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Hello everybody!
Recently I made a quick visit to Watsons to buy some medicines but of course, being me, I went ahead and checked out the cosmetic and skincare displays. I was pretty well behaved as I only picked up 3 items - all of them are brand new in store. 

To see my haul and why did I buy them, as always... Read more after the jump! Sengaja blur kan picture header! Keke.

1. Mediheal x LINE Friends Sheet Mask
I bought these because I have been wanting to try any mask from Mediheal brand but to be honest, they're quite expensive and it doesn't seem reasonable to me when I think again about how much I've spend my money to buy these. SO I HOPE THEY WON'T BURN MY FACE and provide me with all those korean skincare moisturizing-glowing-no-need-highlighter effect if I'd to use them later.

Again, sheet mask is a luxurious skincare routine okeh imo. Tak kaya nak beli untuk stock hari-hari. I could only found "Cony" the rabbit and "Sally" the chick sheet masks in my nearest Watsons, so I got them both. 
Price | RM12.50 each
2. Shiseido SENKA Perfect Whip Foaming Cleanser
While I was looking around Watsons' beauty area for more stuff to buy, lol, I found this foaming cleanser from SENKA and I went "OMG?" I felt so entiredly suprised when I saw it as I didn't know SENKA has their entire cleansing line selling here. If you don't know already, the brand is basically an affordable skincare line owned by Shiseido. Perfect Whip Foaming Cleanser is indeed very, very popular and it's claimed to be the number one best-selling facial cleanser in Japan. 
Price | RM13.90
Well, I knew I had to try it out since a lot of Korean Beauty Youtubers & Instagrammers I've been watching and following raved about the cleanser. Also, Korean actress, Kim Seul Gi is using the Perfect Whip Cleanser in her everyday cleansing routine. Does anyone here watch her in Splash Splash Love where she acted along with B2ST Doojoon? Hehe. Anyway, click [here] to see her skincare routine via OnStyle Channel. 

3. Simple Kind To Skin Micellar Cleansing Water
Thanks to my fellow local blogger friend, Hari from FiercePaint, I found out that Simple Skincare has finally brought in their well-raved Micellar Cleansing Water to Malaysia. I've been incorporating micellar water as the first step of my night cleansing routine since the past 2 years and I still love it, like I couldn't even remember the last time I purchased a bi-phase makeup remover. I love Simple Skincare products in general, so I'm excited for this.
Price | RM19.46
Right, that's all! teeny-tiny haul but I'm satisfied! I almost got myself a mascara and eyebrow pencil from Silkygirl, though. Tahan nafsu, bulan puasa neh. Another haul related post is coming next, so keep your eyes on that. :D

What's your recent drugstore purchases? 

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Amy said...

This all sounds really nice! The packaging of those sheet masks are so cute ♥

Amy xx

Little Moon Dragon

ieyra h. said...

Thanks Amy! They are the characters from LINE, a communication app like Whatsapp. :D

DIDA said...

Hi Ieyra,
Simple Micellar Water tu best eh? Dulu I pernah try Simple Moisturizer but cannot stamd the smell tho >.<

ieyra h. said...

Hello Dida! Long time no see, :D For first impression, I'd say Simple Micellar Water ni gentle sangat, haha. Waterproof mascara tak beberapa nak hilang. Simple ada colourless makeup remover yang lebih kurang je packaging dengan micellar water ni, I rasa I lagi prefer yang tu kot!

DIDA said...

Hehe. Ohh i see. Thank you for the suggestion :D Nanti nak try la yang colorless makeup remover tu. Tapi yang itu okay tak untuk waterproof makeup?

Harivaindaran K. Veeriah said...

Arrrgghhh!!!!!!!! I get a mention!!! Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!