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Oh I updated this post, so it's more details lol

1. Lee Hyun Woo -


A quick update! Just reached home from KLIA sending Lee Hyunwoo for his depart to Singapore. Still tired. 
He came around 8.30, but he just stayed inside the Alphard for like 20 minutes? after all his unnirs and oppars checked in, then only he came out. Funny thing was the securities numbers / bodyguars = no of fans. L O L. There were no much fans tho. And I love it when we all were so calm.

Hyunwoo wore shade then a cap, like the one he wore when he came.

Personally, I think he's TOO awkward with fans. Not a king of fan service I can say. Probably because he isn't an idol? and this was his first international promotion. I watched Echa's fancam while they were at the hotel, he wanted so badly to take gifts from fans, but it maybe due to the securities, he could not. Aww, pity.

Then this was this chinese girl, familiar face everytime I go to KLIA, lol, I forgot her name already made a plan with us, she shouted 'Hyunwoo-Shi,,,,!' then together go 'Why So Serious??' LOOL, just because he's to shy/awkward with us haha, and he loves BigBang. :D

Met Japanese high schoolers as well.. and they were hilarious!


Arrival lagi funny one. Around 15? or less fans waited for him at departure, no much people wass it? I know. I think because most of the fans mistaken him taking the same flight as Wonder Girls, so they left earlier.

I hit back to Shah Alam with my ex-housemate. Need to send her back to Ampang. I got stuck in a MASSIVE traffic jammed, all because of football match. lmao. why am i living near a stadium.
Thought I should give myself a try, so I went back to KLIA. (lol) plus, I was boring, so why not? :D
Reached there, and met the geng. Aww yiss, Hyunwoo already landed. And he came out at the departure area.

1 thing I have noticed was, these days, Idols come out from departure level, instead of arrival and I wonder w h y because previously, most of them were the other way round. Expensive? most probably.

Saw Hyunwoo. Fancamed him. but Astro management sangatlah tak best, "no photography, no camera" ((wth?))  Hyun Woo actually so kind, he inside the car, half tinted, still waving at us. I think fans tak banyak because HallyM tweeted the wrong info? 
and yes, a wave from Hyunwoo went we were near his car :D Can't go to his free event at Sg Wang,
I have a thesis needs to submit. 

2. Wonder Girls 


Was on the same day with Hyun Woo. A lot of fans expected they were in the same flight, but no. Waited for 1 hour like that, nobody came out. For sure they already exit using VIP lol. Mission failed. Oh ha, jumpa dancer JYP yang handsome tu ASDFGHASDFGH. Then those securities salah, they all thought dancer tu Hyunwoo. Ahahah


Same day, same time with Hyunwoo. So I managed to meet them for few minutes. Lol, Me and my geng already at the arrival area, didn't go at the gate. p/s Wg now /sombong/ a bit ady looool, not like last time. Seriously guys, no waves? whoa. Really, unlike last time..

I really do a lot of airport stanning, and ALL idols, yes all, did waves at fans upstairs, .............except for Wg. Idk, Wg so /international/ lol, so I get it.

Oh yeah, fanboys. Loving the fanboys.  

3. T-ara


THE MOST HECTIC AIRPORT STAN I EVER WENT. M A S S I V E. Rain said kalah SNSD, so can you all imagine?  Allkpop stated 2000 fans, but that was obviously a lie. Ramai, tapi tak sampai lah 2000 orang kan -_- Went there with Fatma and Rain, T-ara really couldn't came out from the departure area since there were A LOT, like A L O T of fans, 80% were fanboys. With balloons, fan chanting, etc

There was even a policewomen fainted. (not lying).

Jiyeon, Eunjung both are tall, and pretty!  Aerum too. Boram so SMALL. and she looked sick tbh, as what k-news reported. I mean, her sudden weight lost. T.T Wish Hwayoung was still in the group because she was my fav t-ara member.

Did I mentioned  I met Running Man's VJ? Was was his name again, Gary's VJ?
Took picture, then a fanboy asked him in Korean; 'when RM is going to come to Malaysia?' he said, 'obsoyoo' idk.. Keke. VJ tu sangat comel. Then he asked us to do a shout out to T-ara.


I woke up late. I was still on the road when they already reached KLIA. Morning flight to Thailand. Mission failed. 

4. Jung Il Woo


Tira got a hug from him. Lucky Tira, it was a spontaneous tho, since she brought big flower bouquet for him. Ilwoo so nice. Yes, smiling non stop. He's seriously looking much much much much more handsome irl than on TV, and I'm not lying.


Fanmeeting was awesome. Omg. I love Jung Il Woo? There are so much to talk, and I'm lazy to write.
I DO RESPECT SENIORS / SUNBAES IN KPOP. Need I say more? Previously Jung Min, Kim Hyun Joong, now Il woo. They know how to deal with fans. Non stop smile and all those. Professional too.Dude, these people are the one who appreciate fans.
Remember how SS501 JungMin tried so hard reading his long message in our mother tongue language? :) 

So yeah, fanmeeting, oh wait, it wasn't really a fanmeeting, it was a fansigning? He signed for like...100? posters, and he did write fans' names. Yes. He did. Sure penat kan?
We sang happy birthday, I have the vid posted on my youtube, but craps the quality, and I didn't have time to edit,, lol so yeah,


Fail. He depart early in the morning. I guess no fans came? Lol

5. Apink & B1A4

I will updated more later. A lot of things happened. Suddenly become lazy sebab panjang. Haha.
But yeah. THE BEST AIRPORT STAN EVER, I guess? :)

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