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The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale remains to be one of my favourite events of the year and now it's back, happening in my hometown. This sale is massive, with a lot of books coming from all the genres and even if you don't have the intention to buy anything, it's almost impossible to walk out from the sale without carrying one book or two.

I didn't set any budget this time but I told myself only to buy books that I clearly would read. Before, it was always about impulse buys and I ended up with a couple of book stacks in my room with most of them still remain unread. So, last week, when the sky was dark and it was almost the dinner time, I went to MITC to do my hunting. There weren't a lot of people and that was something needed to be appreciated because fewer people means easier for me to pay. Nonit beratur, just bayar je, ;P. This time around, it was definitely a lot easier for me to find books to my liking. I have six over here and most of them are in the Young Adult (YA) category. I do think I'm old enough for this genre but I still greatly enjoy reading anything tagged with it mainly because I want my reading experience to be relaxing. So yeah, without further ado, here's my haul for this year's BBWSale!

I grabbed two books by Jennifer E. Smith; "The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight" and "Hello, Goodbye and Everything in Between", priced RM10 and RM12 respectively. She isn't my favourite contemporary writer but I do think her works are quite enjoyable and they are mostly perfect for summer read. So far I've read 3 books from her; "This is What Happy Looks Like", "The Geography of You and Me" and "Windfall", with Windfall has become one of my top rated YA book on Goodreads. 

Next is "The Rest of Us Just Live Here" by Patrick Ness, I have no idea what this is all about and I didn't bother to read the synopsis; all I know the book is quite huge back then because I remember seeing a lot of my Goodread's following reading this when it first came out. Patrick Ness is also the author of the "Chaos Walking" series. 

If you've never been to Big Bad Wolf Book Sale before, it's quite an event and kind of overwhelming, especially if you're an avid reader and knows a lot of authors. Although I've seen a decreasing amount of YA books throughout all these years (they are getting lesser and lesser, which sucks, I know), it still excites me whenever I see books coming from the authors that I've known for quite some time, for example this E. Lockheart's "How To Be Bad", which isn't from a recent release but it's quite a well-known publication from Lockheart. I've seen it selling for more than RM30 at Popular but at Big Bad Wolf Book Sale, paperbacks like this will cost you only RM10 at most. Murah gilaaa.

Moving on, I've been needing to get my hands on more books by Rainbow Rowell after Eleanor & Park, Fangirl and Almost Midnight and I was particularly delighted to see "Landline" at the sale. Again, it was only RM10 and I couldn't be happier. Landline is a story of a successful TV writer who has to juggle between her works and family, not exactly my cup of tea but since it's written by Rowell, I have high hopes for it, I always like her style of writing! 

And my last purchase was this Malay non-fiction book by Doctor Khairul Hafidz and if you don't know him, he's the founder of MedTweetMY; an active community on Twitter involving doctors and health practitioners that aims to educate the society, gives educational talks and debunking myths regarding medical related issues. I've been meaning to get this book for ages, so how nice was it that I found a copy of it on the sale table.

So that's it! I plan to go back to the sale later at night or on Sunday morning, as new books are put out each day. It's happening right now at MITC from 10am until 12 midnight (ignore the time on the ads), which means I still have some plenty of time to shop. Who knows what additional treasures there might be yet to fine! I hope this post inspires you to get on your reading this year, and do let me know if you have been enjoying any new books recently.

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Siqah Hussin said...

Pena & Picagari best! Buku yang bagus dan banyak fakta mengenai perubatan dan kesihatan :) Bestnya pergi BBW Melaka. Nak pergi jugak tapi dah berhabis masa PBAKL so tak boleh dah pergi BBW. Tunggu kalau ada BBW kat KL pulak :D

ciknurulpinky said...

hai awak.... kalau tau boleh kirim novel sophie kinsella...
sorry lambat reply pasal nami island tu hehehe...

ieyra h. said...

It’s okay babe! Salam perkenalan ya. Hehe. Sejujurnya tak pernah lagi baca Sophie Kinsella punya buku padahal dia popular kan? 😭

ieyra h. said...

Lepas BBW Melaka hari tu dia ada buat box sale kan dekat KL, Siqah pergi tak? This year YA books dah tak banyak dah, I’m a big disappointed 😕