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“A couple of things made that day stand out more than any other: it was my birthday, and my mother was wielding a knife.”...

I always have been in love reading paranormal romance genre, supernatural, fantasy, apocalyptic, alternate universe, or whatever you called it. People says vampires are lame, but I enjoy reading them. 

So, I spent my last RM50 book voucher on novels. I told myself I shouldn't buy any since there are still a bunch of books that I bought during bigbadwolf sale which I haven't read, or I could at least buy Catching Fire since I am still on hype after watching The Hunger Games OTL, but I didn't. 

I bought The Hungry Games book but since the next 2 books in the series already sold out I decided to take Switched by Amanda Hocking with me. I flipped the first page of it and was written there first published 2012. The book was a brand new publishing, so why not? Switched isn't new tho, sebab Amanda ada buat self published. So yeah, it was Monday, and I was going back to Shah Alam on the next day. I started reading Switched at 3.00 am and.....damn! Until 8.00 am before I forced myself to sleep. I finished the first book inside komuter, and read the second book, Torn, at night. Ebook to be exact. Malaysia tak release lagi Torn. Self publishing ada, but the good thing of the book under a company publishing, you'll be having extra a yay? and I finished up the third book of the series just now - Ascend.

If you are a fan of paranormal / alternate universe books like me, I would suggested Tryle Trilogy. When I thought this book is going to end up like my other 3456789 books that I haven't read, I was wrong. Dayyum, once I picked it up and started reading, I couldn't put it down. 
Well, at least, Tryle Trilogy is finally something else other than vampires? Who would thought of trolls to be featured in a book series, like yeah, T R O L L S.  or Trylle, as they preferred to be called with. Amanda did and I applause her for that.

Honestly, it wasn't that interesting, ooh wait, no,  it was interesting, how should I say this, unputdownable? It is a book that will keep you going. You wouldn't be bored, tho. A book that you can finish in less than 24 hours. :D
I'd personally prefer Lilly's (my favourite fic author) style of writing for her Infinite fanfic if it to compares with Switched. The way Lilly wrote hers really touched my heart asdfghjkjhgfds am i watching a film or what & every chapters full of cliffhangers. And for Switched... & the rest of the books in Tryle Trilogy I would say that there are a lot of '!'. idk but unnecessary ! pretty much are spoiling my mood while reading. I'm a bit disliking the way Amanda phased the conversations of the novel. Other that that, it was interesting. Twists everywhere are of course. Baru la tak blunt. I do like a book which my guessing are mostly wrong, or I couldn't even prodict the ending, etc.

I love Finn. I like Tove. I dislike Loki but he is just so sweet that I couldn't hate him. And he has this Woohyun's characters......ahahahahasdfghjksspoilerno2. Finn's story is slightly similar to Myungsoo in Touch - Pikagyu, so I wonder if she'd read Amanda Howking's novels before and get the inspirations from them. Similar story, but completely different.  And yes, the heroin for this Tryle Trilogy is Wendy. Wendy Everly. What a name for a character of a novel isn't? I would say my fav character is Finn tho he's pabooo. OTL
Amanda did a book trailer for this series, check it out, 

I'm glad that I read Switched before seeing this trailer because Finn is awful.

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