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Apologies everyone because I haven't posted something in a week, I've been really busy! (busy tengok YongPal) heheh.

Today I'm going to write about the blushes from Sleek MakeUP that I bought earlier of this year. Sleek is a UK based company that produces relatively good quality makeup at affordable prices. It's available via online at or previously known as Luxola. 

I heard so many good reviews about Sleek MakeUP blushers and like any other makeup lovers who get easily swayed by good reviews, I just have to try them myself. I got 2 of them out of 11 shades available, which are 'Coral' and 'Flushed'. I wanted 'Rose Gold' since it's been called as the dupe for NARS Orgasm but it was out of stock by the time I was about to do my online transition. Like, I already had it in my basket while browsing other things, so urgh who bought the last piece?! *marah*.

Luxola used to sell them at RM36 each but ever since it changed to Sephora Online, the priced got marked up and it's now RM47. Somewhat expensive. I think Zoeva blusher is the same price as Sleek, but the entire world has probably known Sleek as an affordable UK brand (It's $6.99 on the official website btw). Previously, I bought mine at RM47 for BOTH blushers, not just one because I was using a coupon code. 

The blusher comes in a thin, black square packaging. It's very sleek - just like the brand itself is called. Very minimal, clean and somewhat does look like high end, I mean doesn't it remind you of NARS? The whole packaging feels sturdy too, basically safe if I throw the blusher onto my bed just like Gigi Gorgeous throws stuff in her monthly favourite videos lol. 

It holds 8 grammes of product and has a mirror inside. Nice! but I'm actually surprised at how small Sleek blusher is compared to other blushers in my collection. It's so tiny I feel like laughing or something but that what makes it be a travel friendly material. The blusher is so so so smol (read: small) enough to fit in your makeup bag or even a big sized purse. However, you'd still need a brush to apply it unless you don't mind using your fingers. 

Ingredients of the blush are written clearly on the back. 

Ingredients that may triggers reactions are Talc, Dimethicone and Magnesium Stearate since all of them have the tendency to clog pores and cause acne. THIS IS WHY IT'S IMPORTANT TO PROPERLY REMOVE YOUR MAKEUP AND DO A DEEP CLEANSING AT THE END OF THE DAY. OKAY? okay. 

Pigmentation. On swatch, both of the shades I have here are pretty decent but on cheeks, they go cray-cray. I don't know, maybe brushes pick up more products than my fingers. So, a small amount of the blusher goes a long away. Swirl your brush with a light hand, tap it few times. You can always build up the intensity. At this point, brush ke blush ke aku dah keliru nak tulis, banyak kali buat spelling error

Texture wise, Sleek Blush isn't the softest and buttery blushes that I've ever touched. It's hard and stiff, so I think it has the tendency to dries quickly if it's exposed to the air. By dry, I mean the colour won't show up if you swatch it. You can prevent this by closing the lid after using it. 

Next, I'm surprised at how this blusher is not powdery and chalky at all. I don't experience any fall out while using it, so to me, it's indeed a good product. I'm applying mine with the help of Real Techniques Contour Blush. Just remember the tapered the blush, the more intensity you'll be ended up having. 

I'd say 'not bad' for its staying power. I have dry cheeks and the blusher stays on me about 5 hours and if I set my makeup using UD setting spray, it would last until the end of the working day. 

Coral: My advice is, don't judge the picture you seen on the official website, it does look very brownish and darker but this turns out to a straight up orange shade with a tiny bit of brown undertone. Is this coral? I'm not sure. Anyway, the colour is in the warm category I sometimes use it to bronze up my face. If you look at the pan closely, it does have a slight shimmer in it but when applies, the shine is barely there and the colour comes out somewhat matte and VERY pigmented. 

Flushed: You don't have any idea how afraid I was of this shade when I first swatched it. To be honest, I don't even know how did I end up with this colour. While it's extremely nice and beautiful berry shade, I will normally stay away from the colour range as it's a bit too much on me. Maybe the colour is good if you're pale and I can imagine it being gorgeous when winter. HOWEVER, a lot of makeup artists actually do recommend this colour hue if you're medium or tan skin (like me). Well, it does look natural after all if I apply it thinly. Flushed is slightly shimmery on the pan, but just like 'Coral', it appears matte when apply. 

Sekali pandang dah tahu mana satu selalu guna, mana satu di anak tirikan. 

Product Info;

Name : Sleek MakeUP Blush!
Brand : Sleek MakeUP
Shade : Coral (933) and Flushed (935)
Country of Origin : Designed and developed in the UK, made in Taiwan
Content : 8 grams / 0.27 oz
Limited Edition : I think Antique is a limited edition blush, others are not. 

What it says on the website : Our blushers are long lasting and highly pigmented available in a variety o finishes. Each shade glides on smoothly and enables you to create an array of stunning looks. We offer a wide range of shades to complement any skin tone no matter the occasion. 

Price : RM47

Availability (Malaysia) : Sephora Malaysia Online [link]
Links : Sleek MakeUP

Bottom line, I'm impressed with Sleek MakeUP blush! I'd consider getting it again from Sephora if they're having a massive sale or when the shipping is free (although I doubt about the brand sale lol). My only regret is I don't wear 'Flushed' often, and while that, 'Coral' is definitely one of my most reached for blushes. Would I recommend getting the Sleek blushers? YES, but you'd want to check out their 'Blush By 3' palettes (RM69.00). You'll be getting more shades with a lesser price! I already have my eyes on the 'Lace' palette! Overall Rating; 4/5.

Hope you all enjoyed this post and find it helpful. Let me know what is your favourite blush or if you ever tried some Sleek products! Thanks for reading and sorry again for the lack of post haha. 

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Chaste and Beautiful said...

I've read so many good things about sleek blushes and flushed is a gorgeous shade especially for winters:)

Chaste & Beautiful

Sitha said...

those looks so pretty! I think the coral one could be use as bronzer too..
I agree with choosing the blush by three instead of the single blush, mesti jimat lah..

Redha CS said...

woah they are really pretty. i want to try life's a peach and flamingo.

Reshah said...

great post!! Love the sleek their so pigmented yet affordable.

tori chu said...

Im not often applying blusher XD, anw both of them are so pretty especially the flushed one.
such a shame that u rarely wear the flushed one.^^ I bought blush from canmake while ago, but havent tried it at all, haha, because its too cute to wear XD

Amy said...

These sound lovely! I haven't tried anything from that brand, but the shades look really pretty ♥
Amy xx

Little Moon Dragon

Melissa Ortiz said...

I've never tried Sleek products before, but after reading this- I definitely want to! I'll probably get the palette, like you suggested :)

Cate xx said...

Hi, I haven't been on blogger for a while, so I'll try and catch up with your posts shortly, sorry! These look lush! I love the packaging which is very simple but elegant. They look gorgeous! Would you think these shades would also work with lighter skin or should I go for a more rosy pink?
Cate xx

ieyra h. said...

Hi Cate!!!! How are you and how's your summer?! I can already imagine Sleek 'Flushed' will look good on lighter skin (with a fair bit of blending in of course)! My skin tone is annoyingly yellow lol I feel weird wearing this colour so I prefer Coral better! :D

ieyra h. said...

Sleek is one of the brand that I've adored for a very long time, but I finally only able to make a purchase earlier of this year. They are great, very affordable brand but their quality (especially for blushers and eyeshadow palettes) are very amazing!

ieyra h. said...

I'd definitely recommend Sleek especially for their eyeshadow palettes and blushes! :D

ieyra h. said...

Really? I do like wearing blusher, my face would look flat without one. Haha. I haven't tried anything from Canmake. Wonder whats worth checking out.. ;o

ieyra h. said...

Thank You! Agree with their stuffs are very well pigmented! I'd really want to try their Matte Me lipstick. ;P

ieyra h. said...

Sometimes I feel like Sleek is offering very vibrant colours for their blushers. Haha. Life's A Peach looks so nice! I almost got that too before it went sold out!

ieyra h. said...

Hi there, Ayesha! Thank you for following my blog! :D I love the shade for Flushed but I don't think it suits my yellowish skintone. I still feel weird wearing it! ;P

Cate Ocean said...

Hi!! I'm great, thank you! How are you doing? And yes that's what I thought, I might have to buy lighter shades when it comes to blush :( and haha! I'm sure it looks fine anyway! Cate xx

MakeupForLunch said...

They look amazing and your photography game is on point ;))

Amoi Farah said...

Cantiknya color blusher

ieyra h. said...

Kan?! Rose Gold is tempting! Sometimes it's a little bit hard to buy things online. Selalu je colours tak sama. Sleek salah satu contoh. Haha.

ieyra h. said...

Hehehehehe thank you so much for your compliment. :D