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Bronzing products seems to be a hit or miss with me. They are either too muddy on my skin or are orange-looking. I also think that it can be tricky to shop for and even trickier to apply correctly. Like I've said in my previous bronzer review before, Malaysians especially Malays hardly to wear bronzer in daily bases. Most of us are naturally tan, so a lot of bronzers doesn't really show up on our skin. After seeing some of the bronzing products have been taken out of the market in the recent past years, I can definitely say that they were not being sold well. 

Nevertheless, there's this Bahama Mama Bronzer from theBalm where you can get it at SaSa. Besides Benefit Hoola and NARS Laguna, I've seen so much hype around this bronzer that I wanted to try it out by myself. I got this around 2 years ago and it was, in fact, my first ever purchased from theBalm cosmetics. It took me a longer time than I thought before I decided to give this product a full review. Reason - I tataw contour. Haha. I really don't do well in contouring.

Now, let see how it fairs out and whether if it's worth all the glory. 

TheBalm certainly nailed it when it comes to packaging, as always, the illustration is really fun and quirky. The product comes in a sturdy outer cardboard sleeve and has a flip top lid which is magnetic. It's slim and fit, and I really like how theBalm put a mirror to it because it can be really handy especially for travelling. I do feel like this kind of packaging can be worn out easily after some times especially the cardboard around the product. Like mine, you can still see stains at the edges although I've tried hard enough to remove it using makeup remover tissue. 

Bahama Mama is completely a matte bronzer with no sign of shimmer anywhere. It is very blendable and buildable that theBalm described it as a contouring product as well as eyeshadow. Having a yellow undertones skin like mine, I feel like it's not the best colour to use for bronzing up my face but for contouring and face sculpting, IT IS AMAZING! It gives the greyish brown or cool undertone shade for mimicking the natural shadow. In the pan, it looks extremely dark compared to other typical bronzers You can see the comparison [here]. It might be too dark for pale and fair skin, subtle if you have olive or tan skin. Rather than warming up or giving the skin sun-kissed look, I feel like it's the best to use strictly for contouring or together with another warmer tones bronzer so people will compliments and be like "OOH LOOK AT THOSE CHEEKBONES!" padahal bronzer jew. Hehe.

The pigmentation of this bronzer is amazing that it can look muddy on face, so be sure to use lighter hand and the smallest sweep of a brush on the surface to pick up the colour. Aside from that, I'm not too keen on the bronzer having a lot of falls out and feel powdery which I think it's due to the dry texture. However, being dry doesn't necessarily mean it isn't pigmented or chalky. Maybe a softer bristle brush can help to prevent any wastage.

The application is easy but can be tricky. In this case, I much prefer to use Real Techniques Contour Brush than my Elianto's Slanted Contour Brush. Then I use smaller pointed brush from Jessup or sometimes, MAC217 to contour my nose. 

Above is the swatches for Bahama Mama. It's easy to blend and the product really lasted well on my cheeks without fading and oxidising. To conclude, whilst this product is not my favourite, I still find it crucial for contouring my face, although I don't do it regularly. I've seen a lot of local MUAs swear by this bronzer, so I believe it does suit Malays' skin tone despite it's being dark. TheBalm can be found in SaSa Malaysia whereby the price can be a little steep but it is something that I would recommend. 

Score : 7/10 (which is actually quite high).

Product Info;

Name : Bahama Mama Bronzing Powder
Brand : theBalm 
Made In : USA
Content : 7.08 g / 0.25 oz
Limited Edition : No

On the Website: 
Bahama Mama matte bronzer creates beautifully bronzed skin, for a fresh-off-the-beach glow. The formula features mica and silica for sheer yet pigmented colour and is designed to be layered as needed for the perfect amount of colour to customize your ideal and most realistic shade of bronze. The small compact goes easily from makeup bag to beach bag, and the enclosed mirror can be used for touch ups as you go from the pool to the car to the dance floor. [source]

Price : I bought this at RM69
Availability (Malaysia) : SASA outlets
Link :

Let me know what you guys think of Bahama Mama and don't forget to comment down below if you have any questions or just anything you would want to share with me. Till then, beauts! 

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Vonnie said...

I don't use bronzer since I'm so far, but that packaging is to die for! I'd want it just to sit on my vanity for the looks, haha.

aisha said...

I recently purchased this bronzer and i love it! Perfect for bringing out those cheek bones ^_^

Rachel Shuchat said...

I have this and love it, one of my favorite contouring products :)


Amy said...

I've never used a bronzer, but this looks nice! I love theBalm's packaging ♥
Amy xx

Little Moon Dragon

Enrica said...

nice post!! :)

ieyra h said...

Thanks Enrica! ε-(´∀`; )

ieyra h said...

I think you're still able to use this bronzer with VERY light hand :'> I have to agree with you with the packaging, love it! also with Soap & Glory and Benefit (⌒▽⌒)

ieyra h said...

Agree!! I also like it for nose contouring. Bc my nose is kinda wide, haha.

ieyra h said...

Hi Rachel, glad it works for you! I am a big fan of theBalm products!! :D

ieyra h said...

Oh, I love bronzers! I think they make my skin looks more healthy, but I definitely use this as a countour product or else it would look muddy all over my face haha

Anonymous said...

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