shade Peony is still my go-to blusher whenever I want a natural makeup look. I love how this stuff is giving me the 'glowing' and 'wet' looks on cheeks, and I always paired it up with a BB cushion. Peony is described as "browny rose" and it is what it is, although I feel like it's also leaning towards peachy tone. It may look dark on pan but on cheeks tho... this shade is absolutely natural which is great for everyday wear. It's also a universal colour that suits most skin tones. This Stila cream blusher is what I always use on myself, clients and I do keep one inside my handbag for touch up. I will continue to purchase this product in the future as long as it doesn't continue.

I rely on the Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Pact a tonne and I almost certain that this is my greatest discovery of 2017. While a lot of the reviews out there have been praising about its loose powder version, to me, compact powder just makes my life a lot easier. It's easy to store, easy to travel with, no messy application and surprisingly, it works SO well as a powder to set my under eyes areas! I need to put that 'so' in caps lock because I'm literally blown away by how this cheap powder performs. If you want to read the full review, click [here].

Next, is an awesome brow brush from Zoeva. I bought this 322 Brow Line last year during a bridal makeup class and it's pretty much the only brush I use to frame and conceal imperfections of my brows. I adore this and already bought backups. I love mostly for its bristles- they are stiff but flexible, slanted and pretty much short in length and near to the brush handle. I'm a big fan right here and satisfy how this brush able to provide precise application.

Last year, I've discovered the wonders of The Saem's Healing Tea Garden that I bought from Althea some time ago. It's a micellar water that is mild enough not to irritate my skin but also efficient to its max to remove makeup (except for some stubborn waterproof mascaras lah kot...). It's cheap too! only RM23.00 for 300ml!!, even my HG Bifesta Cleansing Lotion is more expensive than this. I enjoy how this micellar water wipes off my base makeup effortlessly and it does not require any pulling on the skin whatsoever. It doesn't leave my skin feeling oily too. If you haven't tried this product yet, I would definitely recommend giving it a go. 

Meanwhile, Nature Republic's Greentinol Mask Sheet is one of the nicest Korean sheet mask I've ever used and what I love the most is the way it feels on my skin; soothing, healing, hydrating, comfortable and I also love the cuts and how well it fits my face. This mask is packed with a lot of good ingredients such as grapefruit extract, hyaluronic acid and from a flower called Sea Fennel extract. While I'm not the biggest fan of NR as a brand just yet, this is something else. Wished Nature Republic is still available in Malaysia so I stock up on this but sadly they decided to be taken out of the market last year. 😣

Well, that rounds up my favourites for 2017! I hope you guys find some good recommendation in this post. 

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aswa leyla said...

eye brow tu ssh nak cari yg macam tu. biasa panjang tak sharp.

tori chu said...

wwaaa the innisfree no sebum pact already hit the pan. I havent tried this yet haha. I think I need to put this on my wishlist since it has so many good reviews haha


Shad said...

Okey, shad nak try that Innis powder jugak lah

ieyra h. said...

Kan???!!!!! I agree! I beli banyak2 hari tu masa Sephora buat sale 😌

ieyra h. said...

It makes my skin feel amazing & looks flawless! LOVE IT 💚

ieyra h. said...

Yes yes pls try it! The compact version is slightly expensive than the loose version but worth gilaaaa

ciknurulpinky said...

i pun suka pakai produk the saem... tapi kalau pergi natural republic i akan borong eyebrow dia banyak2 sebab sini mahal gilosss hahahaha

ieyra h. said...

They need to open The Saem store in semenanjung!! Sekarang dieorang ada kat Sabah je kan 😭, I have a list of The Saem products that I want to try, nak2 concealer dia. NR Eyebrow tak pernah pakai lagi, nowadays I use Cyber Colors Auto Pen quite a lot jugaklah.