Book Review | Insurgent by Veronica Roth

I remember the day when I bought Divergent, just finished reading on Trylle Trilogy and was toooo free to do anything. I browsed some book reviews and came across Divergent. I wonder why everyone rated this book 4 to 5 stars, most of them w/ 5. So I was thinking why not giving it a try. I did. I bought it. Then, BAMMM. Started read it for few pages and went on until few chapters. It was such a great book, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, I was hooked from the first page. Did I mention you that it only took me less than 2 days to finish on Divergent? YEP.  Mind blowing roller coaster plots. 
And Insurgent picks up after Divergent. Freaking over 500 pages. Mind blowing roller coaster plots too. Go to any book review blog, website or YA/dystopian community, Insurgent is one of the most highly anticipated book of this year. 

So when I discovered the second book only will be released on May 1st, I got so hyped! \o/ Nearly soon, and the publisher choose to officially releases it on my birthday date! lol. At first I wanted to buy this book by hand but I was thinking most probably the book gonna hits the store a month after, which is on June. So I decided to preorder. Almost shocked when  I received a copy of it on last Thursday. No way, early much! First May hasn't arrived! asdfghjsdfghjdfghjkdfghjklhappy. I paid extra for the US cover tho I have my Divergent w/ UK cover. 50 bucks melayang.

I read it like a boss. That exclusive feeling you have as an early bird...lulz. Tweeting few spoilers of Insurgent that my tlist wouldn't curr but fans of Divergent might, because I am mean like that. I told the world who exactly is Uriah. (because I have a thing for him instead of the main male character). Heh.. 
You know when you attempt to read a sequel to a book that you love, you've always put an expectation. Usually you will go all hype & expect the second book will be as good as the first, and not an awkward sophomore slump. Gladly I can guarantee you, this book is much more better than the Hunger Games trilogy. Insurgent doesn't fall in the latter group, you know. 

For the first book you get to know deep about Dauntless, Abnegation faction, initiate training, fear landscapes (always my fav part) and how the first stimulation attack take place. Also, how Tris lost people that she care, her relationship with Tobias, or as I prefer to call him, Four (Tobias is just the ugliest name ever of a male character of a book lmao), all le never guessing twist, which everything were just worth to read. Towards the end, Tris, Four, etc settled down in Amity compound. 

Apparently, Amity's logo is used for  on the cover page of Insurgent. A connection, I can see. :) Both of the main characters travel a lot in this book, Amity, Candor, Erudite, and even to Factionless. Also, you will go deeper learning about the divergent people, on what they can do, their abilities. A ton of action with more political story line. 

Uriah. I'm glad Veronica puts him back on scene. It wasn't my expectation tho, so I'd surprised, screamed a little. I like Uriah, for a moment when I was reading Divergent, I thought Uriah and Tris could possibly ended up liking each other. According to Veronica, Uriah is handsome sdfghjksdfghjk so I'm looking forward to see whos gonna take up his role when Divergent makes into a movie (sure thing). 
I don't know if I could guess this, but Uriah probably plays an important role for the third book! Sobs. Maybe. Veronica seems to like twists.
and,...there are few part of this book which kinda confusing, so you might need to flip back few pages before to understand the situation, or rereading on the first book would be much better. Actions, secrets, betrayals, lies, and more factions. A very busy book, indeed.

I still will give Insurgent 5 stars or 4.8 if I could, lol. 4 is just to low for this book. Well, it wasn't really3 a mind-fucked book compares to Divergent but I'm still in awe. I love Veronica style of writing. Simple & direct, yet able to convey Tris's emotion very well. I feel her. I did cry while reading Insurgent.
 Hands down, Veronica Roth, you are my favourite. :)

Just let me say this, if you think you know what's going to happen in Insurgent, stop guessing because you will be wrong. 
and guess what, the book ends on a cliff hanger. 


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