Fun Find | Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Glove Dupe/Alternative #2

Alright, here is another cool tool you can use to clean your makeup brushes. :D :D

I saw this random thing sometimes ago at a local store called Mr. DIY. It's a small silicon face cleansing brush that you grip between your fingers and use to exfoliate dead skin. I personally have tried this as a beauty tool but I feel like it's silicon bristles are not soft enough to my liking. So instead of that, I prefer to use this to clean my brushes.

Here I use my Sigma E25 brush for a demo. 
1) Slightly wet the brush and the pad with water
2) Put a small amount of soap solution 
3) Scrub a couple of times on the pad and rinse it with water while scrubbing along the pad to remove excess soap.
4) Push out excess water with fingers and pat them on a towel or kitchen tissue. I usually let them dry overnight.

Both Daiso silicon pad holder and Mr. DIY face brush work well but I'd personally recommend the latter for smaller brushes. The pad is way too small for large face brushes like kabuki and powder brush. That's the only con I can think of right now. It's effective, easy to clean, and affordable (less than a dollar!).

Product Info;

Name : Massage Cleansing Brush
Manufacture : Lameila
Made in : China
Price : RM 2.90
Availability (Malaysia) : MR. D.I.Y ( stores - ), 
- alternatively you can find similar facial brush at Daiso for RM 5.00

Read my part 1 of the Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Love Dupe/Alternative [here]. I hope this post was helpful! Thank you for reading! :D

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Eleanor said...

your posts are just so cleaver and creative
i like creativeness i learn from it

Amy said...

This looks lovely! And the! Totally affordable! :)
Amy xx

Perfect Imperfections

MakeupForLunch said...

This is amazing :D the sigma brush cleansing glove is way too expensive but this is as convenient regardless to how small it is

angkisland said...

nice product...

ieyra h said...

heheh! IKR! this is such an amazing find :D

ieyra h said...

aww, that's too much of compliments.. ;P ;P I'm all for finding inexpensive dupes, if it works, it works!

ieyra h said...

When I saw the price of Sigma brush I was like what?? expensive.... so I needed to find another alternative, which I did (and it works). Also, yes, like you said, the price is such a WOW! XD

zsuzsanna wrywood said...

What a great idea! I have seen this on ebay but never bought one but you have changed my mind!!! I will click this one home ^^ Thanks for the tip!

Z ♥

ieyra h said...

Glad I could help! :D :D I've always wanted to try on silicon oven mitt, but strangely enough I couldn't find one anywhere near me. I'm so happy I discovered this alternative!

Devendra Tiwari said...

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