Product Empties | #6 (2015)

Here are all the products that I emptied out for the past 2 months. 
*phew, flip selendang*

1) Soap & Glory Clean, Girls Skin Softening Creamy Body Wash
I remember buying this about a year ago, and I'm happy to finally finish using it. Usually, it takes me a while to finish a body wash since I have a lot of them in the shower and I always rotate from one to another. See? I have no real royalty to any one brand. Lol. Anyway, I mentioned in my previous Soap & Glory product review before that I really like the 'Mist You Madly's' scent . It is the combination notes of bergamot, blackcurrant, magnolia, freesia, vanilla and musk. The scent really clings onto my skin even after few hours of shower which I really like and planning to repurchase.

2) Soap & Glory Clean On Me Creamy Clarifying Shower Gel
This has been a long favourite of mine and still is. The consistency is a bit creamier than the previous body wash because of the build-in body lotion. I've already repurchased the shower gel twice because of it's citrusy scent. If you want you can read my full review posted [here].

3) Dettol Natural Nourishing Body Wash (Olive and Almond)
As for this antiseptic bodywash, it always become such a staple inside my bathroom. The scent is a bit hard to explain......well, idk, maybe that is how olive and almond could possibly smelled when they combined. Hahah. I do like the product as it lathers well with loofah, very affordable and easy to find. 

4) Head & Shoulders Scalp Massage Cream Anti-Dandruff Care
Dries out without having me to finish used it. But it was a real pleasure to use since it worked well to prevent dandruff. Not the biggest fan of it's scent. Can anyone suggest me a good hair mask, please? :3

5) Simple Kind To Eyes Eye Make-Up Remover
One of my most favourite makeup remover. The product is like micellar water but if you look at the ingredients, both of them are quite difference. I find that the makeup remover is very gentle and not too strong since it's specifically formulated to sensitive skin. Would I repurchase? Hell yes! I also recommended this to one of my best friend and she seems to very like it.  

6) The Body Shop Tea Tree Squeaky-Clean Scrub
This has been my go to face scrub for many months now and I finally came to the last of it at the beginning of May. The consistency is very gel-type and can be quite sticky. Unlike typical scrubs where most of them can be harsh to use it for everyday, the micro beads in this are very small and they doesn't irritate or dries out my skin. I also feels like my face is extra clean each times after using. If you have been following this blog for a while, you know I really love this whole Tea Tree range from The Body Shop as the products really helps to clear up my skin and fight breakouts.

7) Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Gold Ultra Restoration Capsule
Remember when I bought a beauty subscription box called The Lilac Box in July last year? I was pretty disappointed when I received a moulded product from the supplier. However I thought of keeping the product as 'evidence' because I did make a complain at their Facebook page. Still, no action was taken though, hmm. I stumbled upon it again whilst cleaning my vanity and decided to throw it away! 

8) Avon Personal Match Concealer Stick
These originally taken from my mum's makeup table. Hahah. I thought of trying them out but they doesn't really suit my skin and since my mum didn't use stick concealer anymore, I decided to get rid of them. Mak I dah upgrade, dia guna liquid sekarang, welp. Natural is the lightest shade while Almond is the darkest. The formula of this concealer is very thick and it actually moves around whenever I applied. 

9) Maybelline Eyeliner Pencil
Honestly, I don't even know if this eyeliner is from Maybelline or Silkygirl because the packaging is already off. Well, nothing fancy about this, probably wouldn't repurchase it since I really like my Etude House eyeliners better. :) 

Alright I'm done. What have you ladies and gentlemen been getting through last month?


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Harivaindaran K. Veeriah said...

It's nice for us men to be acknowledged too! Thanks! I have been wanting to try the Simple makeup remover and you have just convinced me!
I hope you don't mind me leaving my blog link here!

Amy said...

These all sound lovely! I'm totally going to have to try that makeup remover, I've tried the remover wipes from them and really like them ♥
Amy xx

Little Moon Dragon

Aisha said...

I love S&G! I really recommend trying the sugar crush body wash, perfect for summer :)

Mariam said...

Didn't know Head&Shoulders have a scalp massaging cream, nice to know.
And your description of the Soap&Glory scent made me wanna smell it XD

I enjoy reading your post <3

MakeupForLunch said...

I really really enjoy your product empties posts. Great job :* :))

Jhem Arzaga said...

Waahh.. empties.. so that only means you have to purchase a new one and switch to a better products from the ones that you don't like.

I just followed you on Bloglovin :)

Jhem |

ieyra h. said...

Hi Jhem! Yes indeed!! It did take a little more effort to finish some of the products and I think that is why I post up my empties every 2 months. Hahah. I will follow you back on bloglovin! Thanks for following me!

ieyra h. said...

Thanks Reem! <3 It's always nice to see your comment on my blog. :D

ieyra h. said...

Hi Amy! Actually the makeup remover wipes from Simple is my HG beauty product. <3 I love how it's so gentle against my skin and the fact that it's so hard for me to find makeup remover/wipes that doesn't cause irritation or burning sensation makes me love Simple even more!

ieyra h. said...

Aww, you're most welcome, Harivain! I saw your comment on Sabrina's blog, and I'm glad I did. I love reading your blog, so many product reviews!! <3 <3

ieyra h. said...

Hi Mariam, it's been a while!! How are you? :D I have a dry scalp and I think the massaging cream does help in providing some moistures, I just not keen to it's fragrance. Let me know how you go if you try this product. :D

ieyra h. said...

I took a sniff to it when I was in Sephora and the scent reminded me of lime vanilla ice cream that I used to eat as a kid! ;P

Harivaindaran K. Veeriah said...

Thank you so much! Well, a lot of my friends keep asking me about these products and I thought why not. Besides, being a dancer and stage performer gives me the opportunity to try out all these products and I love makeup so I decided to do something with all of that... I love your blog too! Your pictures are so so beautiful!!!

Chaste and Beautiful said...

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Chaste & Beautiful