My Favourite Photo Editing Apps

Instagram has to be one of my favourite social media platforms. I don't use it a lot to promote my blog but instead, sometimes I do post some shorter reviews of beauty products that I don't feel like reviewing them here (and you should totally follow me on Instagram). That aside, I do love photography and enjoy taking my time to edit pictures, even for the ones I would not be uploading on Instagram. So, let me start this post with something that is more obvious, #everybodyknows

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Everyone's favourite. This was one of the first editing apps I bought when I got my smartphone years ago. VSCO used to be a paid app back in the days when they just started, now it's free but with limited filters. I do not prefer the interface of VSCO since I often get confused and always clicking on the wrong editing tools, but I have to admit that their filters are sooo the-bomb-dot-com. My favourites would be 05, A5, C4, and HB1. I also like the "fade" effect on VSCO more than any other editing apps.

Original picture edited with my favourite VSCO filters.
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I'm loving Snapseed by Google in particular because I can select certain areas of the picture to edit separately, and this is something that I have yet to see in other apps. I use the "Selective" feature a lot when I want to brighten the background while keeping the colour of my primary subject untouched. Also, "Lense Blur" is an amazing feature that allows me to add a Bokeh effect. The user interface of Snapseed is pretty straightforward, making it easy to use.

Can you see how I made only the bottom part of this picture brightened?
iOS⭆ [here]
Android⭆ [-]
A recent favourite. I'm not sure how I came about this app but I'm glad I did. This app is free to download but offers in-app purchases to unlock additional features like the professional RGB curves editors. It doesn't have a lot of free filters build in either, however, there's a specific one called "A100" and I often use it when I want to edit a picture that has a wooden or brown element. I also prefer the "temperature" feature on Darkroom the most.

Both are edited using "A100" from Darkroom.
I'd strongly suggest this editing app if you like a clean interface and aren't into more detailed editing of your pictures. Let's just say if I'm lazy, I'll use Darkroom or Instagram features by itself. Another thing I like the most about Darkroom is the ability to edit pictures without having to import them (yes I'm looking at you, VSCO) and also how I can create my own filters and save them! 

iOS⭆ [here]
Android⭆ [here]
This was another purchase I made from the App Store. To be honest, with Afterlight, I've had a love-hate relationship. I've gone through a few phases of using it then not using it, then using it again but at the moment, the app is just there, barely open. It used to be my favourite, now not really. Nevertheless, I'm going to include it in this list because Afterlight is indeed a good editing app with A LOT of filters. It's just that the hue or colour of those filters doesn't suit my current preference.

I use Afterlight mostly for the editing tools, eg: to resize. I know it sounds weird because other apps could do the same job, but I always feel like it's more easier with this app, most probably because I do like their interface and how user-friendly it is. There's also a series of filters called "light streak" which I don't use a lot but I do find the outcomes are really pretty. Dakdak hipster suka lah kot app nie.

Here are some out-of-the-ordinary edits using the "Light Leak" tool on Afterlight.
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Android⭆ [here]
If you want something that is more professional, Polarr is the best app for it. I LOVE POLARR, it's probably my most favourite editing app at the moment. I don't see a lot of people talking it online, but trust me you'll need this app if you're into editing or loving photography in general. You can personalise a lot of different effects and colour tweaks to your pictures. Also, the editing tool on Polarr is far more advance just like those editing programmes you could only use with computers.

The main features I love from this app are "clarity" and "sharpen". Sometimes when you edit an image you can lose the definition and this is when both of these editing tools come in handy. I also use "dehaze" a lot where it allows me to lighten out dark and foggy pictures. RGB curve is also free on Polarr, unlike Darkroom. Hmm....basically there's a lot more you can do with this app and I highly, highly recommend it.

Instead of BEFORE/AFTER pictures, let me show you the interface of Polarr 😍
So that's it! I will definitely update more tips and tricks on how I usually edit my pics, especially on Instagram (although my feed right now is kinda messed up lol) but I hope with this post, in a way will help you because sometimes I do have questions about my picture editing.

Comment below if you have any questions or suggestions on the type of editings you want me to blog on details. Please share with me what are your favourite Instagram editing apps too!! Thank you so much for reading! I'll see you in my next beauty reviews! Hee.

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Good editing tips by the writer. I must say you did a splendid job. Thanks for sharing the pictures. It made editing a whole lot easier. Good job!
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