Brand Focus | Ada Apa Dengan COSRX?
If you're into korean beauty, COSRX really needs no introduction. This brand has made quite the name for itself especially among redditors in Asian Beauty community. It is said to be more popular among Westerners rather than netizens of its own land. I kinda have to agree with this because I've noticed that some of the korean beauty vloggers on Youtube only started mentioning about COSRX recently.

As someone who's also riding the COSRX boat and been loving it so far, I thought I would share with you guys more about the brand as in what are my thoughts, how did I first found out about it, products I'm currently using and also where to get them. This is one of those blog posts where I decided to write it in more santai way a.k.a not the typical English reviews like I always do. I'm going to throw in a lot of Malay words here without them being italic.

Why is everyone jumping on the COSRX bandwagon? Ada Apa Dengan COSRX?
(p/s: including several paragraphs on how the heck I got back in liking k-beauty products).

Rookie K-Beauty Brand. 
From my introduction above, obviously, the brand is originated from South Korea. Launched in August 2014, it's indeed still a baby in the saturated k-beauty market. COSRX sells mainly skincare products, with (so far) 2 makeup related items- Make Me Lovely Cushion and also the Make Me Lovely Cream. I think soon the team will be launching their colour correctors in cushion form? I do not know tbh but they've been teasing their followers with green, yellow, violet and pink boxes via Instagram.

This is how COSRX got its name;
COS= COSmetic
Rx=  Medical symbol for Prescription

How to pronounce: COS. R. X.

Dah macam math equation pulak kan? Hehe. ;P 
I first know about the brand in details from Wishtrend Youtube's channel,

Sure, I've heard about the brand way more earlier when skincare enthusiasts and bloggers have been mentioning about it on Reddit and blogs, but then it was the time when idgaf about korean skincare. If you've been following this blog since the beginning, you'd know that I've had bad experience with certain k-beauty products before- with raising bumps here and there, ofc I was a bit reluctant to give them another try. 

Discovering COSRX.
When I told my friends I wasn't interested in getting things from Etude House, Nature Republic, The Face Shop, etc.. they got confused and were saying things like "I thought you prefer brands like these because you watch a lot of k-dramas and listen to k-pop for ages", (which I still do), but previously none of these oppars/unnirs able to convince me to buy the makeup and skincare that they were endorsing. Ok, maybe I lied a bit lah, my first ever makeup brush was from Holika Holika and I bought it when Jung Il Woo (their brand ambassador at that time) came here to promote. Heheh.

It wasn't until December 2015, when I suddenly make a lot of online readings about k-beauty because I was going to Seoul in the following month. Rugilah kan tak beli apa-apa kalau dah ke sana sebab you get things there a lot more cheaper. Previously my knowledge only limited to the mainstream k-beauty brands but after the last minutes researches, welp..... here came COSRX, WHICH I WAS SO DUMB FOR NOT GETTING ANY OF THEIR PRODUCTS WHEN I WAS IN SEOUL.

Tapi serious lah, masa tu fikir brand ni tak effective/popular, so memang tak ambil pusing walaupun tahu COSRX was already available at A-land.

COSRX Pricing at ALAND, Myeongdong. 
When I was there, ALAND in Gangnam offered more products.
That One Life Changing Skincare Product.
Long story short I made an online order for few COSRX skincare products soon after my Seoul trip, lol. What made me interested the most with this brand was their chemical exfoliators, they reminded me of Paula Choice AHA & BHA products that I've always wanted to try. So, I got their AHA 7 Whitehead Power Liquid and BHA Blackhead Power Liquid, and omg, I've been loving the AHA one. Life changing product kot! It's pretty much doing a fantastic job so far minimising my whiteheads and I can't wait to talk more about it with you guys in details.

COSRX AHA & BHA "actives"
So far tengok most of their prices are okay, online reviews are like 90% kata okay, ingredients pun okay. Dieorang punya ingredients simple je, letak apa yang patut, tinggalkan apa yang tak perlu. They developed products based on customers feedback. If you want some suggestions, definitely check out their well raved BHA products for blackheads.

COSRX One Step Pimple Clear Pad
Aside from their products are ACTUALLY working (at least to me), another thing I really like about COSRX is that their PR team (Public Relation) are really good, thereby making the brand more approachable. Just look at their Instagram page, they do interact with their followers, a lot. Not to mention, sometimes the replies are cute and sweet too!

I've only tried five COSRX products so far and still have a couple more on my radar (especially the C20 Vitamin C serum!). C20 is also a brand developed under COSRX, along with Ciracle and Neulii. Anyway, I can say that I'm loving this brand and more than glad it has become well known these days. When it's popular, there's demand, so it should be a lot more easier to get their products.

Where do I get my COSRX products? 
1. qoo10
Before Hermo started selling COSRX products, they were only available via qoo10 (omits personal IG shoppers lah). qoo10 is a site like Groupon and Lazada, a.k.a proceed with caution, not everything selling there are authentic. As for COSRX products, the pricing are slightly cheaper here but usually the parcel will take a really long time to arrive. Site ni memang mengajar kau sabar itu separuh dari iman.

2. Hermo
A trusty, local based k-beauty online shopping site that #everybodyknows. Prices are reasonable, you get free shipping if you buy 2 products or more but here's a tip: wait for sale. ;P

3. Upcoming - Watsons Malaysia
COSRX already stated that they are planning to bring in their products to our local store and soon we are able to get them in Watsons! The brand is yet to be officially launched, so tak boleh beli lagi lah. However, there will be only 3 products available; One Step Acne Clear Pad, Make Me Lovely Cushion and Honey Overnight Mask. Just 3 but understandable kot... Idk, maybe sebab ingredients? or targeted users? Rasanya kita punya products regulation tak sama dengan korea, I still xtahu berapa % of AHA,BHA allowed by our KKM for products over the counter at our drugstores.

I may not try all of the COSRX products yet, but I personally think that the brand is worth to check out. They're really hitting big these days! If you're planning to use topical actives; like vitamin C serum, AHA & BHA, be sure to have a proper skincare routine! I'll explain more about it in another post. Till then! :D
For more info visit COSRX official website -
(not sponsored, I generally just love the brand, lol).


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Sakuranko said...

I really love it this brand the products are amazing and the quality is pretty good!

Fatimah Samihah said...

for me, for the skincare, faceshop, innisfree and skinfood are really good since their concept mainly on plant extract (except they are full with alcohols and strong fragrance). i am not interested with etude house, missha, tonymoly, laneige. cosrx gain attention because of their target. I have bad experience with cosrx for the first product i have purchased.

I didn't know they MY have regulations for the percentage of AHA. I have seen 'Dr wu renewal serum mandelic acid 18%' sell in sasa or Sasa isn't follow the regulation? there are lots of AHA products sell in sephora.