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Etude House sometimes has this deal of buy 1 get 1 free and that was how I ended up with Play 101 Pencils. Let me be honest, I don't think a pencil type eyeliner like this worth the RM39.90 price tag (or RM46, as they have increased the price recently) but for 2, I would give it a go. 

Last year in June, Etude House released a range of 50 multi-functional pencil of various colour and texture. They can be used for various purposed such as eyeliner, eyebrow, eyeshadow, lip liner, blusher, concealer and so on. Towards the end of 2014, Etude added another 10 new pencils making it altogether 60 colours in the line. A lot, right? I wonder if they are going to release more because after all, this entire pencil line is already being called as 'Play 101'. Well then, are these really worth the buy? Here is my review in detail.

A plastic dark grey, 15cm long wind up tube. Although the pencil itself is retractable, it still has a little detachable sharpener at the bottom to make the tip pointy but in my opinion, it's pretty useless. It doesn't do the job well and I end up wasting the product. Etude House conveniently makes the sharpener colour coded and that should give you and idea of the actual colour of the pencil without having to open the lid.

As for #28 and #50,

By the ingredient itself, you can already tell number #50 is more waxy than #28.

Throughout their 60 pencils, Etude House have described the texture as follow, 
1) Creamy - Soft drawing texture with rich colours
2) Matte - Soft drawing but powdering finishing
3) Glossy - Moist texture that can simply fill up crease
4) Shimmering - Delicate glittering colour for urbane look
5) Glitter - Glittering texture for dramatic and fancy makeup.

They recommend to use matte finish pencil liner as eyebrow, eyeshadow concealer and base while glossy finish is mainly for blusher and lips since the consistency is thinner and making it easy to blend. While browsing over the pencil at Etude House outlet, there's no way to know what kind of finish does they have unless you swatched them and for me that's pretty inconvenience. I ended up walking out the shop with my hand looking like this,

My suggestion is to know what kind of purpose you'd want for your pencil. 60 colours are too  much and overwhelming! I wanted a dark coloured pencil as an eyeliner and also a lighter colour to brighten up my inner tightline. #28 has a glitter finish whilst #50 is a matte. Both glides so well on swatches as well as for tightlining the eyes. The pencils' lids are both sturdy and doesn't break easily despite their smooth and creamy texture. Even the glitter finished is creamy and I believe so does the rest of the pencils in this collection. 

Colour range/Swatches

natural light, indoor, and without flash

The picture might be misleading and doesn't do justice at how the colour really stays in place but do take note that the picture below is what happened after I scrubbed the area very HARD for several times using my thumb. As you can see, #50 smudged a bit due to it's creaminess, while #28 smudged lesser. 

#28 is a very glittery peachy colour which I later regretted it for buying and I'm like, why wouldn't I go for a matte peachy colour?. Since it's so glittery, I find it unsuitable to apply along my waterline. I only use this as a highlight to my inner corner of  the eyes if I feel like rocking some glam or aegyo looks, LOL.

On the other hand,  I'm very happy with my #50. It's a matte, dark brown coloured pencil. I do have sensitive eyes where I get teary eyes extremely easy when tightlining my eyes but with this, it doesn't. Holy moly pepperoni it doesn't. ;o I believe some of you are aware on the trend of tightlining your upper waterlines to give the illusion of bigger eyes and I'm so glad that I finally able to do that. What can I say.. 101 pencil in #50 is such a life changing product. 

Although it feels creamy upon application, it doesn't severely smudged easily, so for me Etude Play 101 in matte and glitter formulations can be difficult to blend once it dries. Keep in mind that glitter shade is more tacky than a matte shade. For an eyeshadow, glitter pencil could look patchy so you need to smooth it out and I'd suggest using a stiffer-bristled shadow brush. If you have an oily eyelid, Play 101 Pencil wouldn't last on you that long, so primer underneath would be necessary. 

As a pencil eyeliner, it does stay in place throughout the whole day. I've tried several pencil and twistable eyeliners from other drugstore brands such as Maybelline, NYX, Rimmel, Silkygirl and Wet n Wild, I'd say Etude House Play 101 Pencil has the longest staying power. Removing can be quite tricky for #50, it takes an oil based makeup remover and some rubbing before it goes off completely.

Product Info;

Name : Play 101 Pencil
Brand : Etude House
Content : 1.3 g

Claims :
1) Quick and Easy Multi Auto Pencil
2) Distinctive Colours with Waterproof Function
3) 5 Different Texture Types 

Price : RM46 / $6
Availability (Malaysia) : Etude House stores. Location click []
Link :
Etude House Malaysia -
Etude House International -

My overall verdict, costly but worth trying it out. Soooo many vivid colours to choose from. The fact that Etude House Play 101 Pencil is multi-purpose makes the product even more brilliant. If I would to give a rating, then a solid 5/5. Well, YES, highly recommended although I'm not too keen on it's price in Malaysian's market. DAH ADE GST LAGI LAH MAHAL ASDFGHJKLFG :/ My suggestion is to buy it when the store is having a promotion. I told myself I wasn't going to get any of these since I really wanted to cut down from buying but I couldn't resist buying some after watching Pony's videos especially this particular makeup tutorial, 

So what do you think of Etude House Play 101 Pencil, and if you have it, what's your favourite shade? Thank you for reading this review! 

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Amy said...

Oh, these looks lovely! The colours are so pretty ♥
Amy xx

Perfect Imperfections

Yehyee said...

Heh Etude House is getting more and more pricey! I bought stuff from Faceshop after viewing the price tags in Etude

ieyra h said...

I still can't believe they come out with 60 colours and they are all very pretty! ^_^

ieyra h said...

I know right. :/ RM46 for an eyeliner.. *chokes* Right now I only buy things from them when there's a sale but after GST, I guess need to puasa from buying makeups. 😂 Melaka don't have Holika Holika. I like their brushes! Hehe

Melissa Ortiz said...

I've never tried this brand before, but I love how they have so many colors to chose from! <3 so pretty.

Yehyee said...

Never tried Holika Holika hahaha Only their masks that I bought in KR. After GST I puasa shopping. OMG so sad =/

Shad said...

Wow, sooooo many colors to chose on..
Beli satu je mampu kot, naik harga la pulak ada gst ni.. hehe..

ieyra h said...

2015 and still hasn't yet jejak kaki to South Korea. >O< Let me know if you're planning to visit there again haha, I want to pesan barang. lol xD

ieyra h said...

Haha, too many colours to choose from can be a problem too. ;P it took me almost 30 minutes swatching over the colours and still walked out from the store purchasing the wrong shade. LOL. ;D

Sitha said...

are these waterproof? I want to get some pf the matte and shimmery ones but I keep holding myself back because most of korean products aren't waterproof.

Jun said...

I'm eyeing this one in black to use for my waterline as well, well, anything that works as an eyeliner in general is ok. I have oily and sensitive eyelids, most of the time I tend to stay away from pencil eyeliners because I'd always have to drag them really hard on my lids for the color to show up but in the end the payoff is never satisfying, maybe I just haven't found the right one? Do you have any suggestion for a creamy but smudgeproof / waterproof eyeliner?

ieyra h. said...

CLIO!! I'd recommend getting the Clio Gelpresso Liner <3 It's very creamy and super easy to work with just like Etude Play 101 but Etude will eventually dries up after some time. My favourite sharpenable pencil liner would be from NYX, it stays put with minimal smudges but I always get my eyes watery when using it, haha