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Earlier of this month, I attended Hijabi Doll Collection Launching Event at one of Sendayu Tinggi outlet in Melaka. It's a part of their road tour event throughout Malaysia in 2015. For those of you who's wondering, Sendayu Tinggi is one of the popular Malaysian brand when it comes to Beauty and Health Product. I remember seeing the founder of the company actively promoted their slimming and skin care products on TV3. 

I feel so bad for not knowing Sendayu Tinggi released their own cosmetic line years ago. Then again I wasn't really into makeup and trying out new things from various brands until last year, kan? :) To be honest, I've never really noticed their products or have the urge trying out anything from their cosmetic line until I discovered Puan Yatie's Instagram and started watching her makeup tutorials on Youtube. Also, if you haven't notice, ST Professional Makeup is now one of the brand that can be easily find in Watson. 

Without further ado, here's my haul from the Hijabi Doll Event.

1) Naturally Glamorous Lashes (06) - RM15.50, [% RM5]
2) Doll Skin Foundation (01 Very Cute) - RM38 [% RM34.20]
3) Nude Glaze Lip Gloss (03 Tawny Bronze) - RM24 [% RM5]
4) Baby Blush Cheek + Shading (03 Brown Shading) - RM32.50 [% RM16]
5) Mineral Loose Powder (03) - RM39 [% RM20]

Being a girl who has been hoarding cosmetics, I have no interest checking out on their skincare and beauty health range, but they do offered great discounts for all their products up to 70%. There isn't much a different between discounted price and a non-member price, so unless you don't mind spending some extra cashes, bring together a friend who has their membership card. 

A friend of mine was generous by letting me pinjam her card, so that's explained how the fake eyelashes and lip gloss went down to RM5 each instead of the usual non-member discount price. I had this crazy desire to get my hands on Doll Skin Foundation for the longest time because I've noticed some local MUA like to use this for brows shaping. In fact, during the road tour event, Puan Yatie did a little makeover on me by using this foundation. So kening macam on fleek sikit lepas kena makeup, ceyh2 

Well, okay, no review for today! Just sharing my splurge on one brand. We'll talk more of the Doll Skin foundation on the actual product review itself but as for now, I feel so glad that I finally able to try few products from ST Professional. Apart from Doll Skin, I heard the concealer, makeup base and foundation brush are worth trying from this brand, but maybe next time for me! 

P/S; Here is an insider information, if Sendayu Tinggi Make-up Base (black tube with blue wordings) still available at your local drugstore, get your hands on it because sadly it is apparently a discontinue product despite being popular. Puan Yatie told me their new makeup bases formulated with Argan Oil and Tea Tree Oil shall be in the market real soon but I'm not sure how these would differ from their original makeup base. 

So my fellow Malaysians, have you tried anything from this brand? What would you suggest me to try? And since I've quite a few oversea readers *waves*, who knows one day you'd have a chance to visit Malaysia, then check out this brand when you walk into the drugstore. ;D

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Amy said...

Oh, these all look wonderful! Thank you for sharing ♥
Amy xx

Little Moon Dragon

ieyra h said...

Thanks Amy! :D

Belén Muñoz said...

Super beautiful pictures! All things looks so cute, specialy the doll skin foundation!

Sakuranko said...

Oh very cute haul ♡(.◜ω◝.)♡
Now I´m following you in GFC #49 and Bloglovin´#38
I hope your follow me back in both


ieyra h said...

Hehe Thank You, Belen! ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ Wait until I do my review for the Doll Skin Foundation, the actual container is even more cuter! ;D

Mariam said...

loved your purchases they look interesting <3
and nice photos girl they look lovely too :*

ieyra h said...

Hi Mariam! There must be something wrong with the Disqus notification, I didn't notice your comment. >_< but thank youuuu for you compliments. <3 <3 <3 there aren't many local makeup brands available as opposed to skincare/healthcare, so I must say that I really proud of this brand ;) So far I only have the foundation on test, look forward for the review. xD

Mariam said...

Oh that's ok dear, I will be waiting for the review <3

ieyra h said...

Thanks sis sebab sudi follow blog saya yang mahraen ini. Heheh. My English is still patchy here and there, tu sebab ada constant grammar mistakes :/ I'm no where near good, sama2 lah kita improve ya. ;D

andrea said...

Does anybody know where it is possible to buy the diamond bb cream from sendayu tinggi that i am able to get in/shipped to Australia?
i purchased 15 tubes when i was last in KL and am sadly down to my last one :(
this is hands down the best thing I've ever used on my face and need to get my hands on some more!!
any help would be greatly appreciated :) :)

ieyra h. said...

I haven't tried the ST Diamond BB Cream but oh WOW, 15 TUBES?? it must be really good then! I'm curious to try one now! :0 Wish I could help you Andrea! Unfortunately I'm not using Paypal at the moment, if I do then I could help you buy the BB creams and get them shipped to you :( but I'll try and ask the ST staffs about international shipping~ Will get back to you on this ^^