Baby steps

I'm actually taking orders of macarons upon request to kick start my small business for 2014. At the moment orders are only for close friends and relatives, but I might open it to all, soon. :) Why macaron? Because it's challenging yet so interesting and I have high passions of making it, lol. 
So far.. I already made more than 20 batches of this little cookie so I can say that I'm pretty confident ^__^/

Macaron Pops with blueberry buttercream.

Yep, not your typical macaron, ..
the original idea was simply sandwiched the macaron shells with a filling then served them onto a plate but I thought why not put them on a stick and make macaron pops! Hehe. I love it. Regardless, they are pretty and cute.

The major different in making a macaron and macaron pops is you need to take into account about the filling that you're going to use. Not all fillings or measurements are suitable for macaron pops. I myself is still experimenting with it but so far ganache with right consistency works the best. 
When you are making this for business, ofc you can't expect the price to be super duper low price i mean where got macaron sell cheap cheap one. To simply give you an idea why does a macaron cost so much, ground almond itself is almost RM20.00 per 500g bag and not all inside the bag are finely grind. (You see, you seeee)

lol anway, here are some pictures from my recent project, ordered by Sis Huda. xD

Coral pink and (almost) Tiffany blue colours! 

The DIY Candy booth with a big chocolate fountain at the side of the table,
 woops you can't see it.

Insya-Allah, mini steamed polkadot muffin is for the next order :)

photobooth that we set up for the event.
yeah spot that mini white container that was bought from ikea. hehe.

Buttercream Cake with fondant flower 

till then, xoxo
p/s hit me if you want to order, mana lah taw kan. ^_^

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Anonymous said...

mana kauuu wei. aku rindu hahaha!

anyway, maybe it's a little bit late but congratulation for your graduation hewhew. all the best berbisnez hehehe /o/

ieyra h. said...

hmmm, aku selalu je update blog, lolz. Yay thanks, nah, nothings late, aku pun baru je grad ^___^