A Yubiso Haul

I don't know about you guys but I love value stores like Daiso, Kaison, Yubiso and MR DIY because they satisfy the urge to shop without destroying my budget. I'm okay with anything I buy from them since most of the items are of high quality despite being cheap. Think of something you can get from a Dollar Tree store, they're practically the same. So, recently I made a visit to a newly opened Yubiso store near me and found out few cool things.

1.Yubiso High Quality Sleeping Eye Mask
This RM7 eye mask isn't like most that you would find at your local stores, it has cold/hot gel insert. Since it's big enough to cover my forehead, I can really feel the cooling sensation coming from the eye mask. I haven't tried cooling it inside a refrigerator but I doubt it would last longer than a standard ice pack. The stuff can also be used for hot application by immersing the gel insert into hot water for 4-6 minutes. Interesting right? They have a lot of cute designs but I ended up getting the one with cat pattern because you know... yours truly here is a cat lady! :3

p/s: a bonus picture of my cat.

2. Cosmetic Brush
Next item is this RM5 angled synthetic brush just because I wanted to test it out. If it's good, I'm going buy another makeup brushes they have in store. I can totally see myself using it together with a highlighter.

3. Voodoo City Cosmetics Creamy Concealer
Yubiso does carry a very limited amount of beauty products unlike Daiso, but I think it's still worth to check out. They even have BB cushion and contouring palette, even though I'm not interested in buying them both. I picked up this cream concealer out of curiosity, and it actually looks very interesting. The ingredients are not bad and pretty decent- something I'd not expect from cheap makeup. I mean, you know... there's this "assumption" low budget makeup contained harmful ingredients. So far, I can already tell that the texture is creamy and the colour turns out to be vibrant. Not bad for a RM15. I'd use it for cream contouring.

4. Selfie Ring Light
Favourite purchase of the day! Oh yeah. I finally got a portable ring light for smartphones like you always seen over Instagram and it was only priced at RM35!! The ring light takes only 2 AAA batteries to operate and it has 3 amount of brightness that can be adjusted. I chose black because the white one is too mainstream ;P. They have another colour option in pink colour. 

5. Tinge Art Markers
Getting back into artsy stuff is something that I needed as a break from the mundane and boring life. So, yup I got myself 24 alcohol ink markers (and still wanting for more). RM5 for 3! I repeat, 5 ringgit only for 3 markers. Murah gila weh... My aim is to collect all the colours.

The entire haul came in just above RM100 (terlebih bajet) but I'm really really satisfied with all my purchases. How about you? Have you found any great beauty buys or random interesting stuff Yubiso? Don't forget to comment down below so that my readers and I will know!~ ^___^

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Marsya Jauzi said...

Aww, what a cute haul I think I maybe consider to purchase from there next time! Nice post xo


Amy said...

These all look really nice! And your cat is so cute ♥
Amy xx

Little Moon Dragon

Amoi Farah said...

Bestnya nak tunggu johor bukak kena ambil masa 10 tahun akan datang kot huhuhu

Fatimah Samihah said...

I have use one sheet mask from yubiso once. it's from bioaqua i think. quite nice.

ieyra h. said...

Going to check that out the next time I'm in Yubiso!!! Thank you so much for recommending it! <3

ieyra h. said...

Omg it's quite surprising that there isn't any Yubiso at Johor, I mean like Johor ada everything kot!! Aaaaa Yubiso best, it's kinda like Daiso + Kaison, kalau datang Melaka, Yubiso ada kat Mahkota Parade & AEON Bandaraya ^___^

ieyra h. said...

Hahahah my cat! She has been living with my family for almost 9 years already. :D :D

ieyra h. said...

Thank you so much Marsya! Hmm, sometimes I do feel like a kid whenever I buy this kind of things but couldn't help lah hahahah

ayunie ramli said...

kelantan tkde lagi. tk kenal pulak yubiso ni

nurul sofea said...

what camera did you use? it look so nice

ieyra h. said...

Hello Sofea! TQSM!! I'm using Canon EOS 600D for these pictures! :D

MinHani said...

Is yubiso cosmetic product is halah? Cause used their nude bb cushion and i just wonder about the halal things

MinHani said...


ieyra h. said...

Yubiso has a lot of cosmetic products, unfortunately, it's hard for me to check them one by one whether they are muslim-friendly or not. Maybe you can list down the ingredients here?
Based on my experiences tho, sometimes makeup and skincare products have this ingredient called 'hydrolysed collagen' or 'soluble collagen', collagen is something that plant can't provide so the source is always from 'animal' including marine, yang muslim-friendly is only from 'marine'. Be sure to check that before you buy! ^___^