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How's it going everyone? I know it's been a while! Semenjak bertukar menjadi beauty blog ni aceceyh, I have never had a gap this long in sharing my reviews. I apologies for not being able to update my blog and interacting more regularly with you guys because I have so much things going in my living life. So, really, how are you guys? How's May so far? I'd say May is one of my favourite months because it's my birthday month!

Nevertheless, I have a new review for today. It's a product that I have for a while now and it is a must have item in my everyday bag. Stila Convertible Color (RM96) is an award winning multi-purpose cream based product that comes in 10 different shades - Camellia, Fuschia, Gerbera, Gladiola, Lillium, Peony, Petunia, Poppy, Rose and Sweet Pea

Although this product is designed to be worn on the lips and cheeks, I find that it is not moisturising enough as a lipstick that would only enhance the fine lines and dry patches of my lips, ESPECIALLY this particular shade that I have here, Peony - it doesn't appear vibrantly on my lips as it is on cheeks. At first I really wanted Gerbera which is a peachy pink, but it wasn't there at Sephora so I settled for Peony. I'd describe Peony as a brownish rose but against my skin tone, it leans towards peachy colour.

At 4.25 g or 0.15 oz, you'll be getting quite a lot of product in a pot. It takes me a whole year of using it consistently and I still have not yet hit the pan. For it's packagingI really like how the entire line is a colour-coded compact, it is really handy if you own many of these. Also, this blusher has a small mirror attached to it which makes easier for me to touch up.

There are plenty of ways how to apply this product. You can use fingers, beauty sponge, or a stippling brush. Am I the only one who doesn't like dipping my brush on cream based product because it will look gross after? Tell me I'm not alone in this. Haha. With that being said, I do prefer dabbing this onto my cheeks with clean fingers and blend in the colour. The colour and pigmentation aren't scarily intense, well at least for this shade. It is extremely wearable and blendable. I apply it over foundation before powdering to avoid any clump, but even if I accidentally powdered my face first, this product blends like a dream.. so it doesn't make me look blotchy and patchy at all.

Peony gives me a natural, healthy looking cheeks when it is applied. I also think it is a safe colour that would look so flattering on a wide spectrum of skin tones. Compare to another cream blusher that I own from MUA cosmetics, Stila Convertible Color feels more creamy, silky and shining, I'd say it gives a nice sheen to cheeks after blended. The more product you use, the more intense the colour is. 

If there's one thing I'm not impressed by this product is the staying power. It isn't that impressive especially for oily skin. I have oily-combination skin where my cheeks feels more drying than my t-zone area and the blush stays for 4-5 hours, obviously not for the whole day. When the weather is hot and I sweat, it disappear even faster. 

Peony is definitely my go to blusher in my bag and I take it everywhere with me when I'm travelling. I would highly recommend and certainly plan to add another shade onto my collection, but I also feel that it's a bit overpriced considering it doesn't last on me that long and I still need to do some touch ups throughout the day. Apart from that, I just feel like Stila Convertible Colour might not the best option for oily girl out there.

Product Info;

Name : Convertible Colour
Shade : Peony
Brand : Stila 
Made In : USA
Content : 4.25 g / 0.15 oz
Limited Edition : No

On the Website: 
Stila's ingenious lipstick and blush-in-one proves to be irresistible. This versatile favourite brightens cheeks and lips with creamy, translucent colour. Tap onto cheeks and press onto lips. The sheer tint adds an inherent glow to the cheeks while lips bloom with fresh, radiant colour. 
A mini-mirrored compact makes touch ups on the go a snap. Our two-in-one compact holds the key to easy, monochromatic makeup. A must-have in every Stila girl's kit. Winner of Instyle's Best Cream Blush for 10 years : 2005 - 2014 [source]

Price : RM 96 / $25.00
Availability (Malaysia) : Sephora
Link :

That's all for today. I'm working on an exciting collab post, so stay tune for it. ^_^

Don't forget to tell me in the comment section below which kind of blush you prefer? Are you a cream blush, powder blush or liquid tint blush type of person? :) 

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Kiyomi Hayano said...

Great review! I love the color of this blush~ Peony is the perfect name for it! I would love to try it if I didn't have oily skin ^^; Thank you so much for sharing!
~Kiyomi <3

melody said...

nice product then

Amy said...

This sounds lovely, I really like the packaging! It's too bad that the staying power isn't great ♥
Amy xx

Little Moon Dragon

Yehyee said...

Unnie! What do you use to edit your pics?

Cate xx said...

I find that I haven't liked Stila products very much, but this seems good, so I might buy it. I like powder blush a lot or cream maybe though I'm not great at blending haha. I know what you mean about using it for lips, as I've got a Bobbi Brown cheek/lip cream which is very dry for lips and I find it coming off really quickly. Really good post though, definitely following you now :)
Cate xx

ieyra h said...

Hello love, I don't use fancy2 editing tools hehe, i'm too malas to install photoshop since it needed big spaces and my lappy is still full w/ korean dramas ;P so I just use online editing programmes like PicMonkey & Fotor Photo Editor, then I download PhotoScape. :)

ieyra h said...

As an oily-combo girl, I still prefer powder blushes, but I don't have anything similar to this shade so I think it's a good addition to mine. ;D Thanks for reading this review Amy, xoxo

ieyra h said...

It is! :D Thanks for reading ^_^

ieyra h said...

Hi Kiyomi! (your name is so cute!!) I'm an oily girl too, sometimes, and I have to admit this stuff seems to disappear on my cheeks after few hours even if I set it with setting spray. I don't know if it only happen for this shade or for the entire collection but I've already added few more colours recently, so we'll see how it goes xD

ieyra h said...

Hi Cate! Actually me too! I have Stila In The Light Palette and while I do like it so much, I find myself still doubting to get my hands on the other palettes. Most of the time when I'm at Sephora, I feel like I don't know what to get or what to try from this brand. LOL. But this blusher is so good! <3 I read it somewhere Peony is suitable for all skintones!

ieyra h said...

Hi again Cate! :D I just checked out your blog, and I like it, but the comment box was missing so I can't leave any message. :/

Yehyee said...

HAHAHA! If only Vsco has a version for computers. I don't know how to use photoshop ~.~ Looking for a user friendly software to edit pics. thanks unni!!

ieyra h said...

You're not missing much, Sephora in my country doesn't carry a lot of brands though!
Well, as for this blusher, save to say that it's the winner for Instyle Best Cream Blush (>10 years) for good reasons. :) I wish I had brought them into my life sooner! Haha.

Shad said...

ok, korean drama there.hehe..

Shad said...

You r not alone. hehe. I'm the other person yg suka guna jari rather than brush.. hehe..amusing jugak color blusher ni ya. cantik.. love to try one.. hehe.. for blushes, shad suka guna yg powder, hehe..

Melissa Ortiz said...

so happy to see a post from you! It's understandable if you've been busy lately :) oh and happy birthday month! <3 I love Stila products, so I'd definitely give this a try despite it not having great staying power. The color is beautiful.

Unknown said...

Gorgeous color! I'm a blush junkie I wish I could find It In Spain